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The Perfect Potty Training Recipe with Huggies® Pull-Ups® #ad

potty training post oneIf only potty training was as prescriptive as a food recipe. Take one (willing) toddler, a potty and training seat, few packs of pull ups, give it a month, and voila your baby is fully toilet trained. No mess, no accidents, no need to drink a bottle of gin to console yourself with.

When I was pregnant with Freddy, and told my friends with older boys that we were expecting a boy, the most consistent remarks I received were about potty training, and how the blues are much harder to train than the pinks. The poor kid wasn’t even fully developed in utero, and these women were already starting the fear for this thing that we wouldn’t be embarking on for another three years.

Rule number one of children: they are all different!

The time has now arrived, and rather than getting myself in a tiz and worrying over how bad it might be, I’ve decided to be super relaxed and chilled about the whole process. Thankfully I have the wonderful team at Huggies® Pull-Ups® to assist us, as they’ve chosen me to be a brand ambassador for them.

One thing I do know for certain, is that it will be different this time around, but everything does get done differently with your third child. I started potty training Polly at two, and had her out of nappies three months later; Clara was almost three and it only took a week. This time around I’m starting in the middle, at two and a half, and Freddy will take as long as he takes. Simple as that really.



There are six steps to potty training – getting ready, saying goodbye to nappies, practising, learning the difference between wet and dry, being consistent, rewarding efforts and keeping the momentum going – which you can learn more about on the Huggies® Pull-Ups® website. We’ve had a flying start with the first couple of steps.

Getting ready. The book I’ve found most helpful with getting the potty training talk started for all three of my children, has been Everybody Poos by Taro Gomi. It’s wonderfully illustrated, with basic language that even the younger children can mimic. With lines such as ‘an elephant makes a big poo, and a mouse makes a tiny poo’, this book has been a winner in our house for five years.

Saying goodbye to nappies. We did the big switcheroo this week, which went really well. Freddy got very attached to his swimming nappies on our recent holiday, which made it easy for us as they are similar to the pull ups. He now absolutely loves wearing his ‘big boy car pants’, and the mere suggestion of him wearing a ‘baby nappy’ is met with complete disdain.

Practising. Freddy isn’t adverse to the idea of sitting on the potty or toilet, but he hasn’t actually done a wee or poo in anything but a nappy as yet. I make a huge fuss over him every time he tries though, and never make a negative comment about him not leaving anything behind. He’ll get there, all in his own good time.

I’d like to say a big thanks to Huggies® Pull-Ups® for choosing me as brand ambassador, stay tuned for more on our potty training adventure!

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