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The Most Family Friendly Blogging Event We Have Been To

Polly at T2MFamilyPlaytime
Photo Credit: The lovely Mel of Le Coin de Mel

Yesterday my whole family attended T2M Family Playtime, a fabulous event organised by the wonderful folks behind Talk to Mums.

I’ve been to a fair few blogging events in the last year, and this was without doubt the best so far. Not only did I have the opportunity to be inspired by some great speakers at the sessions, and get to chat to brands whom I’d never interacted with before, but my three children (6, 3 and 20m) were well entertained the entire day.

This is usually my problem you see.

20151010_105834I get invited to a lot of events, but only a fraction are family friendly. Even the ones that are don’t always cater entirely for the needs of kids of all ages. I was super impressed with the Talk to Mums team for ensuring that all the children were thought of.

There was face painting; a craft workshop with The Disney Channel’s Lloyd Warbey; a Halloween themed room with lots of lovely natural treats from Rebel Kitchen, Heavenly and Bear; a snow room courtesy of Crystal Ski Holidays and an awesome drama workshop from Perform UK. We arrived shortly after it started at 10am, left right at the end at 4pm, and nobody uttered the words ‘I’m bored’ all day, which believe me is quite something!  

While the kids were making snow angels, or gorging themselves on bear paws, dairy free smoothie pouches and coconut milk chocolate shakes, I had a fab time chatting to some awesome brands. These three stood out. 

Mini Nom Nom’s

A truly innovative company, that know good food and are passionate about it. Their range of internationally inspired ready meals are full of flavour, and do not contain salt, sugar or a single preservative. They kindly gave us a stack of meals which hubby and I had for our dinner, and all I can say is that these guys are my idea of food heaven. It was like having an Indian take away without the greasy containers afterwards.  


A great little piece of kit for scooters and bikes, the Mini Hornit is the ultimate lights and sound effects accessory for the kids transportation. Loaded with 25 sounds and white and green lights, your child’s imagination will run wild!

2015-10-10 10.45.28Home Sense UK

Part of the TK MAXX family, this homewares store has something for everyone, typically at 60% off the RRP. We won a £25 gift card for guessing the correct price of their sparkly reindeer – which was a steal at just £35 – and I’m really looking forward to having a nosey around one of their shops very soon.  

All of this and we also got to catch up with a blogging bestie, Mel and three of her gorgeous children. We really did have a blast, and as blogging events go it was pretty damn cool! Thanks so much to the organisers for having us 🙂 

**Disclosure: we were fed all day, and given a goodie bag as we left. Some of the brands also kindly gifted us their products. Please see here for my full disclosure policy.

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  1. It was a really good event. I think when they’ve polished it up a bit the format can really work, and as I’m a person who finds childcare a nightmare I really hope so! 🙂

  2. No worries. I am terrible at recognising people too which never helps. I recognise your profile pic so maybe we did speak in one of the sessions in the main room when we were sitting in rows next to each other. Thanks for replying x

  3. Honestly Tim it was great. I can put you in touch with the organisers for next if you’d like? The Horn-It would be right up your street 😉

  4. Sounds fab. And good to see an event organiser really putting some thought into catering for the needs of young families. Hopefully more will follow this kind of example in the future. I’m going to check out the Hornit now …

  5. Oh it really was, as you say the kids were so free to explore and that in itself was amazing! Sorry we didn’t get a chance to chat, these events are crazy aren’t they, you see people dotted around and think ‘must go and say hi’ but never do…

  6. It was such a great day! The kids had such a fab time, and the face painters were incredible xx

  7. It was fab wasnb’t it, your post was awesome!

    P is sooooo in love with Cravette 😉 He’s knocked her other ‘boyfriend’ off the top spot, and she’s been in love with him since she was a toddler, so your little man is doing well! xx

  8. What a day, hey! We all had a wonderful time and even the body paint was easy to take off. What more can you expect from a perfect play date? Great to catch up with you and your three little ones, and by the way, Crevette declared this morning that P was his girlfriend! xx

  9. It was a brilliant event, haven’t heard a single bad word about it at all xx

  10. Alex says:

    So glad you all had fun! Kids look very engaged. Lil P looks like a woodland princess! Sooooo cute! X

  11. Never ever ever been to such an amazing event. Agree with every word you say here. I was with my niece and son and they were 100% occupied from when we arrived till when we left. They only “disturbed” me to ask me for my winning raffle ticket so they could claim game “Ssshhh Don’t Wake Dad” apart from that each time I saw them was a blur unless they were sitting for face paint which even then was convenient as they were being done simultaneously. Thought the day couldn’t get ANY better and then it ended with that riot of dancing and drama from Perform that was just SPECTACULAR….. truly AMAZEBALLS day x

  12. Sound like a fantastic little outing which was appreciated by all. So glad to hear about your experience and all the fantastic entertainment. Xx

  13. It so is, and I was truly impressed with this one, the organisers had put in a lot of effort to ensure everyone was well looked after.

  14. So glad you had a good day out – it makes me feel much better inclined reading about products associated with an event that goes out of its way to make things easy for mums – it really is a difficult task trying to take part in things with kids in tow sometimes.

  15. You more than likely would have my lovely, it was great 🙂

  16. Wow so much for the kids to do. I think I would have loved all of that myself, never mind the little ones 🙂

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