The 2016 To Do List

The 2016 To Do ListOn new year’s eve 2013 I decided not to write a list of resolutions, as I’d done in previous years, and instead composed a very short to-do list for 2014. It had just two things on it to achieve for the entire year: write the book, and stay sane. Somehow, seriously I’ve no idea how, I managed to tick both off. The book was written and self-published, then went on to be republished by Austin Macauley this year. I also entered 2015 in a very sane frame of mind, mostly thanks to the wonder that is the GAPS Diet, but that’s a whole other post!

I had grand plans this year of writing a follow up to Become the Best You, but decided against that quite early on. In April I penned a short story, and with a shaky hand, posted it on the blog. It’s one thing writing about my life, which is essentially free therapy, but it’s a very different ball game making up fiction. Friday the 13th tells Kate Jackson’s sorry tale of an affair that leads to the loss of her entire family. I’m pleased to say that it was well received, and it gave me the impetus I needed to continue with it.

Writing Aspirations

My plan is for it to become a full novel, with an overview of Kate’s Story being the first chapter. You are likely to start the book hating her guts and feeling she deserves everything that’s coming to her, but if I do my job properly, you’ll end the book on her side. Full of empathy for her situation, completely understanding what drove her to do what she did.

As I already know from experience, wanting to write a book and actually doing so are two very different beasts. Also the time between banging out a first draft, and holding a published book in my hands could take years. Nevertheless I do enjoy a good challenge, and would be absolutely thrilled to get at least draft one written. This story is inside my head driving me crazy, and needs to come out!

My 2016 to do list is making me realise how much more simple my life was this time two years ago. Here it is…

– instil peace in my home
– become the best home educator I possibly can
– argue less with my husband, and have a lot more date days! 
– write the book
– stay sane
– get super strict with blogging, so it doesn’t take our lives over; and continue not spending too much time on social media
– put my eldest on GAPS Intro

Quite a sizeable list I’m sure you’ll agree… Better get cracking then!


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  1. felicity williams says:

    Good luck with your book, I am really looking forward to reading it. My New Years Resolution is to get rid of all the rammel that is cluttering up our house and also to take things more in my stride 😀

  2. Best of luck with your list. And I am glad to see that some of your targets are the same as mine. After reading your book I am working more on my diet and my relationship with my husband,

  3. That looks like a very good, and hopefully manageable, to do list 🙂 Instilling peace in my home is at the top of my list this year… 🙂

  4. Katie Robertson says:

    best of luck with your to do list

  5. Happy New Year and good luck with Kate’s Story!

    It’s funny your observation about life being simpler two years ago. The only New Year resolution I ever make these days is along the lines of focussing more on doing the things I really want by simplifying my life and stripping out some of the things I do for no real reason at all other than that I do them – ‘decluttering’, as the jargon du jour would say. I’m definitely not the type of person who starts the year with a new list of additional to dos. Life’s complicated enough and stressful enough without adding to it. My priorities for 2016 are family, developing the podcast, getting the book done and finding ways to make the blog a little bit different. I feel like I’ve lost a little bit of what made my blog uniquely me, so I want to get back to that again. I’ll never be as popular (or as good) as many of the other bloggers out there, but I can definitely be me.

  6. I’m really enjoying reading all these ‘to do’ lists for the coming year, and your’s is no exception my lovely! You’ll smash the book and you really seem on a roll right now- I’m one of your biggest bloggy supporters and can’t wait to see all you achieve! x

  7. Happy New Year!

    I like your to do list as opposed to resolutions… Good luck with it all! I love the balance between massive projects like starting the book and smaller wins like spending less time on social media (although easier said than done)…. Here’s to a great star for 2016 and wishing you achieve all you set out to. x

  8. Some really good ones here Renee. I am adding less arguing with my husband to my list too, having a child that takes up all my energy means that we have nothing for each other plus there seems to be getting less joy and more management of him. It’s testing. i hope that this year goes really well for you. x

  9. Blogging really can take over can’t it? I hope that by reining it in you will make more time for yourself and that will have an impact on your other to-do’s. Hope you are ok my lovely xx

  10. Thanks so much my lovely! I think a few no screen days will be happening this end too 🙂 happy New Year hon!

  11. Thanks Denise. Apart from the book writing, I’m not really giving myself extra jobs, just things that need to be done 🙂 it’s a lot though, I’ll definitely be enlisting some help, but can’t really say much about that yet. Very happy New Year to you and your lovely girls xx

  12. That is one major list – each item is fairly sizeable. Good luck with it. I think it’s a good challenge to have an unsympathetic character in your book too, to start off with at least. Good luck with that too.

  13. Best of luck with writing the novel, you will do an amazing job! I think I really need to spend less time on social media, I’ve been getting better but some “no go” days would be good. Happy New Year!!

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