Up In Smoke

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She looked at the date on the calendar: 1st May 2008. It had been such a bold move to set up a business, but at the time she had felt invincible. Ditching her bad habits and turning her life around had given her a new lease of life and a hunger to succeed like she had never felt previously. A year ago when she was handed a cheque for a month’s salary and told by him that her services were no longer required, she didn’t want another job. If she could work for the devil himself then she could do anything.

Business ownership had always been a pipe dream of hers. She had wistfully lusted after an entrepreneurial life for many years, and had given it a few half-hearted cracks of the whip along the way. She simply dusted herself off and tried harder next time, every failure was an opportunity to learn something new. This time was different though, this time she was so close to succeeding she could taste it.

She’d worked tirelessly in her little kitchen, making food and selling her wares to health food shops. Once prepping for The Good Food Show she had stayed up all night, single handedly turning 200kg of onions into chutney. After months of back and forth with the buyers her products had finally been accepted by the WholeFoods chain. They were going to be stocked in their flagship Kensington branch.

She didn’t have long to revel in the glory, because just weeks after seeing her food on the shelves of her Mecca it all fell to pieces. She had run out of money (read: credit) and no-body was willing to lend her a single penny more. The economy had taken a pasting and her business came crashing down around her leaving her alone with her worst fears. The humiliation of bankruptcy, depression, guilt and the self-loathing that comes with failure.

Her dreams went up in smoke that day, but six years later she has started dreaming again. She’ll never give up and knows without doubt that one day she will succeed. She just has keep on trying.

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  1. It really did happen, one minute I was certain I was sitting on an Innocent type brand and the next I was filing for bankruptcy. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger lovely xx

  2. Thanks so much Tracey!

  3. I love the stories which come out of #ThePrompt & this was no exception. I liked your interpretation of this prompt, full of passion and focused on succeeding!

  4. Great story (is it fiction-based-in-fact?). I read somewhere that those who succeed are the ones who face failure and rejection but continue with their passion regardless. Gotta keep going. X

  5. Oh yes lovely, very much so. A friend likened the chutney smell to walking into a bag of pickled onion monster munch! xx

  6. I really enjoy The Prompt, always gets me thinking xx

  7. Ahhh thanks Carol!

  8. Thanks Denise, if at first and all that…

  9. Thanks Maddy, we should never give up on our dreams xxx

  10. She never gives up xxx

  11. She’ll get there in the end Sara, can’t keep a good girl down xx

  12. Thanks so much Sophie, that’s a real compliment xx

  13. I actually can’t quite work out whether this is fact or fiction… Which is a very good thing! A highly engaging and brilliantly written piece xx

  14. This is really good Renee, I was desperate for her do well, you really had me invested in the outcome. I felt very sad for her, but I love the over riding message of not giving up and trying again. Brilliant read, thank you so much for linking up to #ThePrompt x

  15. That made me feel sad, but there is hope too, with a great sentiment about never giving up xxx #ThePrompt

  16. maddy@writingbubble says:

    Fab little tale – I was really rooting for your entrepreneur – I could almost taste the chutney! Love the message behind it too – never give up on a dream! xxx #theprompt

  17. That’s a great sentiment about failure. We should always see it as an opportunity to learn, and never give up on our dreams!

  18. Riveting stuff Renee. I was really rooting for your entrepreneur! If at first you don’t succeed is a great motto to live by… Thanks for linking up to #WonderfulWorldofWriting

  19. Great little story of hope Reneé! Whenever Sara chooses a single word for The Prompt it’s always a great chance to be inspired to some fiction, isn’t it? I like you’re interpretation. X #theprompt

  20. Loving the sentiment behind this piece of prose. You ought to link this up with #Prose4T too! Is there a story of you in here – because there certainly is one of me! If at first and all that… Thanks Renee x

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