What It Feels Like When Your Blog Goes Viral

viral blog postI’ve written before about chasing the holy grail: an elusive viral blog post. A few bloggers who have ticked this box commented at the time, and all said a variation of the same thing. There is no formula, and the first one took them massively by surprise. I can confirm that they were bang on the money.

When my open letter to highly functioning autism mama’s went viral last week, it quite literally knocked me sideways!

I had a feeling it would do well, I thought it might get loads of comments and a good number of RTs on Twitter. I never in my wildest imagination even considered that it would get over 40,000 hits in a week, and be shared over 20,000 times on Facebook.

Or that the comments I’d receive, both on the post and by email, from mums all over the world, would touch me so deeply I’d spend a good part of the week in floods of emotional tears.

Or that the amazing website Autism Awareness would ask me to guest post for them. You can read it here if you like.

I have been truly humbled many times over since I became a blogger, but this is different. These are my words genuinely making a difference in thousands of folks lives. People have asked me over and again why I write, and this my friends is why.

It makes me feel immensely happy that I’ve made so many people feel less alone. I can only hope that my words have put the daily challenges that high functioning autism parents face on the radar of some that weren’t previously able to understand them very well.

I’d like to say a huge thank you from the bottom of my heart to every single person that read, shared and commented on this post. I’m still making my way through the replies.

To the autism mums and dads out there, keep up the awesome work! You’re all doing a fantastic job.

Do not forget that!

20 thoughts on “What It Feels Like When Your Blog Goes Viral

  1. Oh honey such kind words, thank you. Tbh life recently has been a bit of an emotional blur, but this week it feels like things are (dare I say it?) finally on the up!

  2. Honey, I am so proud of you. You are most definitely making a difference to people’s lives: there was never any doubt about that. The fact more and more people get to know about you and read you is great. Love you lots. xx

  3. Wow Renee! I am so proud of you! Although I don’t always comment, I am almost always reading what you write. You are an amazing writer and you deserve for many of your posts to go viral. I can only imagine what it must feel like…it will never happen! But you deserve everything you have…you work so hard and you are a fabulous mummy. You go girl!

  4. Well done Renee!!! You always write straight from the heart and I’m sure your posts are helping others immensely. You should be really proud of what you’re achieving xx

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