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Thrifty Tips for September


Although I didn’t make the shortlist, I was absolutely thrilled to be nominated for several categories of The MADs. One of these categories was thrift, and a very pleasant surprise it was too. I get a real kick out of being thrifty, and it felt good to know that others have been enjoying my posts centred around saving money. If you’ve missed them, they can be found here. I’ve decided to write a regular post, and will be sharing my tips with you each month. Sometimes I’ll talk about brands, or products, sometimes my home made recipes and others the things I do to save cash here and there. I won’t be trying to reinvent the wheel, just passing on information. Hope you enjoy!

My tip this month is: It’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas!.

I appreciate there are people out there that will want to gauge my eyes out for mentioning the C word, but hey ho. I start buying gifts in the January sales, and this year have been saving £1 every single day to lighten the load come December. I’ve spoken before about my fabulous present cupboard which I could not live without. I’d highly recommend finding the space for one somehow, even if it means turfing something else out. Ours is the bottom section of a wardrobe, nothing fancy whatsoever.

As long as you aren’t too averse to the idea of Santa in September, now is a great time to grab loads of bargains. Last weekend was the August bank holiday, and a wonderful opportunity for folk to have a big old clearout. It means the charity shops and eBay are full of treasure waiting to be found for pennies.

On my travels this week I came across countless ‘final clearance’ signs offering the shopper up to 80% off. You can’t really argue with those numbers if you ask me. The summer sales are the shops getting rid of older stock to make way for the Christmas lines. Here’s the thing though, would you prefer to be given a generic Xmas boxed set or something more original? I know which I‘d rather have 🙂

Are you an organised Xmas shopper or last minute one? I’d love to do a poll via the comments section.




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  1. I do love a pretty card, in fact I’m a tad addicted to buying them 🙂

  2. Fab tips and I’ve got a cupboard full of cards (Christmas included) and pretty notelets and letters! Never too early to be preparing for Christmas! #allaboutyou

  3. Thank you lovely lady! A present drawer/cupboard is a must for bargain hunting throughout the year. Ransack yours back 😉 xx

  4. I think buying bits and bobs when you see them is such a great way of doing it, otherwise the mountain of Xmas presents needing to be bought all at once is insane… it is for us anyway and we don’t even have that much family to buy for!!

  5. The greetings card box is how it starts lovely, it’s a slippery slope now to grown-up-hood 😉

  6. Two bed house, Mel how on earth do you cope lovely?? I’m very grateful to have this present cupboard, we couldn’t afford the cost of Xmas if I didn’t buy bargains throughout the year xx

  7. Love this post! Any thrifty advice is always good for me. I do so love a bargain. I did have a present drawer but it’s been ransacked over the past few months so I definitely need to get on the case and fill it with some treasure.

    Keep the tips coming. Love ’em! x


  8. Great tips. I have a present drawer, and I actually bought a few Christmas presents at the weekend 🙂 I pick things up on sale though the year that I know will make good presents at some point! #AllAboutYou

  9. I don’t have a present cupboard yet but the older Gwenn gets, the more I think it will be useful for nursery parties etc.

    I have started a greetings card box though; that makes me feel like a grown up!


  10. Le Coin de Mel says:

    Another fab tip. I have a ‘present drawer’ under our bed but it is full and we are starting to burst out of our 2 bedroom house 😉 I am desperate for more space to do what you are doing. Makes complete sense. X

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