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What Kept the Kids Entertained this Christmas (2014)

Xmas was a fab break for our family this year, and very much needed! Hubby finished work on the 23rd Dec and didn’t go back until yesterday – it was awesome having him around. We had a few little trips out, and entertained at home a couple of times, also had a handful of days at home ‘chilling’. I put quote marks around that word because as anyone with small children will know, chilling doesn’t always go down too well with them.

Thankfully the girls were spoilt rotten over the holidays, and we managed to keep them happy during the down time by playing with their new toys. It was lovely to spend proper quality family time together, just playing and not worrying about the stresses of the normal routine. Although some of the things they were given aren’t necessarily toys I would have gone out and bought myself, each and every gift has been played with and appreciated. Here are some of our big hits:

2014-01-06 12.33.45Stacking alphabet boxes – hours of entertainment building towers and knocking them back down again

Play dough sweet shoppe – I’ve always considered play dough too messy and annoying, but after genuinely enjoying playing with it myself these past couple of weeks I am now a convert

Hair Band creation set – even hubby got into making hair bands with 4yo

Talking Mr. Tumble dolls – annoying for the grown ups but the kids love them

Vintage Spiragraph – I picked this up in a charity shop for £1 and it was one of 4yo’s stocking toys; brought back memories for hubby, me and the in-laws. It’ll make a great little toy to take out with us on long train journeys

What were the big hits in your house this Xmas? I’d love to hear from you in the comments section. 


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  1. The old ones are always the best toys 😉

  2. Our little bear loved her marble and, funnily enough, a slightly more modern version of Spirograph. She had literally hours of fun making pictures with her felt tips 🙂

  3. Good old lego, it’s such a timeless classic isn’t it for both sexes! And of course anything kitchen-y is always a winner. We bought 4yo a kitchen and all the bits & pieces for her second birthday and she has loved it and played with it every day since. Little one has been playing with it since she could cruise the furniture. I love watching them pretend to make food xx

  4. Lego! That was our big Christmas hit 🙂 The boys have spent hours playing with the new (and old) sets. And, the food and kitchen stuff the wee girl got for her play kitchen! Glad to hear you had a such a lovely Christmas, sounds like the perfect balance of activity versus chilling xx #LetKidsBeKids

  5. Hi there, really enjoying reading your blog, lovely site 🙂 The alphabet blocks are great and we are big play-doh fans in our house… though it’s use is restricted to the conservatory, our most mess-friendly room! Monkey’s favourite presents were definitely his postman pat cars (he loooves everything postman pat related) but he did really well for toys, his Mr potato head is very well played with too!

  6. We love the play doh sweet shop. Hours of fun. Currently on a craft drive so kids loving making stuff with all the left over wrapping paper!

  7. Ah family time is the best. Those toys look great, love the alphabet tower. One of my girls got a spirograph too, their favourite was their ‘babies’ (mustn’t call them dolls, apparently?!).
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids

  8. So funny how that happens – the play dough was bought for 23mo but 4yo is loving it! Lego was also a hit for us, and drawing implements. What lucky little kiddies we have getting all these pressies xx

  9. I love that My Little Pony has stood the test of time, I used to collect them when I was a kid… must get my girls into them xx

  10. In our house my little ponies were the hit present and have been played with constantly! I too have bit the Play Doh bullet but it is going to take me a while to embrace it fully I think! Xx

  11. Some fab toys there! Glad you all had such a nice break. The big hit here would have to be the Brio train track – mainly with Boo, though it was Little Man’s present! I know it’s one he’ll grow into. Also, various drawing materials, Lego, books, and cuddly Makka Pakka is very popular with Little Man!

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