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Win a YO! Sushi Gift Card with £100 to Spend and 10 Reasons I Love YO!

I’m a brand ambassador for YO! which is just as well, because my entire family adores eating there. If you head over to Instagram I have a giveaway running to win a £100 YO! Sushi gift card. Click below to enter, best of luck.

Reasons Why I Love YO! Sushi

Delicious food. It would be strange if this wasn’t top of the list, wouldn’t it? I have never had a bad meal yet, and believe me I have dined at YO! a lot lot lot. The thing is, the food doesn’t taste exactly the same every single time I go there, but it does always have one thing in common, which brings me onto my next point.

Freshest ingredients. YO! source only the best quality fresh ingredients, which is very important when some of it is raw fish. They serve all their food on the day it’s made, with lots of open food prep areas, meaning you get to see your dishes being made in front of you.

yo sushi gift card

They are sustainability heroes. YO! are members of the Sustainable Restaurant Association and the Sustainable Seafood Coalition. They are committed to ensuring all their eggs are free range, including liquid eggs. By installing triple filtered water taps, they have saved almost two million water bottles from landfill over the last two decades. YO! moved over to paper straws and are phasing out all non-recyclable take away packaging. Check out their impressive sustainability policy.

Allergy and vegan friendly. YO! take food inclusivity very seriously, which is music to my ears. During my last three visits, I was with a vegan, a person with a nut allergy and a coeliac. YO! have separate menus and clearly label all their dishes, which takes the stress out of eating out for my friends. I know this stress only too well, as I suffered from food intolerance for many years prior to working on my gut health.

yo sushi gift card

Food waste. As I’ve mentioned several hundred times, wasting food really winds me up. Clearly YO! feel the same, because they have partnered with the brilliant food diversion app Too Good To Go. This ensures that nothing ends up in the bin at the end of the day. The app allows customers to buy discounted food (still deliciously fresh, but coming to the end of its’ shelf life). Since launching this initiative they have saved roughly 70k meals from being thrown away.

Always looking for ways to improve. In YO’s own words: “We are looking at our whole supply chain to better understand our “footprint” (current use, production standards and processes) and seeing where we can and want to do more. Sustainability is a key area of focus for YO! and we are always looking for ways in which we can make a positive difference.” I’m genuinely excited about what they’ll be coming up with next.

yo sushi gift card

Surprisingly easy to eat paleo. Due to my PCOS and insulin resistance, I’ve been eating mostly paleo since 2012, which means avoiding all grains including rice. Does it sound strange, saying I regularly dine at a sushi restaurant, but don’t eat rice? YO! are so much more than just sushi. From sashimi to marinated veggies and Japanese street food such as the delicious spicy chicken above, trust me, there is plenty of choice.

My kids love YO! Really they do. It’s a Davis family happy place, and every time we eat at YO! the children get that tiny bit more adventurous. My notoriously fussy eater, 5yo Freddy, has graduated from only eating Doryaki (sweet pancakes) to also having salmon maki rolls. Instead of just eating maki, 7yo Clara now chooses random things off the conveyer belt and eats the lot. 9yo Polly isn’t just a ninja sushi eater, she’s absolutely awesome at making sushi at home these days. During the school holidays, YO! have a kids eat free menu, which is well worth checking out.

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