How Thai Airways Customer Service Saved Us From A Disastrous Start to Our First Long Haul Adventure with Kids

Thai Airways Customer Service
Thai Airways Customer Service

My husband and I are long time fans of Thai Airways Customer Service. We travelled South East Asia extensively between 2002 and 2006, and chose Thai Airways many times over, because their customer service is second to none. Nothing is too much trouble for them, and we’ve always been exceptionally well looked after onboard.

Planning our first long haul flight as a family

We’ve been on a handful of European (mostly package resort) holidays since having children, and always said when Freddy was five, we’d attempt a big adventure. Clara and Freddy both have February birthdays and the 19th was our tenth wedding anniversary, and fifteen anniversary of meeting in Cambodia. All things considered, it felt fitting for our first long haul to be to Thailand.

Once the location was confirmed, we knew instantly who we’d fly with, and we booked our flights six months in advance of our trip. Unfortunately, neither myself or my husband had the first clue about booking seats in advance!

A very near miss

When we logged into the Thai Airways website a week before our flight, there were only six available seats on the whole plane. And none of them were next to each other. Considering Polly (9) is autistic, Freddy (5) has major sensory issues and Clara (7) was worried enough about flying, making our kids sit alone on their first long haul flight would have been an unmitigated disaster for our family.

As our discovery took place on a Friday evening, there was literally nothing we could do there and then. We decided the most logical course of action would be going into the Thai Airways headquarters in Mayfair first thing on the Monday morning, and begging them to help us.

Thai Airways Customer Service

A little help from my friends

After a sleepless night, and waking up with several new wrinkles, I decided to ask some blogging friends for their advice. Fortunately for us, the very lovely Carrie who writes at Flying With A Baby told me what to do to avoid a catastrophe. She’s ex-cabin crew, and knows this stuff like no one else I’ve ever encountered.

She said we needed to speak to the Thai Airways Customer Service desk at Heathrow airport, because they would have access to the system required to change our seats.

These people are clearly phenomenally busy, and it took me hours of phoning with the line ringing out before someone picked up. I started calling at 8am and had given myself a 2pm deadline before going to Heathrow Airport and sorting it out in person.

Thai Airways Customer Service to the rescue

I finally got through to angel-in-disguise Angie at 1:30pm. We were on the phone for a good ten minutes, and she took all the details of our flight, assuring me she’d take care of us. Now I know from my previous travelling experiences, that when a Thai person gives you their word, they mean it.

My mind was instantly put to rest, and I knew we had nothing to worry about. As a precaution, on the day of our flight, we got to Heathrow nice and early, and checked in via the special assistance desk. Angie was absolutely true to her word. She had reserved us a block of four seats on the upper deck of the plane, with the fifth seat just to our left. Lucky Hubby not only had no one next to him, but it was an emergency exit with extra leg room.

A heartfelt thanks to Angie at Thai Airways

I cannot extend enough appreciation for to wonderful woman, she really did save us from an horrendous start to the trip. In the future we will ensure we book our seats in plenty of time!

Should you find yourself in a similar pickle, the Thai Airways customer service desk at Heathrow Airport can be reached on: 020 8976 7915.

Thai Airwarys Customer Service

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