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More Ups and Downs than a Theme Park

More Ups and Downs than a Theme Park“How are you?”

It’s such a small sentence, but the potential power that the answer can contain is monumental. If all is rosy then great, but when things aren’t so fabulous we have a choice. Do we pretend all is well, or do we open up and let the asker of the question know how we really are?

When I was asked this question by a friend earlier in the week, I didn’t have the capacity or inclination to gloss over the facts. I answered honestly, and told her that life was as challenging as ever, and that we experience more ups and downs than a theme park in my house.

None of this is new of course. I’ve been writing about navigating our way through the minefield known as autism for a year now. This is no mean feat in itself, but chuck home education to the mix, illness after illness and sleep deprived exhaustion, and it doesn’t make for a very cheerful reply. There’s been a sense of just-needing-to-get-through-the-day going on for far too long! 

This week has been one of ‘those’ weeks

You know the ones that lead you to question everything. As a blogger and author, I have put myself ‘out there’, and I’ve been questioning why I do this recently, which has led to me being on a massive downer about it all. Does anyone even give a shit about what I have to say? Am I just getting on people’s nerves with my opinions? Are my friends bored senseless of me promoting myself on their Facebook feed?

Yesterday wasn’t great, and when the email about the Mad Blog Awards landed in my inbox, I couldn’t think of anything worse than going around begging for votes.

Today started far too early with far too much screaming from the get go. I sat with my coffee at just gone half five and stared into space for all of two minutes before needing to jump to attention and start making breakfast for everyone.

When I checked into Twitter whilst escaping to the loo (all parents do this btw!) I saw that my lovely friend, and fab blogger Mel, had nominated me for Best Writer in the MADs. I made a decision there and then to not shy away from the awards, and put myself out there once again and ask for votes.

You’ve got to be in it to win it my friends. Will you help me make the short list?

Click here to vote for Mummy Tries as best blog and best writer.

Thanks so much in advance for your support!

Tots 100 Awards

Here’s the list of bloggers who have my vote

Best Blog: The Comeback Mum
Best pregnancy: Budding Smiles
Best baby blog: The Unmumsy Mum
Best pre-school blog: Dad Blog UK
Best school days: Slouching Towards Thatcham
Best travel blog: My Travel Monkey
Best craft blog: Spirited Puddle Jumper
Best thrifty blog: The Only Free Range Chick 
Best food blog: Free From Fairy
Best lifestyle blog: The Joy Chaser
Best use of photography: Le Coin de Mel
Best use of video: Honest Mum
Best new blog: Intolerant Gourmand

Best writer: very cheekily nominated myself, because if I don’t believe in me, how can I expect anyone else to? My blog is never going to be super glossy or polished. BUT, I am good with the words, that much I do know! 

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