If Only I had Three Wishes…

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Regular readers will know that hubby and I welcomed our third baby into the world recently, and that our eldest (4ยฝ) has been thrown particularly off kilter by the new arrival. She’s been what most would describe as a challenging child for some time now, and if I’m honest I knew the baby would hit her hardest. This train of thought leads me to my first wish…

Our Own Harshest CriticsWish one: happiness

Our biggest challenge with 4yo is that she doesn’t sleep well, and this affects her ability to behave. We have been up, down and round the houses, but ultimately if she is up multiple times in the night (which she often is) then we’re in for a shocker the next day.

I am utterly convinced that we would see an almost instant transformation if she started sleeping 11/12 hours each and every night. We’ve seen glimpses over the last fortnight, and know it’s possible to have a whole 24 hours that are thoroughly enjoyable for the entire family.

All I want is for my kids to be happy, and the sadness she carries around with her (far too often) is heart breaking. I know she is capable of being a lovely little girl, just not when she’s as exhausted as she often is. In my post on Monday, I wrote about the changes we have made to our daily lives and the amazing difference that it’s making. It definitely feels that we’re on the up, and that progress is being made. Meeting the needs of our 2yo has always been easier, but she has stepped up the terrible two behaviour of late. I’m crossing fingers that it’s just a little phase for her though. Perhaps I need more faith in our parenting abilities, which should result in our children being happier?

toxic relationshipWish two: health

Although my little family doesn’t have any major health issues to worry about, it would be nice to know this will remain the case. As we eat well, exercise and do the things you are supposed to to ensure health I’m going to take a massive leap of faith on this, and not stress myself out in the mean time.

Wish three: wealth

A lottery win would be nice. I don’t think money can make you happy if you aren’t, but if you’ve worked hard on securing happiness first (which I believe I have) then I think it could only enhance your quality of life. A clairvoyant once told me not to worry about money though. “You’ll have more than enough” he said, “but you’ll earn yours it won’t be given to you”. So perhaps I don’t need three wishes after all, just a little more faith that everything will be just fine in the end?

42 thoughts on “If Only I had Three Wishes…

  1. Perfect wishes here, lovely. How sad that your 4yo is often sad… Little ones should not have any worries, it must be really tough for you. As for the terrible 2s, I really relate to this as both my 3yo and 15 months are in tantrum mode at the moment. No health issues and wealth would be nice, too! x Mel #ThePrompt #WotW

  2. Your 3 wishes are perfect and I think your word of the week is definitely the best. Faith is what you need most of, if you have faith, you can move forward, even if it’s a bumpy ride. Hope things continue to to get better for you x

  3. These are great wishes. I’m sorry you’re strugglign with your oldest child (and she is struggling ehrself). It is good you’ve seen glimpses of what she can be like over het last few weeks, and I hope she continues to sleep even beter and get happier.

  4. Lack of sleep really does have such an effect on everything, I know things are moving in the right direction, but I really hope that continues. Your wishes are perfect; simple, thoughtful and wisely considered. Thanks you so much for linking to #ThePrompt x Sending lots of sleepy dust your way x

  5. Hope you manage to sort the sleeping out – our two have always been good sleepers but if they have a late night or a sleepover they’re a nightmare the next day, so I can only begin to imagine how hard it is for you all. Good luck with the lottery too! #pocolo

  6. Yes as everyone has already commented, these are great wishes and I hope they come true! With faith in them and in yourself (most importantly!) I’m sure they will. X

  7. Love this post, so true. I found myself saying to my two this morning that if I had just one wish for them (after health obviously…) would be that they always have the courage to ask questions, because that is how we learn. My 7 year old then piped up with “If I had 3 wishes I would waste one of them because I would wish that all the children in Africa had enough food to eat…” – proud mummy moment ๐Ÿ˜‰ Have a good weekend lovely xxx

  8. Oh dear, well lets hope that isn’t the case for your husband! A good nights sleep can cure many ills, they really are a tonic when they happen in our house ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Hmm, yeah, health, wealth and happiness – simples really isn’t it?! Sorry to hear you are still having some trials with 4 year old – sleep is like a miracle drug really isn’t it? My husband used to do some night shifts (and might again at some point) and I remember reading that people who work night shifts have a significantly lower life expectancy. Worrying! I hope your beans continue to do the trick. #WotW #ThePrompt

  10. Thank you hon, I really hope so. It’d be nice to wake up one day and think ‘wow we’ve all just had a really lovely week’ – maybe that’s wishful thinking though with three kids under five?

  11. Thanks lovely. Lack of sleep really does make life harder than it needs to be. Fortunately I’ve reached the stage where about 5-6 hours does me just fine ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. Lovely wishes and great word to choose encompassing them all. I’d definitely say my kids are happier and better behaved when they’re well-rested, and I know progress is happening on that front, so long may it continue x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  13. I love that you have really thought about the wishes and aren’t taking anything for granted. I am sure things will iron themselves out gradually and one day you’ll turn around and wonder when things changed! Good luck with earning that money soon though! #WotW

  14. Sorry to hear your eldest daughter hasn’t settled down with her sleeping – it must be exhausting for all of you. As you have already pointed out, I think that sleep is a necessity in order to achieve happiness. I am glad that the other changes you have put in place seem to be working well though. Keep it up!

  15. I like those 3 wishes. I think most people would pick the same one. I hope your little girls sleeping gets better over time but it sounds like you’ve always made great strides which is brilliant news. Lack of sleep has such an impact on everyone doesn’t it?

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