The Beauty of a Good Friend

On Friday I spent the most beautiful day with one of my best friends. She had her third baby a couple of weeks ago, so I took the day off work to go and visit while my girls were at nursery. Hubby kindly agreed to work from home and do the pick up, witching hour and get dinner sorted for when I got home. That in itself was a huge treat!

We spoke about the baby and I told her my news, but this was only a brief part of our conversation. I don’t think a [poor hard done by] third baby will ever get the same time dedicated to describe every single thing they do the way their siblings did. Mummy’s time has become a precious commodity, not to be wasted on poo talk. We had bigger fish to fry and set about putting the world to rights.

It was nice to be reminded of who I am – which I’m sure most who read this blog can relate to. So often lost in the midst of being a mummy, it’s easy to forget that I’m a person with wants and needs too. We met in a lovely canal-side cafe and had a three hour long lunch, then went back to her house for tea and more chatting while her hubby sorted their older two out to get ready for a school disco. I felt honoured that she was comfortable enough to just whip the boobs out at feeding time without bothering to find a muslin first. She just laughed and said ‘you’re family, you don’t mind do you?’ Of course I don’t.

It’s was a perfect and idyllic day, even further enhanced by the glorious weather. Hopefully we’ll manage to get some dates in the diary with all the kids over the summer, which won’t be the same but will still be fab. I’ve known this lady for almost a decade and a half, and know with absolute certainty that I’ll be taking her to the grave.

25 thoughts on “The Beauty of a Good Friend

  1. I hope you get to Skype lots hon! Must be tough being away from everyone 🙁 a couple of my besties live in Australia, and I only see them every blue moon now. Hoping for a trip out there at some point in the future xx

  2. Just like Sara I miss days like this too. My bestie is 3000 miles away in England. Spending time with someone who knows you that well is so very special and you are both very lucky to have that friendship. Such a lovely, beautifully written post #ThePrompt

  3. Ahhh that’s really cool.
    I actually saw my friend on Monday, with all six of our kids in tow this time… It was a very different experience but lovely in its own right xx

  4. I’m sure you’ll meet some keepers over time honey. Until then at least you have Skype 😉 how on earth did people cope in the days before it? xx

  5. These are the kind of days I miss being over here, I don’t have the history here. It is so special catching up with a best friend, so easy and comfortable. So important to find the time to do this. Definitely a perfect day x Thanks so much for linking to #ThePrompt x

  6. Hun, this sounds like such a lovely day! Time spent with your best friend is definitely great, quality time. My best friend comes and stays over regularly and I love that time when all the children are in best and we just chat, chat, chat for hours! x Mel #ThePrompt

  7. Ahhh that’s so lovely of your hubby to do all that and get the chance to take the day off to be with your best friend. What a lovely day is sounds like indeed! Can’t beat a good catch up with a bf. I love when you know that friend will be there forever! So rare but amazing when you have that person in your life. Lovely post. #prompt

  8. Nothing beats a friend who considers you not as a companion and confidant but someone who is part of their family. I have great circle of friends, and the one which I treasure the most is Macy, whose like my sister from another mother and father hahaha (LOL). Sharing wonderful experience, long talks, laughs, and giggling about secrets are one of the things that we do. Oh did I also mention about exercise, fashion, beauty and shopping?

  9. i can so relate to the fact that i easily forget i am more than just mummy! i am so pleased you had this much needed time with your friend x

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments

  10. I have the joy of the school gates to look forward to as my eldest starts in Sept. I hear it can be a nightmare! Sorry you’ve been burnt hon xx

  11. Thanks Natalie for your lovely comment. Sometimes we need to take the knocks to make us see what we already know – real friends are to be truly treasured xx

  12. I really love this post and can totally relate to everything you have said here. Real friends are few and far between and sometimes it takes a hiccup to realise this x Well sad and a lovely read x

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