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Last Spring was a tricky time for me and I started writing this blog mainly as free counselling if I’m honest. I desperately wanted to get certain thoughts out of my head and although I’m a fairly open book I don’t really discuss my past or innermost feelings with anyone other than my husband and very close friends. When Mummy Tries was born it came with the decision to remain anonymous.

I chose the name because it perfectly describes my parenting style. I always try my very best and that is all I can do. I don’t get it right every time (who does?) but my kids and hubby always come first. I experience just as much (largely unfounded) parental guilt as the next mum, but ultimately my conscience is clean.

I fell pregnant with my third baby just weeks after creating the blog and feel it was all meant to be. What better way to document my family’s journey? As soon as I tapped into the *amazing* blogging community I was hooked and wanted a piece of the action. I started joining in with linkies and visiting lots of other blogs. I’ve made real connections; supported others through tough times and felt thoroughly supported as well. I consider myself privileged to be in the company of some truly great writers, and wonderful people.

At the beginning of this year I plucked up the courage to start writing the book I’ve been talking about for a very long time. My 5yo daughter has had lots of sleep problems in the past which meant that when my baby boy came along I was so used to the lack of Zzzzzz’s that I’d often start my day after his 4am feed. I got the first draft written sitting in bed typing on my tablet in the hour or so before my girls woke up. Thank goodness for the light that Springtime brings and hurrah to being used to severe sleep deprivation!

So why put my face to the blog now you might wonder? I’ve been thinking about it for quite a while, and the time feels right. I commissioned the fabulous Helen Braid to redesign my blog a while back, and the artwork came through this afternoon. It seemed appropriate to reveal my identity at the same time as sprucing this place up. So here I am. My name is Reneé, and I am Mummy Tries.

Thank you to my loyal supporters, and welcome to anyone reading for the first time. I hope you’ll stick with me throughout my book publishing mission. I have a feeling it’s going to be one hell of a ride! 

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109 thoughts on “Who is She?

  1. What a gorgeous face. Can’t believe you’ve kept it hidden for so long! So good to see you on here and I’m still blown away by your amazing energy too. The new blog looks fabulous. Please keep showing your wonderful face xxx

  2. So lovely to have a face to connect to – I often feel I connect best with blogs where I have more of a feel for the person, through image as well as the writing. Lovely lovely blog, lovely lovely you! x

  3. Thanks so much Lauren! For me blogging anonymously allowed me to find my voice and my feet as a blogger. I don’t think I would have been comfortable writing some of my earliest content straight away if I was ‘out’. I’m glad I have now though, and can share this part of my life with friends x

  4. If you want to write a book then just do it. Even if you think it’s rubbish and no-one will read it, do it so you can tick it off your own personal bucket list xx

  5. Thanks so much Suzanne, it’s nice to hear that. I have almost finished my book edits now, and am excited about the next stage of that journey and seeing where it will lead 🙂

  6. And you my dear are on mine too! I’ve just bought my Brit Mums live ticket for next year, but hopefully I’ll see you around Xmas time? It would be fab xx

  7. Thank you so much you lovely lady you! It felt like such a big deal last week, but now it’s kind of normal. I’ve had some very touching text messages from friends over the week saying that they’ve been enjoying reading. It’s nice to share this part of my life with them xxx

  8. Thanks so much Becky! It’s funny trying to picture someone when you don’t know what they look like at all isn’t it. I’m so chuffed with the blog makeover, Helen’s fab xx

  9. OMG Renee, how did I miss this?! SO lovely to put a face to the blog, I was trying to imagine how you looked every time I ventured here, or you commented on my blog! Fabulous! xx

  10. Fantastic to meet the REAL you, a big Hello Renee. How exciting to have a book on the go too, it really sounds as though life is coming together for you. #MagicMoments

  11. Awww Reneé hello you beautiful lady 🙂 so lovely to have a face to your lovely blog and what a beautiful blog make over you’ve had!! I’m so happy that you’ve made a decision to put your name and face to your wonderful blog!!! Xx

  12. Very nice to ‘meet’ you and well done for your lovely blog. Ive very much enjoyed reading it today. Im defiantly coming back

  13. Hi, nice to meet you Renee. I think you have chosen a good time to ‘reveal’ yourself. A blog revamp is exciting and letting people meet the real you is exciting too….I wish you and your blog success for the future!
    I found your post on #PoCoLo.

  14. Hi Renee! Nice to put a face to the lovely blogger 🙂 loving the new look to the blog too, gorgeous design. Congrats on the revamp and “coming out!” Xx

  15. Ah great to “see” you at long last! It may sound weird but I had never really found it a hindrance, in getting to know you, that your blog was ‘anonymous’ but it does make it nicer to see your face 🙂 Header is great. Good luck with the book!

  16. Hello Renee! Lovely to meet you. Like you, or shall I say, “the old you”? I preferred to be the “unknown” one on my blog. At the moment, I like it that way. Who knows, you might have just inspired me to come out too? 🙂 #wotw.

  17. Hello Renee, well done on unveiling the face behind the blog and putting yourself out there in the public. It’s great to see you. Fantastic news about starting the book – inspiring. I’ll get around to mine – someday! Xx #pocolo

  18. Hello Renee, it’s nice to put a face to a blog I have enjoyed reading.
    Love the header, it’s perfect.
    It must be a big step revealing yourself after being anonymous. I often wonder if I made the right decision to reveal myself from the outset, but I think I did.
    Have a lovely weekend x

  19. It is so lovely to meet you and put a face and name to the blog after all of this time communicating. Renee, you look just as lovely as I thought you would and I love your new blog look 🙂 I wish you every continued success gorgeous lady. Thank you for continuing to link to PoCoLo 🙂 xx

  20. It so absolutely wonderful to meet you after all this time of communicating. Renee, you are just as lovely as I thought you would look and I love your new blog look. Well done on the big reveal and I wish you continued success. Thank you for linking to PoCoLo 🙂 x

  21. Thank you so much Sara. You’ve been such a support over the last 18 months, if I were listing people in this post you would be among the names (along with most of the people who have commented below). Feel very lucky to be a part of this xx

  22. Ahhh thank you my lovely, I remember you commenting on my very first posts. I will definitely at be at Brit Mums next year as have just secured a sponsor. Hopefully I’ll make it out before then though, would love to meet you hon xx

  23. Hi Nadine, thank you so much for your very kind offer but I honestly don’t have the time to read at the moment! I would love to review your book at some point in the future, but it probably wouldn’t be this side of Xmas. Is that okay? Reneé

  24. Thank you my lovely Sam, another person I have to truly thank for all your support. And yes Helen is fabulous, such a talented lady. I am thrilled to bits with what she’s created here.

    I really like the subtle changes you’ve made on your blog hon, had a look yesterday while I was reading your Joy post. I just could not get my content to transfer over and the tech team were useless! Definitely a self host fail this side (http://mummytriesgaps.wordpress.com/2014/10/13/not-the-best-of-days/) but I cancelled the contract and got an instant refund. With everything else I have going on I’m going to look into outsourcing this project. You would never guess that I once worked in IT would you 😉 xx

  25. Thank you so much my lovely, I am so very pleased with the blog – Helen is an amazing artist! It’s nice to finally just come out and be me… thanks for being part of my journey xxx

  26. Hi Renee – So nice to see you!!!!! It’s been lovely to have followed your wonderfully honest blog since the start, and I’m so happy you’ve felt you can ‘unveil’ your identity now – can’t wait to meet you in person now (no getting away from it) at one of the blogging get togethers in the future 😉 xx

  27. Hi Renee, great to *meet* you! Well done on ‘coming out’ – I think it can be quite liberating to blog as who you are and see that the sky doesn’t fall in! Good luck with your book. I wrote a book myself to help writers find the time to write. I’m happy to send you – a fellow blogger a review copy to help you – if you would post your thoughts on Amazon for me? Here is the book: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Dont-Have-Time-Write-Infopreneurs/dp/1907498532/timmanmum-21
    If you want to take me up on my offer, just email me: http://jugglemum.com/contact/

  28. Oh wow Reneé! So exciting! This seems really weird, like I’m talking to a different person all of a sudden but so great at the same time! I love the new look blog too – I guess you got it figured out or is this still wordpress.com? I feel almost a bit underwhelmed by my move to self-hosted because my blog pretty much looks exactly the same but little changes for me in my side-bar and adding commentluv, etc. – it makes it all feel so much more… mine! Helen has done a fab job with the header too. Perfect depiction of your little family 🙂 X

  29. Hi Renée, nice to meet you! It’s lovely putting a face to your wonderful blog. The new design looks beautiful and the header is just right. What I see matches what I enjoy reading several times a week. xxx

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