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The curse of saying that things are going well…

SLEEPIt’s official, I am never ever going to do something as foolish as say out loud (or on the blog) that my kids are germ free or sleeping well. Never ever again. Just last week I mentioned that it felt as though we’d survived another winter fairly unscathed, but the second after I pressed the publish button it went to pieces!

I’ve written before about the diabolical lack of sleep that often occurs in my house. I even made the much coveted Mumsnet Blog of the Day once with my musings on the subject. Of my three kids 3yo is a good sleeper; 5yo a terrible one; and although we got off to a great start the baby’s sleep went downhill from six months. Reaching a tortuous peak at the beginning of January, after becoming a co-sleeping, comfort feeding, waking every 40 minutes nightmare. We moved him into his own room, cut off the night time milk supply, increased his food intake and saw dramatic results. In fact for two blissful weeks he slept all the way through, and was a very happy boy for it.

Hubby and I weren’t able to do the kind of celebratory backflips you’d expect though, because as baby started sleeping our newly potty trained 3yo started waking up to use the toilet. I don’t want to grumble about this because I’m chuffed that she took to potty training as well as she did. It’s just a bit bloody ironic that our best sleeper started waking at the very same time as the baby started sleeping. Then (yep you’ve guessed it) 5yo joined the party and has been waking most nights, taking up to three frigging hours to go back to the land of nod! I have an awful feeling it’s linked to unhappiness at school

sleep-is-for-the-weak-3Friday was a bad day, and bedtime horrendous which usually means we’re in for a treat during the night. Little one wet the bed and was very upset, it was unlike her but she was up and down for well over an hour, which woke her sister along the way. No sooner had 3yo finally settled 5yo was up ‘needing’ things – kisses, covers being put back on, the toilet, to ask questions about the meaning of life. By the time I crawled back into bed it was getting on for 4am, just as I was closing my eyes the baby cried out. He settled himself after a few minutes but could I drop back off? Nope! I was way too wired. In my clubbing days we used to have a saying “sleep is for the weak and week days only” – I feel this has now come back to bite me on the arse!

Needless to say Saturday was hard work, and the fun didn’t stop there my friends. I fell asleep on the couch at 8pm, went up to bed shortly after and had just under two hours kip before being woken up by a very distressed little man. I hugged him back to sleep numerous times but he woke the second I put him back in his cot. I have no idea what time it was when I admitted defeat and ended up sleeping in the rocking chair in his room with him on my lap. He was a real misery guts all day Sunday and a little feel of his gums revealed a pre-molar cutting through. I was relieved to discover there was a reason behind the wake up, at least it wasn’t for nothing.

Sunday evening he fed for two and a half hours before going down in his cot, but was awake again before I’d even walked down the stairs. Hubby hugged him back to sleep, and I just knew we were in for another corker. He woke up at 12:30 and in the process of getting him back to sleep both the girls were disturbed. 3yo did a wee, got straight back into bed and took the sensible option. 5yo still hadn’t settled when I attempted to go back to bed myself an hour later. Poor hubby was at breaking point by then, so I took over and had to go into her three more times before she finally went back to sleep. Just as I had closed my eyes the baby started screaming again. By now it was gone 2am and I didn’t even bother trying to get him down in his cot. I got myself as comfy as I could in the rocking chair and snatched some shut eye in between the wake ups.

Monday brought illness to the house – baby had developed a nasty croupy cough, snotty nose and intermittent temperature. 5yo also had a temperature and complained of a stomach ache so I kept her off school and we had a PJ day, which was a good move. Monday night was just as bad, I doubt I even clocked up three hours, but at least the girls both slept and for that I’m grateful. 5yo was better yesterday and went to school, but baby was still suffering. It was the little lady’s birthday, so we went to her favourite soft play and I had him in the sling so he kept his germs to himself. We had a lovely day playing and eating loads of treats, 5yo was well behaved after school too which always helps. Then poor 3yo caught her foot under the door as she was shutting it. Cue much blood and tears, and a horrid messy end to her special day. 


If you are still reading then thank you. You’re probably wondering by now if I have a point, and I guess it’s this. I’ve learnt since having my third child that there will always be something going on with at least one of my kids. I think it will feel like a minor miracle if they are all well at the same time, and the nights that they all sleep through are to be truly cherished. The fact is when you have more kids than bedrooms, and thin walls it’s like playing dominoes. Only this game leaves you needing lots of coffee the next day!


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  1. Thanks honey,really appreciate that xx

  2. mummytries says:

    When will we learn eh? Next time I’m keeping schtum 😉 xx

  3. I have experienced this curse SO many times now! You would have thought I’d have learned my lesson, but no! I hope everything improves soon for you lovely. thank you for linking to #PoCoLo x

  4. mummytries says:

    Thanks hon, it’s definitely been a challenging few months. I’ll dm you, would love to meet up xxx

  5. mummytries says:

    Thanks so much for the hugs hon, always appreciated. Definitely seem to be on the up, dare I say it xx

  6. Oh no – everything always happens at once!! I’m certain it will get better. It simply must!! In the meantime, I will simply send you my hugs, well-wishes and sleep dust (to all) xx

  7. Oh god Renee, this sounds horrendous, you poor thing! 🙁 I sympathise with you re waking to go to the toilet- both of ours do that most nights now, despite not drinking much and going to the loo before bed, which means broken sleep nearly every night and it’s a killer 🙁 I really feel for you though, especially with a 3rd thrown in the mix- I find it hard enough with just two! Sending you good sleep vibes xxx PS Really am up for meeting for a coffee soon- send me a DM and let me know if you have any days ‘free’ during the week (I know you work some?) x

  8. Oh dear, my third is due in 2 weeks, have i doomed myself to no sleep forever? luckily my current two sleep pretty well when they are well and bad nights are something I have just had to get used to. I do hope sleep gets better for you and I will be wary of tempting fate in my blog posts! #pocolo

  9. I really hope you’ve been able to have a few nights of at least okay sleep. I have a terrible sleep-/wake rythm and just thought I’d gotten it back in sync yesterday, but it’s 4AM as I write this and haven’t slept yet. I don’t need kids to keep me awake. So sorry to hear about the 5yo and baby’s illnesses too. I hope baby’s now better again. #PoCoLo

  10. Oh no huge hugs, we’ve been there the whole of January, this weird tagging game of bugs and frankly I too am SICK of us all being ill. It feels endless. Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts x

  11. Oh my god honey you poor thing, sounds like a nightmare week! I know what you mean about jinxing yourselves, I blogged last week that LM had slept through the night for 6 nights and well she hasn’t slept through since! I definitely tempted fate! You must be exhausted hon and I hoe things improve, even if it is only ever temporary! Your poor girls toe looks nasty bless her! Xx

  12. Oh my sounds like you had a week! I hate when you feel like you’ve jinxed yourself! Though I feel as though you’ve just shown me my future bringing next baby into the world in 10 weeks!!!

    Laura @ Life with Baby Kicks

  13. How on earth do you do it luv? You are a wonder!! My son was a terrible sleeper until age 2 and then he started sleeping through and has been a deep sleeper ever since. He is also a child that lies in (I know how lucky I am!). I have been contemplating the possibility of having another child but I’m terrified of the sleepless nights. I was one of three and my mum says we were all bad sleepers! What is it with kids and sleep? Sleep is awesome, why don’t they get that? You’re doing a smashing job and it will get easier…there is light at the end of the tunnel. Now go and sneak in a nap! xx

  14. Oh my goodness me *hugs* it sounds like you’ve had a really tough and tiresome week. Here’s hoping you all get well soon and that you get some very much needed sleep!xx

  15. Oh No 🙁 I have been poorly with the croupy cough, snotty thing too 🙁 Mummy and I hope sleep and wellness is restored very soon! #PoCoLo x

  16. Carol Cameleon says:

    Oh my goodness me Renee, you poor lady! I do sincerely hope that next week fairs better for you. Dam bugs, dam (lack of) sleep xx #wotw

  17. We can totally sympathise with little sleep at the moment! Keep strong and remember “Sleep is for the Weak!” 😉 #PoCoLo

  18. After a week you’ve had, I think a tall glass of wine is definitely well-deserved. Please know that I’m wishing you a blissful week next week. Like everything else in parenthood, this too shall pass. Hoping for better days for you and your little ones!

  19. It will pass, eventually Renee – until there’s something else. I find it hard enough with one little one – and a husband – so can imagine avoiding illness and accidents with three children is nigh on impossible. Good luck #pocolo

  20. It sounds like a complete nightmare, but I had to admit your post made me giggle. We don’t do sleep in our house and that’s just because of our son mainly, somehow you do learn how to function on little sleep. It’s all part of the fun isn’t it ;0)

  21. Oh, I can sympathise, Renee. Pre-kids I always seemed to be illness-free through the winter months, but since the sprogs started coming along I seem to now catch every cold, bug or sniffle that they come home with. There always seems to be someone slightly under the weather almost constantly between November and early March … Sigh.

  22. I know it’s not much consolation — cos it feels like it’s a looooong way away — but one day, in the future, you will be CURSING the fat that they don’t get up before 1pm every day!! Haha! As a tween, I remember my mama saying to me — ‘WHY DO YOU NEED TO SLEEP SO MUCH??’ — yet apparently I was an awful sleeper as a baby!! No win.

    Keep your chin up lovely. And think of the day that you and your husband can do celebratory backflips when they ALL sleep at once! #PoCoLo

  23. Oh I read this the other day and thought I had commented. Poor you. There is nothing like the pain of feeling so exhausted to hit you. Big hugs and I hope the kids settle down again and you get at least 5 hours in a row. Fingers crossed. xx

  24. As you know after our Twitter convo, Gwenn has conjunctivitis and this comes after a cold that has been ever-present since October. Today I am off work so I won’t get paid but will still have to pay for nursery so I feel as if I’m taking a double hit financially. On top of this I’ve tried for two days to get her a GP appointment to no avail. Grrrrrr is the word I think!!!

    If what you say is true, I need to prepare myself mentally and physically if I’m going to have another because this whole situation is pissing me right off and that’s just with one!!



  25. Oh what a horrendous week for you! I do hope it starts to settle soon. It’s awful when they are unsettled all through the night – you must be exhausted!

    Sleep is so precious when you have gotten used to them sleeping through the night! Our 4 yo was waking up to 4/5 times a night when he started school asking to be tucked in/too hot/too cold/need a wee/don’t know why I’m crying we were getting so tired from it and that was just one of mine waking! #brilliantblogposts


  26. Oh dear, sounds awful, and I complain when Boo is up and down all night, I don’t know how I would be with three!!
    I hope you and your hubby get some sleep soon!

  27. Oh no! Sounds horrendous, and her poor toe! The husband and I often say this to each other, that our kids tag team with each other to wake us or be ill, but at least we only have two! Hoping next week is better for you all x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  28. Oh no, I feel for you, sleepless nights are torturous! I know what you mean about children sharing rooms and waking each other, I have similar issues with my twins, though, not as bad as you. If one wakes, she often wakes the other, then the next time it’s the opposite twin waking.
    I really hope things settle down for you soon, for a few nights of rest at least! x

  29. Big hugs lovely – what a tough week it has been for you all. Glad your little lady had a lovely birthday but ouch! that foot looks so sore. Hope you manage to get some rest over the weekend and that next week will be kinder to you x

  30. I feel your pain! My Week has pretty much panned out the same.
    Here’s hoping we have a restful weekend 😉 x

  31. Oh hun – what a week for you. Sending you hugs and matchsticks for those eyes and hope everything settles down soon xx #pocolo

  32. Grace says – Oh No! You must be so tired. I hope you all get some sleep soon xx #pocolo

  33. I remember reading the comments on my cards when I first went off on maternity leave. All of the parents had written joking (?!) remarks about enjoying my sleep while I still could. No-one can ever fully appreciate how hard sleep deprivation is until they go through it themselves – it just makes the daytime so much harder too. Thanks for posting so honestly about it – and fingers crossed for longer hours of shut eye soon…#PoCoLo

  34. Oh Renee, you have my total sympathy. You must be shattered. Sending hugs and strength. I struggled with just the two on broken sleep-now they are both older it’s much better. Not that this is much consolation right now though! xx

  35. Everything just seems like so much more work when you haven’t had enough sleep, doesn’t it? I only have two kids and I struggle enough to get a good nights sleep. The same goes for one of them being ill, there is always someone in our house with something wrong with them!

    Hope you get some well needed sleep soon x

  36. Wow, I can barely get enough sleep with one child, 3 must be crazy! Hope you & your babies get some much needed sleep soon. Kaye @ helloarchie.blue

  37. Oh my goodness you do so well! I have 1 18month old and it kills us when she has a couple of bad nights. I need to shush. Keep going. This too will pass xxx

  38. I am so with you on the whole sleep deprivation thing. Arthur has never been a good sleeper (not at night time anyway) and on top of insomnia during pregnancy it’s been well over two years now since I slept more than a couple of hours at a stretch… And that’s just with one! I can’t imagine what having three would do to me!

    Things have been (whisper it) getting a teensy bit better for us recently to the point that I’m actually in the process of drafting a post on that very subject. Having serious second thoughts about publishing it now! Xxx

  39. mummytries says:

    Thanks so much for your gorgeous comment Maddy, made me smile at a time i needed to! Sorry to hear that your lot have been unwell too, poor hubby 🙁 lets hope the weekend brings smiles all round xxxx

  40. mummytries says:

    I’d love to say things are better now but I’d be fibbing! Hope your hubby is on the mend soon xxx

  41. mummytries says:

    Thanks my dear xxx

  42. mummytries says:

    Thanks lovely xx

  43. mummytries says:

    Thanks so much Julie. It’s not been the best week 🙁 xxx

  44. mummytries says:

    Thanks honey, it’s been a tough week on top of a tough couple of months… Feels a bit relentless but I’m sure blue skies are just around the corner xx

  45. mummytries says:

    You’re very kind Colin! Writing really does give me an outlet thankfully 🙂

  46. Since I only have one I salute you. like everyone is saying sleep deprivation is just the hardest. It sounds like you’re managing 3 tough clients at once so I admire your vigour.

    I hope blogging gives you some kind of outlet

  47. Oh dear Reneé, that’s just awful. Sleep deprivation is the worst form of torture (well, the only one I know anyway). I hope little man’s teething pain settles and the croup disappears soon. H must be so unwell, poor little guy. Hopefully the girlies will start sleeping well again, too. Poor C’s toe looks really sore. I hope you’re resting as much as you can, you have to look after yourself. xxxx

  48. Oh goodness, you must be absolutely shattered. We have one bad sleeper at the moment who is the youngest but thankfully everyone else sleeps through. My heart goes out to you because I know how hard it is with 3 kiddies and no sleep. I hope things improve soon. xx

  49. Keep going Renee, it’s all you can do! Here’s hoping that life gets back to normal in your house very soon x

  50. Ahgggg!! You poor thing. I don’t know how you even write with such little sleep. I hope tonight is better x

  51. Oh blimey Renee – this all sounds massively challenging! I think there are a few bugs going around at the moment – hubby came home from work with conjunctivitis yesterday! I’m just hoping he doesn’t pass it on to the rest of us. Such a shame you can’t give kids Night Nurse – a nice strong dose of hydrobromide would probably do it! Keeping my fingers crossed for the rest of the week for you xxx

  52. Oh Reneé my heart absolutely goes out to you, you must be totally exhausted. The sleep will get better as they get older but it’s so hard when they’re little and yes, the more kids you have the more likely it is that your sleep will be disturbed. Urgh. We’ve been having a bad week here too (husband the ill-est I have ever known him to be in 20 years, which is worrying me, eldest has been off school with ear infection, youngest just got over a bug and I’ve been looking after them all single-handedly since Friday morning) so I empathise! It will get better. Thinking of you. xx

  53. Oh sweetie you must be exhausted! Rest assured that at some point all three of them will sleep through – I’m willing it to happen for you!! x

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