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At the hen do I went to last weekend my friends friend was putting together a memory book for her. Each page is dedicated to a certain lady with a lovely photo, and the person had to write down her words of wisdom for my friend before she enters married life. My advice was do things her own way, and don’t get too swept up in all the ‘good advice’ everyone will try to bestow upon her. One of her friends joked to me that her secret to a happy marriage was to have two tellies.

We don’t have a TV in our house. When we moved here just over three years ago we decided to Freecycle our clunky old one and replace it with a flat screen. We didn’t order it right away and got swept up in life. A few weeks passed and we realised we didn’t miss the telly one bit. In fact we really enjoyed watching what we wanted to on catch up or DVDs on the laptop. It’s not that we’re anti film or programs by any stretch of the imagination, we just don’t like being sold to by the advertisers every five minutes.

When our 4yo was at the height of her middle of the night hours long meltdowns just after her sister was born, I would often plonk her in her high chair and let her watch endless Peppa Pig while I sat and fed. Or had a shower. Or stared into space. Then it dawned on me one day that for a non TV owning house, she was watching far too much of it! So we scaled it down and nowadays they have one to two hours of cbeebies in the evening while I get their dinner ready, and while they eat. It’s their little routine, and it works for us. It means I can be in the kitchen organising all the meals. Or tidying up the chaos that is our living room. Or feeding the baby.

I’m not entirely sure watching the telly while eating dinner is a great habit for my kids to have, but I like to think it’s a temporary measure while they’re so small. I guess in the absence of an extra set of hands during the witching hour, the TV is my baby sitter. So the answer has to be no, I can’t live without it.

Can you?

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  1. I only know one mum out of all the mums I’ve encountered who doesn’t allow her kids to watch any tv at all. Each to their own, but it’s not for us 🙂

  2. Tee hee can’t say i’m not glad the Teletubby days are over!

  3. I totally agree, kids need time to unwind and a few educational shows in the evening or the odd film isn’t going to do anyone any harm…

  4. It really does calm them down at tea time! Anything to reduce the chao during witching hours is a win for me xx

  5. Show me a parent who doesn’t use the TV in ‘the witching hour’ and I’d have to question their honesty. With a hungry bear, sometimes over tired and grouchy too, streaming is often my best friend while I throw together a half nutritious meal! (Hungry, over tired and grouchy.., that’s just me, ha) #theprompt

  6. My kids are older now but it was the teletubbies that saved my sanity and gave me time to tidy up without having a toddler hanging off my leg. Truth be told I don’t think there’s a mum out there who hasn’t done the same thing

  7. It’s so refreshing to hear other people ‘admit’ to using TV as a means of chilling out their little ones! There is a time and a place for TV in this multi-digital age; even schools are using iPads for learning. Thanks for being so honest #ThePrompt

  8. That makes sense, I’m sure mine will be the same. Catch up is fab, as is Netflix!

  9. It does take the pressure off a little during the witching hour, and amen to that!

  10. Totally agree Denise, little bit of telly while you’re getting dinner ready isn’t going to do anyone any harm 🙂

  11. I can imagine dinner time in your house is similar to what it’s like in mine! Weekend meals together are lovely, when it’s all hands on deck but when Mummy is on her own with three kids and trying to do everything else at the same time… Thank goodness for CBeebies!! xx

  12. Needs must! Each of us has to do what we have to do to get through the day. They don’t call it the ‘witching hour’ for nothing xx

  13. I don’t know what I would have done without In The Night Garden…
    Saved my sanity many times lol
    Good post. x

  14. I think there is a lot of bad press for TV, and yes, sitting mindlessly watching it all day is a bad thing, but there are actually a lot of really good educational programmes for kids (and lots of good quality dramas for adults!). My kids do watch TV, and they also watch during dinner – although on days where they are messing and not eating,it gets switched off (!) and we try to eat together at the weekends minus TV. But, when I’m trying to get the kids fed, get things organised for bed time etc. before hubby gets home, like you said, it’s the extra pair of hands that I need! Thanks so much for linking to #ThePrompt x

  15. No need for embarrassment lovely, needs must! We definitely have less fuss at dinnertime when the girls are watching telly. As you say small wins! xx

  16. I’m actually glad that so many of us are using TV to help ourselves, lessens me feeling embarrassed about it! Sometimes H needs the TV on or he simply won’t eat without tipping it everywhere. Small wins 🙂 xxx

  17. You hear so much bad stuff in the press about parents using TV as a babysitter but I think that in moderation it is fine and like you said when you are busy getting dinner ready there really is no harm in them watching TV so you know where they are and what they are doing. I often tell Faith to watch TV for half an hour while I am cooking dinner. #ThePrompt

  18. There’s part of me that would love to have a TV-free house but agree that it is so useful for helping keep the kids occupied at certain times of day. It’s become part of our routine too towards the end of the day as it means I can quickly get things ready for bedtime and cook dinner more easily. Sometimes it just helps make life a little easier.

  19. We have a TV, but have changed how we watch it a lot over the recent years with catch up and SKY +. The boys watch very little TV and what they do we tend to watch with them like Horrible Histories. I think they watched much more when they were smaller!

  20. I’m like you, we do have a telly but I never watch it – I watch DVDs or catch up when I’m not reading, blogging or surfing! Same with the kidlets too – JJ probably watches a bit too much, especially now he is staying up til 9 in the evening waiting for his brother to go to sleep so he can drop off himself undisturbed! I don’t think its such a bad thing to watch while they eat – it cuts down on the chaos and they seem to eat more too. X

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