Why I’m Disabling the Comments Function on my Blog

Untitled designAnyone that read my new year post will know that I have written a sizeable to-do list. Rather than set myself up to fail by saying that I want to drop a dress size, or workout three times a week (although both would be fab), I’ve written a list of things that mostly need to be done this year, plus one thing I’d like to do (write my second book).

I took a gigantic step back from the blog over the holidays, and have only posted a handful of bits in the last few weeks. I’ve also continued to spend less and less time on social media, and I have to say that I’ve loved the break. Hubby and I sat down the other night to talk home ed, and agreed that there is no way I’ll succeed unless some blog changes are made.

This is why I’ll be doing a few things a bit differently this year, which will hopefully put me in a good position for a blogging future. I can’t see it being sustainable otherwise, and there is no way I’ll manage to write another book as well.  

Disabling Comments

I have ummed and ahhed over this decision for months, but always felt the pros of keeping the comments function outweighed not keeping it. Firstly I don’t want this to send out the wrong message – because by no means at all is it because I don’t enjoy interacting with my readers. I have been absolutely honoured to be on the receiving end of many generous, kind and uplifting comments. It’s not an over statement to say that they’ve seen me through some seriously challenging situations, and even when I’ve not managed to reply to them all I have read every single one.

My WordPress annual report last week informed me that I had 8,621 comments in 2015. I was genuinely astounded to read this, and feel humbled that that many folk had taken time out of their busy lives to write me all those messages.  

The thing is though, as utterly lovely as it is to have comments, they take up a lot of my most precious commodity.

That thing I’m always going on about not having enough of.

So I took a huge deep breath, and disabled them just before pressing publish on this post.

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If you were one of my commenters last year, thank you. I hope you will still be tuning in 😉   

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