Tears of Joy (flash fiction)

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I was tempted to write about my self-hosting failure for Sara’s prompt this week, because the joy I felt when my blog came back online after being down an entire day was immense. I’m not ashamed to admit though that I’m a teensy bit hooked on writing flash fiction at the mo so thought I’d use the prompt Joy to write another piece. Here goes…

She stared at the little stick in her hand in disbelief. Were there really two lines? It was super early after all. Her eyes have trouble in dim light these days, perhaps they were playing tricks on her? She had given up hope of this happening naturally. After the diagnosis almost two years ago she had been categorically told that they would need help when the time came. One had even prescribed the fertility drug Clomid but she’d been too concerned about the potential side effects to take it.

Then there was the thing last Christmas. The out of cycle bleed and symptoms too coincidental to ignore. Mother Nature could be cruel sometimes. It had ignited something deep within her; urges she didn’t think she even had. She had driven herself crazy peeing on sticks ever since. The disappointment got worse each time. She had mentally started preparing herself for the worst. Why should he stay with her when he could go and find someone normal, and fertile?

She sat on the freezing cold bathroom floor until her bottom went numb. When she checked the stick again she was fully expecting one of the lines to have vanished. It was still there though, clear as day. She allowed herself a few tears of pure joy for this unexpected little miracle. Then she patted her flat belly already imagining a bump, and took a big deep breath. With the tears still wet on her cheeks she walked the ten paces to their bedroom next door, and woke up her fiancée to tell him the wonderful news.

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  1. Great piece – your book is going to be awesome! x

  2. Thanks so much Louise xx

  3. I think most parents will think of their kids when they first think of the word joy xx

  4. Thank you!

  5. Thanks Nikki!

  6. Sherbert lemons on the loo, now that is a novel idea 😉

  7. Thanks so much, really pleased I’ve managed to get the joy across so well xx

  8. Thanks hon, that first positive pregnancy test does feel rather surreal doesn’t it xx

  9. It all seems so long ago now, but at the time every month is torture! Glad you got there in the end 🙂

  10. Thanks Carol! Ahhh that peeing on a stick and getting two lines for the first time feeling… just magical!!

  11. Thanks so much – fortunately she didn’t have to break the relationship…

  12. What a coincidence, we both did flash fiction and chose the subject of infertility! The mention of the former miscarriage works really well. Also like the fact she was prepared to break the relationship if she couldn’t have children, a very selfless act. Says a lot about the character. #theprompt

  13. What a lovely, lovely little story Renee 🙂 You’ve covered the emotions and anticipation that come with ‘peeing on a stick’ very well. A great piece of flash fiction for #WonderfulWorldofWriting 🙂 Thanks so much for linking up again 🙂

  14. Lovely, I really felt the joy in this story. It took me three years to fall pregnant with my eldest so this really struck a chord with me. Especially that worry that the line will fade away again. I’d forgotten I felt like that!

  15. I can remember the first time so clearly, a lot of emotions rolled together, but joy definitely one of them. Love this post, it captures those first moments where you can’t quite believe it could be true perfectly. Thanks so much for linking to #ThePrompt x

  16. I can feel her joy and I smiled reading this. 🙂 xx

  17. maddy@writingbubble says:

    Lovely piece! I remember this moment well. With my first i was so nervous I could hardly get the wrapper off the box. My (mostly still asleep) husband heard the crinkly sound of the cellophane and thought I must be sitting on the loo eating sherbert lemons… as you do… #theprompt

  18. Aw, this is lovely. Such emotion. I can really relate to her moment of joy. Thanks for sharing on #FridayFiction.

  19. I love the new blog look and this flash fiction had some strong emotions running through it-I find it so interesting to see how people interpret things.

  20. This scenario is kind of exactly what I thought of when I saw the word ‘joy’ too, hence my musings on ‘bundles of joy’! Well written piece of flash fiction hon X #theprompt

  21. Love this story – definitely captures a joyous moment and love the disbelief that leaves her sitting on the cold bathroom floor until her bottom goes numb just to be sure that the lines don’t disappear. Love the new look blog 🙂

  22. Thank you so much Julie xx

  23. Three. One mc. Done now though. Enough for me x

  24. Holy moly I didn’t realise you had four kids hon! Brave lady xx

  25. Ps, nice to see the blog back online. Looking good! X

  26. The first time, I shouted up the stairs to “daddy”. The second time I don’t remember. The third time I woke daddy up to tell him he was right and the fourth time was a bit of a shock so I did some swearing.
    Nothing prepares you for that moment. It really is joy. X

  27. Brilliant piece of writing, that really captures the feeling of joy.

    The new blog look is amazing, congrats x

  28. Thanks Denise. It feels like a very very long time ago that I was sitting on that bathroom floor!!

  29. Your piece really brings out the meaning of joy.

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