The Year That Was: Highlights of 2014

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January: I finished work the day of my Xmas lunch, six weeks ahead of my due date with baby boy so started the year on a real high. I had two new year’s resolutions: write the book and stay sane. I got off to a flying start (thanks mainly to 2yo still napping daily) and wrote loads that month.

February: hot on the heels of 2yo’s birthday, our wee man came along on Valentine’s Day. It was a super speedy completely natural birth, a far cry from his biggest sister’s! Hubby commented that it was a shame we’re stopping at three because I’ve got so good at this giving birth lark.

March: with the newborn honeymoon truly over March was a tricky month for my little family. We had plenty of ups and downs but still managed to forge some happy memories and I even got a lie in on Mothers Day (unheard of)!

April: Hubby had the first few days and entire last week of the Easter holidays off work and we had a wonderful staycation. Best bits were definitely Battersea Children’s Zoo and The Science Museum. This was also the month that I started working on my book every single day.

May: in a bid to cure food allergies once and for all, I started the all natural GAPS diet. I was posting daily back then and rather than let Mummy Tries get taken over I created another blog. Mummy Tries GAPS is now brimming with information and recipes not only suitable for people on GAPS, but anyone wanting to eat more naturally.

2014-06-06 17.24.04
my girls with our Alaskan friends’ little girl at the Tower of London

June: this was an insanely busy month for us; it kicked off and ended with faraway friends in town. We spent two glorious days with a gorgeous family from Alaska that we know from our travelling days (in fact the mama was present the night my hubby and I met). We had the best time, and were so sad to say goodbye. We didn’t have much chance to dwell though because the following day we hosted a big lunch for more good friends. The sun was blaring, the kids played beautifully and it was a fab day. The end of June saw one of my very best friends in town from Australia with his wife and daughter. Again it was so lovely to catch up, but bittersweet saying goodbye because I have no idea when I’ll see them next.

2014-06-07 17.51.54
the hubby’s bonded and got along great even though they’d never met before
5yo having so much fun at the water fountains at the Olympic Park
2014-08-16 16.00.48
Zip wire!!
gorge personalised party bags courtesy of
Decadent truffles at Maltby Street

it’s mine, hubby’s and 5yo’s birthday within three weeks of each other so there’s always lots going on to be happy about. This year we spent hubs birthday weekend at a lovely wedding, and went to the amazing Olympic Park for mine. 5yo had an impromptu tea party which she adored.

August: I loved the summer holidays this year and we made the very most of them by catching up with lots and lots of friends we don’t get to see as often as we’d like now all the kids are at school. We also managed to watch caterpillars turn into butterflies, have our annual joint NCT birthday party for the five year olds, walk to the top of Box Hill (no mean feat) and fit in a very cool trip to Ripley’s Believe It Or Not in London.

three cheeky monkeys
three growing monkeys

September: At the beginning of this month I felt I was in possession of a good first draft manuscript, and decided to pay for it to be professionally critiqued. It was hands down the best money I spent, because the editor highlighted all the flaws. Knowing I was on borrowed time with going back to work on the 2nd Oct, I spent September working like a demon on the book. Cue lots of 4am starts, and doing everything in my power to get the little ones to nap in synch.

October: I spent a beautiful day with two of my really good friends. We all used to work together in the same team back in the early naughties and would see each other daily. Now with three hectic lives and six children between us we’re lucky if we get together once a year. We always have so much fun when we do and although I had baby boy in tow who at that point was on the cusp of crawling and not wanting to be kept contained it was still a fab day. I was also taken to Maltby Street Food Market by another bestie, and we had a such a great time chatting and eating the afternoon away.

November: after slogging away all year, I published my book Become The Best You. In the weeks that followed I had the pleasure of being interviewed on Honest Mum and Mojo Mums, and fellow bloggers Zena and Leigh wrote glowing reviews of the book on their blogs.

we’ve got a full on Christmas planned, and it’s going to be great to catch up with everyone. Seeing as it’s not happened as yet, I’m choosing Sunday just gone as my highlight. I had a day of indulgence with one of my bestest ladies at my new favourite place Maltby Street Market as mentioned above. There was gorgeous food (obvs), scummy organic red wine and gin cocktails to die for. Seriously we could have parked up and stayed all night! Hubby did a wonderful job looking after all three kids for the first time, and it was great for me to have a little break after a very hectic few weeks.

2014-06-06 11.39.51
my lovely family, what a lucky lady I am!

So there you have it, all my fave bits of 2014.  It’s been lovely to write this post and reflect back on just how great it’s been overall. Hubby and I welcomed our third child into the world at the beginning of the year and I published my fourth baby at the end of the year. In between we have had the privilege of spending lots of quality time with our wonderful friends, some from very far away. Thank you all for making it so memorable. 2014 I salute you!

This will be my last post of the year, so I’d like to wish all my readers a very Merry Christmas. Eat, drink, be merry and have fun wherever you are and whoever you’re with. Here’s looking at 2015 – no pressure or anything but it’s got its work cut out to top this year!

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68 thoughts on “The Year That Was: Highlights of 2014

  1. Thanks so much for all your blog support this year Mel! It’s been fab getting to know you and I can’t wait to meet IRL 🙂 very happy holidays to you all xxxx

  2. This is such a nice post, including all those great moments of 2014 I enjoyed reading about through your blogs. Have a wonderful Christmas with your beautiful family, hun. xxx

  3. Wow, what a busy year, but looks like it’s been a great one. Well done on the book(and the 4am starts, that’s dedication for you!)
    Have a wonderful Christmas time with your lovely family! xx

  4. It’s certainly been epic! Thanks for all your support lovely, it’s been great getting to know you. Hope to meet you at Brit Mums or sooner xxx

  5. Thank you so much lovely, what a kind thing to say. Really hope 2015 brings you lots of good things. Merry Christmas xxx

  6. Yay, that’s fab news Dean! I’m thrilled to have inspired you and can’t wait to hear more lovely. Have a great holiday xx

  7. Lovely to have met you too Merlinda. I’m sorry you’re still going through such a hard time, and I really do hope the suggestions in my book help. Please DM me your postal address and i’ll pop a copy in the post after Xmas xx

  8. Thanks honey, I really enjoyed writing this and reminding myself that in amongst the meltdowns, kids dramas, illness and sleep deprivation there has been plenty to remember and be happy about this year. It’s certainly been a memorable one! xxx

  9. It was great to write this and remind myself about all the best bits. Here’s hoping 2015 has just as many highlights xxx

  10. Thanks so much Vicki! I’m really pleased to have met you too and feel happy to count you among my friends. Would love to meet you at Brit Mums or sooner xxx

  11. Tee hee that was one big pregnant belly (& pair of knicks!) it’s certainly been an eventful year. Hope to meet you too lovely, i’ll def be at Brit Mums xx

  12. Thank you so much honey, we will definitely meet at Brit Mums – can’t wait!! Hope you have a fab one. Much love xxx

  13. Thanks honey, it’s been pretty cool. Have yourselves a fab one too, hopefully we’ll get to meet next year xxx

  14. WOW! You have had such an amazing and busy year. You must be so proud of yourself. I’m not sure who you are going to top it in 2015! Lots of love and have a brill Christmas xxxxx

  15. What a truly wonderful year you have had – and you utterly deserve it. I remember you seeing your friends from Alaska and I feel like I commented about it only in the last week or so but not June!! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. I hope to meet you in 2015 xx

  16. Wow you really packed it in didn’t you? And what an achievement to actually fulfil what you promised you would do at the start of the year. It has been a pleasure getting to know you through your blog this year. Looking forward to many more exchanges in 2015. Love the big pregnancy nicks by the way!

  17. What a wonderful year-love that the birth of your third child started off the year and led to the birth of your book. Kids have made me so creative too and they really help you focus on what matters to you personally and professionally! Loved your book, you’re an inspiration, thank you for touching my life with it and lovely to have made a friend in you too. Merry Christmas. Thanks too for linking up to #brilliantblogposts. Happy holidays x

  18. This is so great to read after the last post of yours that I read.
    You packed so much into the year! You deserve a rest over the festive period.
    Then I hope you’re going to be right back at it haha (I know, I’m a pushy parent!)
    Love the positivity you have and getting to know you over this year has been fab xx

  19. Love this post Reneé! Despite a lot of negative cycles with the kids you have found something to celebrate each and every month and I find that really uplifting and I’m sure you do too! I will have to do my own round up – it’s nice to look back and log it all in one place. Xx #theprompt

  20. What a busy year!

    I am so glad that I have met your blog this year. I am halfway through the book and I would like to apologize for not being fast in reading it as I am.. just really in a bad state.

    Middle of it. I am slowly getting my act together. I have this feeling that we are relatives. The book is awfully familiar and its like reading the story of my life.


  21. What a busy time you’ve had. Seems like it was a very busy and productive time though. As it happens, I shall be publishingm y first book in 2015! ALl the bets for the new year #ThePrompt

  22. Wonderful post about a wonderful year! I know it hasn’t been plain sailing but you’ve really come out on top and had some amazing achievements – A book and a baby in the same year!!!! Lots of love to you and your lovely family – I hope you have a very Happy Christmas and I’m sure 2015 will be fab. xx

  23. Loved reading this, might have to copy you and do a similar one!! It’s been really wonderful getting to know you this year lady, I have loved reading your blog and your book. Here’s to a fab 2015 xx

  24. You’ve had such a busy and lovely year! Hope the next is the same for you 🙂 Do you know, you’ve inspired me to just go for “It” too, yes, I’m talking about writing a book, I’m sure a lot of bloggers feel the desire or even the need to write too, and yet, many of us, never ever get down to actually doing it. You have! 🙂

  25. What an amazing year! Congratulations on your growing family with the arrival of number 3!
    I am in awe that you wrote a book this year with everything else going on. It has been my own resolution to write for a long time and you are an absolute inspiration, thank you.
    Hope you all have a great Christmas and another amazing year!

  26. Ahh Renee what an amazing year you have had. I love the photos. Great review of it all. Congrats again on the book and Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me and for all the amazing linky support in 2014! I can’t thank you enough. Happy Holidays! #sharewithme

  27. You have had a seriously ‘epic’ year! I found you and am in awe of all you do and how you juggle it all. You are an inspiration to me and I look forward to reading more of your ‘stories’ here in 2015. Have a wonderful Christmas. Put your feet up and I look forward to meeting you in 2015!

  28. Thanks so much Jocelyn! It’s been a great year, I am truly blessed 🙂 Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and very happy new year xx

  29. I’m very lucky to have what I’ve got, and looking back I realised just how wonderful it’s been. Here’s looking at 2015 🙂

    Thanks so much Denise for all your support this year. I can always count on you to say the nicest things to me. Very merry Christmas to you and the girls xxx

  30. So glad you have had such a good year and huge congratulations to the arrival of your third baby and your huge achievement at publishing your book. You are a huge inspiration – I am still in awe of how you managed to write a book with three little ones to look after! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family and look forward to reading your posts again in the new year x

  31. Oh my gosh what a year you’ve had with baby and book and an overhaul of your diet. I’ve really enjoyed reading all your posts this year. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a really lovely New Year 🙂

  32. You are an amazing lady, Renee, with an amazing family. You and your husband should be proud of the way you’ve worked so hard to make a positive life for your little ones, and also of how you’ve stayed true to the things that have meaning for you – good food, good friends, living a good life.

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