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The Year That Was: 2013

As we get closer to the 31st December I’ve been reflecting on the year, and I have to say it’s been a pretty good one all told. Being seven months pregnant with my third baby, my memory is shot to pieces and it’s been a great exercise for me to think long and hard about my highlights. Here we go, my year in snippets…

Best bit of January:
Returning to work after a years maternity leave. Although 22mo regressed in both the sleeping and eating departments, which was a killer for about a month, going back to my part time job was really good for me.

Best bit of February:
The in-laws babysitting the girls for the day, for the first time ever, so hubby and I could go out and indulge ourselves with a beautiful lunch to celebrate our wedding anniversary.

Best bit of March:
Our annual staycation, which has become a little tradition ever since having 4yo. We usually take the last week of March off work when the weather starts getting nice, and have outings and adventures that are never further than a train ride away. We go to museums, to the seaside, have picnics in parks. We’re always knackered by the end of it, but have tons of fun and being based so close to London never run out of things to do.

Best bit of April:
Starting to write Mummy Tries of course – I posted this on the 24th and have never looked back!

Best bit of May:
Having a lovely holiday in Spain. It wasn’t anything fancy, but it was a great week and the girls had a ball.

Best bit of June:
Discovering we were expecting another baby. Although it was a complete shock, once the news had sunk in we realised how blessed we were and started getting excited about becoming a party of five.

Best bit of July:
Hubby and I having two days off work while the girls were at nursery and roaming around our favourite haunts without a child-free care in the world. We ate delicious food, went to the movies, had massages. It was divine!

Best bit of August:
Enjoying every bit of the glorious summer we experienced here in the UK. Everyone was happy and the atmosphere was fab.

Best bit of September:
Finding out that baby number three is a boy! Another girl would have been lovely, but I think it will be nice for hubby to have a male ally when the kids are a bit older.

Best bit of October:
Discovering in the same week that two people very close to my heart will be coming to Europe next year. One lives in Alaska, and the other in Sydney and it has been five and ten years since I last saw them!

Best bit of November:
Although we experienced a bit of a shaky start, moving our girls into the same bedroom has improved sleep dramatically. 4yo is now sleeping 11 hours straight most nights, and as you can imagine we’re all feeling the benefits. *really hope I haven’t jinxed it now*

Best bit of December:
With Christmas looming I suspect the best is yet to come, and the run up has already been lovely. Featuring on VeViVo’s newbie showcase was a personal highlight for me in Dec. The amount blog love I received that weekend was incredible, and made me realise how fortunate I am to have tapped into this wonderful network of awesome bloggers! Wishing you all a wonderful time over the festivities, and a great year ahead 🙂


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  1. […] hazy, sleep deprived blur if I’m completely honest. Don’t get me wrong we have had some great times but more often than not, we’ve been in survival mode. I’m pretty sure anyone that has […]

  2. Thank you. I have a feeling that he will come along and turn our little world upside down, in a good way though 🙂

  3. Thanks Fiona. Yep June was a very exciting month indeed! Looking forward to our little man making his appearance now 🙂

  4. I love your look at the best bits. A great way to post a review of the year. June looks super exciting, hope all is going well

  5. What a busy year. Starting a blog is great for memories and helping improve your memory….well sort of – at least you can look back and remember!

    Congrats boys are fab…..trouble too, be warned lol.

    Happy new year and thanks for linking up.

  6. I love this post – I’m going to look back at my year too and probably realise it has flown by as much as I thought – what an exciting 2014 to look forward to!

  7. What a great year! Love this post as a way to look back on it all. Happy new year to you and your family – it’s going to be another great one too I think x

  8. What a year you’ve had! I imagine the best is yet to come in 2014 with your new arrival 🙂 How exciting! We had 2 girls and then a boy, he really completed our family. Great to have ‘found’ your blog this year. Here’s to 2014!

  9. a lovely way to look back – makes you see the good in a year

  10. You sound like you have had a really good year. You are just going to love having a son they are so fantastic. All the best for 2014.

  11. What a wonderfully uplifting year you’ve had! I’m so glad it seems to have gone well for you, and that you’re enjoying the blogging.

  12. It’s hard to pick one highlight but I just want to say how pleased I am that you have got your little one sleeping better. That must be a big relief and improvement on family life.

  13. cat1978 says:

    Lovely post, must do this myself as well, 2013 has been my hardest year yet I think but I know there will be many highlights when I look back. Merry Christmas and lots of love and luck for 2014 xxx

  14. You’ve had a great year and it sounds like the business will carry on in a very lovely way into 2014 with the arrival of your little boy. I’m guessing he’s due around March time?

  15. Congrats on baby number 3 on the way. It is great to look back over the whole year – I meant to do it last year and never got around to it and it looks like I still won’t get round to it this year either! xxx

  16. So many highlights! I think it’s lovely to look back on the year like this, in fact, I may just do this myself – thanks for inspiring me! And wishing you and yours a lovely Christmas, too xx

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