The double edged sword of happiness

We’re getting ready in my house for the imminent first scan of our third baby, and have been thinking about how and when to announce our new addition at large. Unfortunately it won’t be happy happy joy joy all round, as we have four friends that aren’t going to be thrilled to hear our news – and I am absolutely dreading having to tell them! My hubby’s best mate and his wife have been trying for a baby for four years. They’ve never even had a miscarriage, have had several rounds of failed IVF, and nothing is medically wrong. I think being told you have ‘unexplained infertility’ is most couples worst nightmare and these guys live it every single day. To make matters worse they have just had an horrendous house move and are both quite depressed at the moment.

Next up two friends that have girls the same age as our eldest. Both have been trying for baby #2 for well over two years now with no success. At least they have one child, but it still feels unfair that we’ve had an ‘accident’ when they are so desperate for another baby.

Then there’s our friend who got jilted the Christmas before last – three months before her wedding was due to take place because her ex fiancé was shagging his PA. She is not coping well at all right now with being a singleton at 35.

I know all of these ladies well, and have had frank discussions in the past about how other people’s baby news has been very difficult for them to hear. I know life goes on, and they can’t begrudge other peoples happiness, but it doesn’t stop me from feeling rotten about it.

I’m really hoping some of you lovely folk might have some advice for me on how to approach this… answers on a postcard please!


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