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bloggers interview collageThanks so much to Sarah Anne at Done Gallivanting for the tag, you can read her interview here.

The last few weeks have been a real mixed bag of emotions, with disappointments aplenty but there have also been lovely treats thrown in. Parenting can feel like drudgery, especially on no sleep, but as long as I do a little something for me every day I’m happy. It usually comes from blogging (aka my sanity saver) and whilst writing this post it dawned on me that I’ve had lots of blog related fabulousness this week, so I thought I’d share it with you.

Last Friday I enjoyed a coffee at my fave cafe in Brixton while the kids napped in the buggy, it also gave me the opportunity to start reading the Little Book of Mindfulness which fellow blogger Michelle sent me.

On Saturday I went out in the evening for the first time since having my son, who is now almost 20 months old! Mel, Vicki and I were gifted our delicious, wholesale meal by the wonderful folks at Leon. The food is รผber tasty and oh so good for you, if you’ve never dined there you are seriously missing a trick in my opinion.

Sunday we had friends over for lunch, and I did roast bone-in beef, which even if I do say so myself was lush. This wasn’t blog related but it inspired me to film another YouTube video for Super Easy Beef Stew.

Monday I saw a lovely local friend who is such an inspiration to me. She created the brilliant website Local Mums Online, and I’m her cookery editor (although haven’t published a recipe in yonks, which I promise to rectify asap!)

Tuesday was without a doubt the highlight of my week, and will certainly feature in my highlights of the year post in December. I went to the home of celebrity chef Gino D’Campo to hear all about his new range of ready made pizza bases which are coming out on Monday. Also to consume a fine amount of delicious prosecco for a midweek afternoon!

Wednesday I received an exciting parcel containing goodies for my collaboration with Huggies Little Swimmers, where I shall be documenting the boy learning to swim. Stay tuned for more over the coming weeks, including a giveaway for an under water camera.

Although yesterday wasn’t what most people would have described as a great day (all three kids coming down with stinking colds and off school and nursery) it was for me. I got lots of cuddles and mummy time, and I also caught up on tons of blogging while naps and Netflix watching was taking place. Which was just as well because my laptop died shortly afterwards ๐Ÿ™

So there you go, my week as a blogger. Now on with answering the interview questions…

How did you get into blogging?

As you might already know, I love to cook and have been creating my own food for many years now. Friends used to ask me for my recipes all the time, so I set up my first blog Ren’s Recipes in 2010 purely to share information. It didn’t even have any photos on it for the first year. As that blog evolved I realised that pure food blogging wasn’t for me, mostly because I’m such a crap photographer!

During the three years that it existed, it gave me a lot of writing confidence though. I created Mummy Tries on a whim one evening after yet another horrendous bedtime. My first post was my life in 300 words, and was so well received that it spurred me on to keep writing. Which I did anonymously for almost 18 months before coming out a year ago.

What advice would you give other bloggers just starting out?

It’s been said so much already but I feel it’s absolutely imperative to be true to yourself. Integrity is everything to me, and starting out as a blogger ‘to get free stuff’ is just a bit crap really. My favourite bloggers write amazing content every post, and always have an interesting story to tell. There’s only so much style over substance and pretty photos I can stomach before I stop visiting blogs.

One thing I think is worth saying, is when doing reviews or writing sponsored content you should always ensure the brand is a good fit for your blog. Think about what you’re saying yes to, and ask yourself if you would be happy to endorse the product if you weren’t being incentivised. Also weigh up your worth and don’t let people take advantage of you for being a newbie. If they want to work with you, they should pay you fairly.

How has your blog changed since you started writing it?

I used to write much more about what the kids were doing – activities, days out, baking. Now I write mainly about our lives from an emotional perspective. I also write a fair amount of sponsored content, because after being made redundant last month, my blog has become my official part time job.

What would be your dream campaign?

I’d love to help young people suffering with mental health issues as a result from dysfunctional backgrounds turn their lives around. My own childhood had such a detrimental effect on the first decade of my adult life, and I lived in self-destruct mode drinking and partying my troubles away. I hit rock bottom after suffering two breakdowns in four years.

My book Become the Best You documents my journey, and everything I did to changed my life in all areas. From ending toxic relationships, to waking up to addiction, I believe there is something for everyone in my book. My dream campaign would be seeing my advice implemented where it’s most needed. The earlier we deal with our problems, the better chances we have of them not ruling (and ruining) our lives.

What do you think about your ratings?

I’d be fibbing if I said I don’t enjoy being in the top 100 of Tots100, but knowing that my readers enjoy my blog will always be more important to me.

Tagging some awesome bloggers, but no pressure of course if you don’t fancy joining in! Tony @ Papa Tont, Jude @ Dreamcatching Blog and Becky @ And Then There Were Two ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Really lovely interview darling and some amazing advice. I’m with you, substance over style any day! ๐Ÿ™‚ Your week sounds absolutely wonderful too. XXX

  2. It really was, thanks again for organising it! Not a bad start to the week at all ๐Ÿ™‚ hope it’s kind to you my lovely xx

  3. Thanks so much Emily, really kind of you to pop by. It was scary when the redundancy talks were taking place in the summer, but totally second nature now. I love that blogging is my part time job ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. It was so fabulous finally meeting you and our meal at Leon was amazing wasn’t it? I hope this week is a good one for you and the kids are better x

  5. Its so great to hear how other bloggers have started out, and so pleasing and surprising to read about how what you blog about has evolved over time and through your life as your family has grown. It must be such am amazing opportunity to officially blog for your job, im sure its scary too, but for me it sounds like youre living the dream ๐Ÿ™‚ #SundayStars

  6. Thank so much Denise, I try my best and it’s comforting to hear this.

  7. The stuff about sponsored content is interesting – it always does fit well with your blog, and you’ve done a skillful job blending it in so it feels a holistic part of it.

  8. Thanks so much Julia, what a lovely compliment. Hope you’re having a great weekend x

  9. As I said it’s been a real mixed bag, but lots of good stuff ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I loved hearing about your week, sorry they got sick but it sounds like you all got loads of cuddles! Great blogging advice too, thanks for sharing it. I too believe it is so important that we are true to ourselves and the stage we are at. #sundaystars.

  11. Oh I am so sorry that you had to miss the River Cottage Trip, I totally understand though how hard it is to get away. I’m glad you’ve found some good things to do this week instead. Your blog is great and you should be so proud – I think people really connect with your emotional posts and truthful views on family life. Keep going love! x #sundaystars

  12. I really do believe that staying true to yourself is the most important thing when it comes to blogging. Writing good content alone will open enough doors in my experience… might not lead to world domination, but seriously who has the time for that? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. I got it working, can hardly believe it!! I had to reset it back to factory settings but (touch wood) it is back to life. Phew, can really do without the expense xxx

  14. You’re so welcome Jude, it will be fab to learn more about you xx

  15. Wow, honey! Thank so much for thinking of me. I will try to do this interview next week when I get a moment in the schedule. I have just read your post about your childhood and am deeply shocked. So sorry to hear what a hard time you had – you dealt with so much so young. Amazing that you came through it and can now talk so articulately about it. Seriously impressed. As for the rest of your interview, it was lovely finding out more about you, as I’ve only just discovered your blog! x

  16. RIP old laptop. I was annoyed when mine broke, but it was also quite nice having a couple of days away from technology/the Internet. I’ll be reading your first post now; I don’t think I’ve read it before. xxx

  17. Sounds like an action packed week!
    I agree with your comment about staying true to yourself in your blog; when I try to be someone else I come badly unstuck! I may never get the freebies or make my blog a paying enterprise but it reflects me so that’s ok (I think?!?)

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