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paleo vegan caramel slice
Food: Paleo Recipes and Gut Health

Paleo Vegan Caramel Slice (GF, DF, EF, RSF)

Before we cut out refined sugar, caramel slice was my hubby’s favourite dessert. Which means, I’ve done what any self respecting wannabe chef would do. Spent the best part of a year recreating it for him, this paleo vegan caramel slice is my best effort and has been going down a real treat!¬† My first […]

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Autism Parenting

How to Avert a Sensory Meltdown in an Autistic Child

I’ve always loved the term ‘prevention is better than cure’ and never was there a more apt phrase to describe my daughter’s sensory meltdowns. In short the best way to avert them, is to identify the triggers that send her into meltdown mode, and prevent them from happening. It’s been almost a year since our high functioning […]

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