Writing Aspirations For 2015

Regular readers will know that I published my first book Become the Best You at the end of last year. I could have walked the potentially long and treacherous road to try and find myself an agent, but truth be told I didn’t want to sit on my manuscript. I would have been absolutely gutted if someone else had come along and published the same sort of book that I had ploughed my heart and soul into. Once I’d made the decision to self-pub in October I also knew I was on borrowed time.

My toddler was fast outgrowing her nap, and the baby started needing complete silence while having his last feed in the evening (of up to two hours). As you can imagine my opportunities to write have become few and far between, but this will change soon for two reasons. The toddler starts pre-school at the end of Feb, although two of her three days are my workdays I’ll still gain a five hour chunk minus drop offs and pick ups per week. I’ll also be weaning baby boy off the boob once he turns one. This is more significant as it means I’ll get my evenings back and also won’t feel quite so done in come 8pm (hope so anyway)!

Although I have decided to start writing a novel, in a very non-pressured way (more on that later), my main aspiration this year is to sell my book. It may sound corny but when I was first writing it I just wanted to get the words out of my head. Now that it’s out there, now that I’ve had such amazing feedback, I want to reach as many people as I possibly can, and help them become the best them.

I’ve had some invaluable advice from a friend who has worked in publishing all her career, and will be putting it to good use as soon as I can dedicate the time. Until then I’ll just keep plugging away and doing what I’m doing. I’m also not averse to the idea of finding an agent at all, but if I do I’d like the process to be as organic as the contents of my fridge. I’m probably living in cloud cuckoo land on this front, but you never know. Watch this space!


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  1. mummytries says:

    I’m genuinely touched Astrid, what a beautiful thing to say xx

  2. mummytries says:

    Thanks so much for dropping by, and the luck!

  3. Wow, you do such a great job! I remember first “meeting” you when you were still at the beginning of your blog, and now you’re not just a great blogger, but a self-published author! I’m a bit jealous of you I have to admit.

  4. What an inspiring post! I wish you all the very best in the year ahead. Think big 🙂 #PoCoLo

  5. mummytries says:

    Thanks for the vote of confidence lovely lady, just hope I don’t disappoint xxx

  6. I have every faith that you and your book are going to be a huge success in 2015 and I’m so looking forward to watching your journey. Good luck with the novel and all the changes coming in your life zx

  7. mummytries says:

    We really do, time to start working on that press release!

  8. Great goals to have babe. People love your book we just need to get it in front of more people!

  9. mummytries says:

    Woohoo exciting times!!

  10. Time to get writing! Aimee and I are both self-publishing in June/July. Jumping together 😉

  11. mummytries says:

    I imagine they’re pretty similar hon! Hope all is going well with your little brood xx

  12. mummytries says:

    I saw that the other day lovely and have been meaning to say thank you! So pleased you enjoyed the book and can’t wait for the review xx

  13. mummytries says:

    Thanks so much Izzie x

  14. mummytries says:

    I’m so pleased you enjoyed it my lovely xxx

  15. mummytries says:

    Best of luck to Ross hon, and you’re right it’s not easy but boy is it rewarding! Thanks for your lovely words xx

  16. mummytries says:

    Thanks so much Kriss, really kind of you to say that!

  17. mummytries says:

    Thanks so much for dropping by Saskia, and your kind words. It was certainly a huge dream of mine to write this book and it’s been an incredible journey so far xx

  18. mummytries says:

    I’m so so pleased that you’ve found the book empowering lovely! Can’t wait to hear more about the changes you are making xx

  19. Your evenings sound very much like mine! I hope it all goes to plan for you- good luck! x xx

  20. Loved reading this, so positive and uplifting. I finally got round to doing my amazon review for you (!) now I just need to find a window to write a review on the blog 🙂

  21. Huge congratulations on self-publishing your book. Good luck with the novel x

  22. As you know I absolutely loved your book. Well Done hun – it seems like it’s really successful. Can’t wait t read your future works xx #sharewithme

  23. I cannot see any reason whatsoever why you shouldn’t get an Agent – and I completely understand your reasoning behind self-publishing. Ross is going through a similar quandary at the moment. Although, he has two film scripts he has written that he is trying to get made. It really is not easy this business. All the best with the novel lovely. Thank you for linking to #PoCoLo x

  24. I think it’s brilliant how you were determined to write the book – and did. I’m sure you’ll succeed in promoting it whether the self or agent route!

  25. Congrats on self-publishing your book last year and I really hope you are able to sell, sell, sell. I don’t think you’re living in cloud cuckoo land by trying to pursue your ambitions. Anything worth doing is difficult, and there are thousands of people out there doing it? Why shouldn’t you be one of them? Best of luck xx

  26. Wow your book is doing so well. Such a huge accomplishment to get that published last year and good luck with promoting it and trying to write a novel this year (I’m amazed at all you manage to juggle!). I definitely found your advice in your book really helpful, it’s helped me become more positive in recent weeks and to realise that the change I want to happen starts with me which has been very empowering.

  27. mummytries says:

    Thanks so much Karen, really pleased you’re enjoying the book. Let me know your thoughts when you’re finished (no pressure!) xx

  28. mummytries says:

    Thanks so much lovely lady, I definitely need as much luck as I can get my hands on 🙂 xx

  29. mummytries says:

    Thanks lovely xx

  30. mummytries says:

    Thank you so much Sam! I take that as a huge compliment considering you used to work in publishing. My next project is likely to be a novel inspired by my life experiences xx

  31. mummytries says:

    Thanks so much Zoe! Hope you enjoy the book, keep me posted won’t you xx

  32. mummytries says:

    It’s definitely hard fitting in the time to write at point Brandyn, but so very rewarding when things come together. Best of luck with your novel, look forward to hearing more!

  33. mummytries says:

    Thank you so much Jenny, what a lovely thing to say. I’m so pleased that I did it last year, as I said I was on borrowed time towards the end so it feels great that I have an actual book to work with this year 🙂

  34. mummytries says:

    I’m really not superwoman hon, seriously you should see the state of my house right about now 😉 I think self-publishing is a great option in today’s world. Definitely want in on the novel writing pact – I think I have made my mind up about the direction of the plot now so all I need to do is get writing xxx

  35. mummytries says:

    Thanks very much lovely xxx

  36. Your book is doing so well, you should be so proud of yourself! Good luck xxx

  37. Your book is doing amazingly well. You’re like superwoman or something.
    Having done some research around publishing, I think self-publishing is a viable way to go and that perhaps we need to get out of the mindset that other ways of publishing are somehow better.
    A novel huh? want in on our pact? Xx

  38. I am so proud of you lady. That’s such a HUGE HUGE accomplishment in itself. You will do amazing with promoting it too this year. Your little ones are growing up so fast and like you said you had the time and got it down that’s what matters. Way to go. Happy New Year! Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme

  39. Hi! Just found you via the #ShareWithMe linky and I must say this is extremely inspiring to me! I have been working on my first book (a novel) and have also decided to cut out the middle man and self-publish. It’s so exciting to see that someone has had such a positive experience! I also know how hard it is to find time to write with little ones around!

  40. Oh what a motivating post! I only just came across your site from the what I’m writing linky but will have a look at your book now, exciting! And good luck with the sales! x

  41. Good luck Renee! I have the book and I think it’s very well written and insightful. Do you think you want to write something fictional next? Xx #sharewithme

  42. How exciting! You sound very positive and excited for your new book. I’ll check back to hear more x #sharewithme

  43. I wish you all the luck in the world hun. I really admire what you achieved last year, not only self-publishing your book but also getting all those five star reviews! Wow. Looking forward to hearing more about this novel too. 😉
    Good luck with selling more of the book hun. xx

  44. Good luck, I hope it goes well. I have your book, but I must confess I haven’t finished it yet (I am such a slow reader, sorry). What I have read is good, I am sure it will continue to do well.
    #SharewithMe x

  45. mummytries says:

    Thank you so much Aimee! I just think that it’s too easy to get caught up putting out Mummy Fires, and not give ourselves credit for the things we achieve. When my shipment of books arrived from CreateSpace my 5yo said “wow Mummy, did you really write a whole book? That’s amazing”. Might sound silly but her words made me feel really proud of myself 🙂 xx

  46. mummytries says:

    Thanks lovely, December was a real struggle but I’m fighting fit and raring to go now! Come on 2015, show us what you’ve got 😉 xx

  47. mummytries says:

    Thanks for your lovely comment Emily. I guess in the midst of everything else going on it’s been easy to forget. You’re right though, it was a huge achievment and I am really proud of myself. I’ve been talking about writing this book for so long and at points it felt like an unattainable dream, really glad that I managed to get the words out xx

  48. Hi, first of all, congratulations on publishing your book yourself! That’s a massive achievement!

    Like yourself and Emily, once I pressed the publish book, and after I’d thrown up in my mouth with fear, and all the things that followed, I forgot the achievement of actually just getting to the stage of putting my work out there.

    Well done – and I think it’s a really level headed way of approaching the year!

    Good luck, I’ll make sure I download asap! x

  49. Love this post. The positivity is just oozing off the page. I can’t wait to hear more about your ideas for a novel! xx

  50. I identify so much with your post because we push ourselves so much. Like you I was so geared up for self publishing my book and the moment I did my first thought was the next step! I never once sat back and thought about what I’d accomplished. You seem to be doing the same, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Remember how much you’ve achieved though. Good luck with marketing your book, it’s a marathon rather than a sprint and there are ups and downs too. And I’m excited to hear you have a novel idea too! Looking forward to hearing more.

  51. mummytries says:

    Thanks lovely. I doubt highly that I’ll get much time to relax but to be honest I’m not very good at relaxing these days! Exercise will be my new relexant xx

  52. mummytries says:

    I’m truly flattered that I’ve inspired you lovely and am really excited to be following your journey. Can’t wait to read your novel 🙂

  53. Renee, you are my inspiration! I admire you for going out there and doing it and it’s certainly the way I want to go this year. Like you say, you can sit on a manuscript waiting and hoping for the call to come, or you can just get it out there. Having said that, today I am sitting here, procrastinating my ass off and not getting a lot done at all. I have so much to work on that I don’t know where to start and as it’s the first day back to normal routine, I can’t seem to get in to it. I will just read these lovely blogs instead…

  54. I think selling and promoting your book is really positive, and more likely to have a positive organic outcome too. I do hope you retrieve some time back for yourself soon x

  55. mummytries says:

    Thanks so much for your lovely comment Tim. Wishing you a fab 2015 too 🙂

  56. mummytries says:

    Thank you so much my dear. Guest post finally sent over just now xx

  57. Good luck! It’s always great to read about someone who is making their aspirations reality – I hope 2015 is as successful on both the publishing and family fronts as 2014.

  58. mummytries says:

    I had a little peek at Velvet Morning Press through this linky last year – looks good – well done! If you ever want a guest post let me know. All the best for 2015!

  59. mummytries says:

    Thanks so much for your lovely words Maddy. One thing is for sure, I cannot wait to start dedicating proper time and effort to the cause, rather than just snatching a few minutes here and there. Here’s to a successful 2015 all round xxx

  60. I think the goal to sell your book (far and wide) this year is a great one – self-publishing is a great thing to achieve but it’s only part of the journey! You have the skills and confidence to achieve lots of sales too and I look forward to reading all about it. Bet you cant wait to get your hands on those extra five hours a week! Thanks for linking to #whatimwriting xxx

  61. Interesting post! I understand how you feel. I actually had an agent, but found that I was losing a lot of time. I ended up going out on my own and late last year co-founded an indie pub house (velvetmorningpress.com) with a fellow author to publish not only our books but books of other new writers facing the same struggles. We’ll see what happens!

  62. I wish you all the success in the world 🙂 xx

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