Unsugar Coated Motherhood

When Being Me Sucks

When Being Me Sucks
Carefree days when I thought wearing a plastic bag on my head to keep me from getting soaked in monsoon was absolutely hilarious!

There’s absolutely no way to sugar coat this and turn it all into a positive – being me sucks this week. Big time. 

On top of the usual woes we have to deal with in my house as standard, it’s fair to say we’ve had quite a few extras, and it’s only WEDNESDAY for crying out loud! 

On Sunday I discovered worms for the third time in six months

Which meant we spent almost an hour at the doctors getting a prescription for stronger medicine than the stuff we’d previously taken. I’d done three loads of boil washing by midday, including all the kids favourite night time teddies, which are now about a third of the size they used to be.  

After the doctors, we went to the dentist for our six monthly check ups. I got told off for my 4yo’s teeth not being a nice as they could be, and also got told that my eldest was going to need braces at some point. Apparently the poor little thing has a small jaw but large teeth and these things happen. That’s all very well and good for the dentist to say, but for my highly sensitive girl, who can’t stand the slightest irritation, this is going be an effing gigantic big huge deal.

So that was Monday, not exactly what I’d class as winning…

Tuesday morning was a relentless onslaught of challenging behaviour, interspersed with children screaming in my face. I did come up with an effective time out method though, which seems to be working, so every cloud and all that. 

My friend popped over in the afternoon, and I was telling her about my extremely itchy head. The one that I’ve been scratching for the best part of a fortnight. 

“Do you want me to check for nits?” she asked.

“Surely I’d know by now if it was nits?” I dumbly replied, the penny slowly dropping, for until that point the thought of creatures living on my head hadn’t even crossed my mind.          

“Hmmmmm, I can’t see any crawling around, but I think there are some eggs here. It’s hard to tell because your hair is so dark.” 

The optimist in me wanted to believe it was just a random itchy head, but the realist knew there and then that I would be finding critters when I went through my hair with the nit comb.

Sure as anything there were plenty of live bugs dancing around. I thought the kids were in the clear, but realised today that they weren’t, so I spent approximately three hours of my life combing out nits… and eggs… and dousing our heads in tea tree oil and cider vinegar.

More lost opportunities

If all this wasn’t bad enough I was supposed to be doing something pretty special for the blog tomorrow, but as hubby can’t work from home or even get home early I’m having to miss out. Again. It’s hard not to feel a teeny bit sorry for myself. Oh I know how fortunate I am, and that so many others have it so much harder, but sometimes a pity party is in order.   

I’m using every single one of my super powers to resist opening a bottle of wine and drowning my sorrows right about now. 

Instead I’ll try and cheer myself up by looking at old travelling photos. 

Things can only get better right?!

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