When London based bedmakers Warren Evans offered us the opportunity to review one of their super king sized beds, with a TEMPUR® Mattress, I literally punched the air!

Regular readers will already know that sleep deprivation has been a major feature in mine and hubby’s lives the entire time we’ve been parents. I almost don’t want to say this for fear of jinxing us, but our children are currently sleeping better than ever (more on that very soon). There is one catch though – Freddy, who is almost four, sleeps in our bed.

Every. Single. Night.

We’ve been through several cycles with him now, and for the last six months or so he has been very averse to the idea of sleeping in his own bed in any capacity. Co-sleeping certainly has many pros, but the obvious con is that I often end up being shoved to the bottom of the bed by a wriggly child. I’ve also woken up hanging out the side, with a terrible backache, more times than I can remember.

Drastic action was needed, but we don’t do sleep training or crying it out here. I figure that if Freddy needs the comfort and security of sleeping next to us then I’m not going to deny him. As we experience more stress than most families, I do everything and anything I can to counteract it. Hence the air punching at the opportunity to upgrade our old bed and trade it in for a much bigger, much better model. We went for the stunning Borneo frame, which you can view here

I’ve never slept this well

warren evans

The quality of a Warren Evans bed is undeniable. We fell in love with their beds after having a sleepover at our friends house, and now we have our own it has not disappointed. They are beautifully designed beds, and one the best things of all is that they are handmade here in the UK.  

We chose the TEMPUR® Original Deluxe mattress which moulds to the exact contours of your body giving optimum support and comfort. It also has the added benefit of TEMPUR® Soft-Touch quilted into the cover for a more luxurious feeling. This mattress contains pressure relieving properties that can reduce tossing and turning at night.

Sleeping in our new bed is what I imagine sleeping on clouds would feel like. My backache is a distant memory, and I’m getting quality uninterrupted shuteye for the first time in nine years. A good friend of mine bought a similar bed over a decade ago, and travels a lot for work. She said no hotel bed has ever been a match for her own.  

Don’t just take my word for it though, here’s what international tennis ace Serena Williams says about TEMPUR®:

“I’m really able to just get a deep sleep. It makes a huge difference.”

A little bit about TEMPUR®

Developed by Nasa in the 1970s to cushion and support astronauts during lift-off, TEMPUR® material distributes weight and pressure evenly, so all you feel is weightless. Today, TEMPUR® material lies at the core of all their mattresses and pillows and is still the only mattress product recognised by NASA and certified by the Space Foundation.

In my opinion, a TEMPUR® mattress is worth every single penny. They come with a ten year guarantee as standard which tells you everything you need to know. Warren Evans also offer interest free credit, and a price match.

A little bit about Warren Evans

Warren Evans has 38 years of award winning experience handcrafting beds, mattresses and furniture from their London workshop. Their superior service and quality products, at a fantastic price, means you get great value and a perfect night’s sleep.

I was super impressed with the delivery service, and was kept informed every step of the way. They sent an email and text message to confirm the order. Then on the day I had a phone call to tell me they would be with me within an hour. The drivers turned up on time, were polite, professional and efficient. They were in and out of my house in just under an hour, and that was to install this bed as well as the girls new bunk beds.

It does not surprise me one bit that Warren Evans was the highest rated UK mattress shop in the Which? Members “Best Mattress Retailers” Survey 2017.

Overall an outstanding service, and I cannot recommend Warren Evans or TEMPUR® highly enough! If you’re in the market for a new bed, and are feeling a bit tempted, now is a great time to take a look.

Warren Evans have many beds on sale, and I have an exclusive discount code just for you. Enter ‘WETEMPUR’ for an extra £50* off!  

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**Disclaimer: This is a collaborative article, sponsored by Warren Evans. Click here for my full disclosure policy.**