thou shall not waste food
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Thou Shalt Not Waste Food

My biggest gripe when it comes to food and small children is waste. I absolutely hate it. Think it stems from my childhood, and then living in Asia and seeing real poverty has cemented my feelings on the issue. I really try not to let anything go in the bin if I can help it, and one of the tricks I’ve learnt is that most fruit freezes really well.

Especially bananas! Often my little one will ask for one, but not manage it all so I store whatever has been rejected in a bag and freeze them for later. At one point I was having banana smoothies every day and couldn’t have enough in the house, then I went off them (oh the joys of pregnancy!) now as you can see I need to start using them up again. Might actually defrost a few and make a banana loaf this afternoon.

Also, frozen banana tastes just like ice-cream. Except it’s dairy free and doesn’t have any of the naughty to-be avoided ingredients that the real stuff contains. Just saying…

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  1. […] cannot abide waste, on any level, but especially food. My fridge is always packed with little jars and lidded boxes containing leftovers. Even when we […]

  2. Great idea – I love your little tips on a Thursday x

  3. Not wasting food is very Asian 🙂 🙂 Much respect to you!

  4. I would never have considered freezing bananas (or any other fruit for that matter). Thank you for the tip. I hate food wastage.

  5. I saw a recipe for banana pancakes today. Defrost the bananas and mash them up with two eggs to one. Then cook them just like any other pancakes in oil or butter. They looked and sounded divine, I’ll defo be giving them a go 🙂

  6. tee hee, make some room lady 🙂

  7. Frozen bananas also make the best smoothies 🙂

  8. Tee hee 😉 Our fridge is always full of little Tupperware boxes, and random glass jars of leftovers. The plus side of course is that there’s always something to eat – which comes in handy at a time like this when I’m constantly hungry but can’t be bothered to make anything xx

  9. Great idea, and such a good point about food waste. I’m so bad as I always cook far too much. I fear that everyone will be hungry and that tomorrow the supermarkets will run out of food. I really need to get a grip of my anxieties Zx

  10. Ooh, I hadn’t thought of freezing bits of banana either and we always have bits of food left round the house. Major grump of mine!! #thriftythursday

  11. What a good idea – I’m constantly throwing nibbled bananas away and there’s one sitting on the kitchen surface right now – let the freezing begin! (If i can find room in the freezer!) 🙂

  12. I froze some bananas a few months ago but haven’t done anything with them yet. 🙁

  13. It was great fun, long time ago now 🙂 you should def try freezing bananas, they taste delicious xx

  14. ginacaro says:

    Wow you lived in Asia, that must have been exciting. I’ve never thought about freezing banana! What a great idea. Thanks for sharing with #ThriftyThursday.

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