Today I Choose Life

todayAnyone who reads this blog will know that it’s not easy to walk in my shoes, and never has been. Those who aren’t familiar with my back story might want to read this.

All is not lost, and never is

Yes there is plenty to be thankful for, always, but it can be tough to focus on the bigger picture when the smaller one keeps throwing curve balls your way.

Optimism and positivity are infectious, but when the chips are down and the cycle of negativity grips you tight, it can feel impossible to break it.

When the days are long, nights are relentless, there is no offer of help or sign of things becoming less grinding on the horizon, and the little things in life that should go over your head get to you much more than you should allow them to, it can feel hopeless.

It isn’t hopeless though, and never is. We always have a choice. We can give in to the despair and choose to see the doom and gloom like I’ve been doing lately. Or we can man / woman up and kick the shit out of our life plans.    

So today I am choosing to be thankful for the small mercies

Three beautiful children, who bring a lot of joy amid the sleep deprived chaos.

A wonderful husband, who works his socks off for us and adores us all to bits.

The most amazing friends on the planet, who are a tonic for my soul.

Today, I will leave the room, count to ten, and re-enter it a calmer mummy.

Today I will go back over the book I took the trouble of writing, and take my own advice.

Today, I will try my best to smile in the face of adversity.  

Today, I won’t just be going through the motions.

Today I choose life!

real life has no filter


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