Watch out world, baby number three is en route!

latent phase of labour

Hubby and I had the first scan for our new baby on Friday. All is absolutely as it should be and we got the clearest photos thanks to the hospitals brand new state of the art computer. Our local hospital was, until very recently, included in Jeremy Hunt’s grand plans to reduce maternity and A&E services. I was so incredibly relieved when I heard the news that it would remain as is.

So, back to bubs… It’s always a relief to be told at a scan that there are no anomalies and your chances of this or that genetic disorder are minimal. It felt like we could start properly planning and of course announce at large. It was lovely to hear everyone’s excitement – even if some people have actually said the words ‘I think you’re insane’.

I’m now 13.5 wks and due mid Feb.ย 

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