The 2014 To Do List

I never used to go in for new years resolutions but ever since 4yo joined us (and we kissed goodbye to our social life) hubby and I have made a to-do list each new years eve for the year ahead. Sometimes written under the influence of prosecco and G&T’s, although this year I had a glass of red wine and our evening was exceptionally subdued. We didn’t even stay up til 10pm let alone midnight, but were happy it panned out that way at 5:30am on new years morning when the girls woke up for the day.

20140101-142922.jpgI’m pleased to report that 4yo is already doing well with her addition to the list. We’ve reinstated her reward chart and have just two metrics on it: go to bed without a fuss, and sleep all night. So far so good! Lets just hope it continues as it will certainly help hubby and I hold on to our sanity this year. Hubs is also doing well, and had an exercise sessions last night which included the girls. It’s really important to him to set a good example health and fitness wise, he gets a lot out of it and the girls love it. He’s also been making a very good effort to stop shouting, which is something I had on my own list last year and am glad I got out of the habit of. It can be so difficult in the face of horrendous behaviour, but from my own experiences I know it only makes things worse.

My own list this year is simple, but also huge and largely depends on what type of baby we get next month. It’s nice to get serious about the project though, as it’s been at the back of my mind for the best part of 15 years now. Hubby bought me a fab book called How to be a Writer for Xmas which I am loving and think will really help me. Even if I don’t manage to publish a book this year, I hope to get the bulk of it actually written. Writing this blog has whet my appetite for writing, and if the words flow then I don’t see why it can’t be achieved. Staying sane might be the trickier thing I need to do!

24 thoughts on “The 2014 To Do List

  1. Thank you! Really hoping the good sleeping lasts, it’s been incredible to see the change in her! I’ll keep you posted on the book front of course xx

  2. Ahhh I remember those days, my 4yo didn’t start sleeping through until she was 9 months old and I hadn’t had a single minute of me time either. Good luck with getting some, enjoy that bath when it happens xx

  3. Thanks hon. The aim of my book will be to help others break away from dysfunctional behaviour like I did. I’m hoping that talking about it on my blog will make it real, and kick me up the bottom to ensure it actually happens 😉

    Very happy new year to you too. I’ll be following your blog avidly xx

  4. Good luck with your list! I was wondering what type of book you were going to write to…. would it be about your life? I have yet to organise my resolutions – there are so many things going on right now but the main one would be to spend a bit more time on my blogging, I’ve done it rather sporadically since I started it! 🙂 Happy New Year xx

  5. I love your list and I really like that you have included all three of you on it too. What kind of book are you hoping to write? My aim is to write a story books for children but it is going rather slowly. I try to write every day, in a little book that I keep with me. I jot down any ideas I have when they pop into my head. If my little book isn’t at hand, I type it on the memo app on my phone. Good luck with achieving your resolutions!

  6. fab list!!! I think one for me… is to have some ME time. I feel like the last nearly 9 months since Layla arrived I haven’t even been able to have a decent long bath where I can sit for hours!!!!! 🙂 x

  7. The shouting resolution is wonderful and so true. My only resolution is Write every day and you are so right that writing a blog really encourages other writing – you get used to using words more, and more immediately.

    So my only tip is ifyou ever want to post anything for us to read, I am sure it would be very intriguing.

  8. Glad that the 4 yo’s sleeping is improving again after a sticky patch – reward charts are always popular here, too 🙂 ‘What type of baby we get’ – love that! So hoping for a quiet little sleeper for you, so you can get that book written:) x

  9. That’s a great list with concise goals. I had a big plan to turn my blog into one but then stopped halfway last year just from getting distracted by life. Best of luck with yours!! I think it’ll be so rewarding once you do it 🙂

  10. I love your list too, short and simple with only a practical goal each! It should keep you on track and accountable to each other throughout the year due to its simplicity.xx

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