Why I’ve Deleted the Tribe App

Tribe App

I’m starting to think the Tribe App is the biggest swindle on the so-called influencer circuit. For those not in the know, it’s an easily accessible app connecting brands and influencers, for social media campaigns. Here’s the kicker though, you have to do the work upfront. So essentially you create content in advance, with zero guarantees of ever being paid for said work.

Tribe AppI’ve had several posts declined with good reason

For example a paleo protein energy bar, aimed at those doing lots of exercise. Now, as anyone who reads this here blog will already know, I’ve been eating paleo since 2012. I have also genuinely adored the brand since they launched their first products. However, the most exercise I manage is a five minute workout before getting in the shower.

Unless of course I’m on a pilates retreat, and in which case I’ll be doing a years worth of exercise in three days. So I can totally see why I wasn’t the best fit for this campaign.

I received this feedback from the Tribe App yesterday, rejecting a post I’d created a few days back

“Great content, but we’re looking for social accounts better aligned to our brand.”

Here’s the thing: this was for a waste reduction recycling campaign, and my post was all about how to not waste. In it I discussed how living in a world renowned eco estate for seven years helped me think creatively about our collective family waste, and how to avoid it in the first place.

One look at my blog or social media, and you’ll see that I am a real-life-tree-hugging-eco-warrior. Not an imposter, claiming to be for a collab. I even took a nice crisp photo on my proper camera, rather than the phone. In other words, I couldn’t have been MORE aligned to the brand, and yet they rejected me with the most ridiculously generic reasons. Making me think it’s a complete sham, and they have no intention of seeking people who are properly aligned to the campaign.

It’s not the first time this has happened with the Tribe App

Tribe AppAn organic non-caffeinated hot drink, even though I have spoken extensively before about the health benefits of the main ingredient (in non-sponsored content). Nail polish I’d been sent as a PR sample – clearly my channels were good enough to talk about the product for free, but not good enough to be paid. Wild caught salmon, again a perfect collab for someone who eats the way I do. I’d been chatting to the in-house PR and they’d specifically asked me to create a post via the app, then rejected it.

The list goes on…

All over the app you’ll hear that brands are looking for authentic content. Trouble is, authenticity does not come with professional level photography skills. Authenticity doesn’t come with every single product that falls into your path. Authenticity is very rarely found against an Instgrammable backdrop.

The Tribe App is making me miserable. It’s making me feel like an inadequate failure. So I’m deleting it. If it’s doing the same to you, I’d suggest you do the same!

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