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Talking Skills

Talking skillsI’ve been meaning to write a post about Freddy’s words for a while now. Writing it here on the blog will be the only way I remember this phase, so much of what happened even a few months ago is already a blur! 

At 22 months he is such a fab little communicator, and knows exactly what he wants. This is often a wonderful thing to witness, but of course there have been a few occasions where the signs of the terrible twos are on their way 😉  

What F says Vs what he means

‘A bots don’: Finally after almost a fortnight of suffering with the pox, the spots are gone (yayyyy!!)
Where’s daddy?: ‘A wuk’
‘Mok’: May I please have some milky beverage
‘Rink’: May I please have some water
‘My’ (while pointing at photos of himself): That’s me that is
‘A lup’: May I sit on your lap please mummy
‘Pooooool’: I’ve got a stinker in my nappy
‘Oui oui’: I’m doing a tinkle
‘Rump’: I’ve done a pop off
‘Up’ (with outstretched arms): Can you pick me up and give me a cuddle please
‘Den’: Hit me baby one more time
‘Nunite’: I’m getting very tired

A few more cute words

‘Raa Raa’: My big sister Clara
‘Poll Poll’: My bigger sister Polly
‘Apoo’: Apple
‘Nana’: Banana
‘Deeee’: Tea
‘A bant’: Pants  
‘Lie-lie’: Lion
‘Dares’: Downstairs
A dares’: Upstairs

mouths of babes

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  1. Love his words, and also the way so many of his phrases are affection based! It must be lovely to be on the receiving end of “A lup.”

  2. These are so sweet! I love ‘a wuk’ & ‘a lup’! Happy Christmas #ftmob

  3. It’s such a great idea to record all the little things they say. As you look back, it’s hard to believe how quickly their language skills develop and they can express themselves better and better before they’re 2! xx

  4. Love this post and the way you’ve really captured how Freddy says things – I can almost hear him saying them. Sounds like he is really communicating well – love “A bots don”, “rump”, “apoo” and “A dares”. Thanks for sharing these adorable toddlerisms with #ftmob 🙂

  5. Freddy’s language is just gorgeous! I do love it when they start to speak – you find out more about them. He sounds like a lovely little boy. xx

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