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We Need to Protect Our Teenagers from Exploitation

To say that I grew up chaotically would be an understatement, dysfunctional is a better way of describing my childhood. I was abused by my babysitter when I was 8 years old. We moved house lots, which meant always being the ‘new girl’ at school, which made me vulnerable to bullies. My step-father’s on/off presence created […]

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Food: Paleo Recipes and Gut Health

Why Not Host a Pancake Party this Shrove Tuesday?

I’m honoured to be a blog ambassador for the wonderful charity The Children’s Society. They are encouraging people to get social this Shrove Tuesday, and hold a fundraising pancake party, which is a fab way to raise awareness of their brilliant work. Not to mention vital funds to continue doing what they do best. There’s lots […]

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