Show Stopping Dessert: Paleo Caramel Slice aka Best Pudding Ever!

Show stopping dessert: paleo caramel slice. This pudding is free from all grains including gluten, as well as refined sugar

I absolutely adore creating decadent show stopping desserts, and they don’t get much better than my paleo caramel slice. With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about what will get cooked on the big day. Here’s another suggestion for you to add to the memory bank, or Pinterest board.

paleo caramel sliceYou might be wondering what separates my puds from the millions of others on the web? The short answer is that mine are usually healthier. Like for like, they will almost always contain less sugar than other similar recipes you’ll come across. This includes natural sugars, because as I’ve mentioned before, natural sugar is still sugar. Sweeteners derived from fruit, honey or maple are better for you overall, providing they are pure. Let’s face it though, most people are addicted to sweet things. I believe, along with many experts, that the only way to truly get a grip is by having a lot LOT less.

This paleo caramel slice is not meant for everyday elevenses. It’s supposed to be a once in a special occasion show stopping dessert. For entertaining and celebrations – I’ve had excellent feedback from everyone who has tried it. What more could a wannabee chef ask for?

Ingredients for 10 slices

(base) 200g ground almonds
50g coconut flour
60ml coconut oil and extra for greasing the dish
tsp vanilla
(caramel) 150g butter
150g coconut palm sugar
(chocolate topping) 100g cacao butter
20g cacao powder

paleo caramel sliceMethod

– grease your dish with coconut oil and preheat the oven to 170C

– make the base by combining all the base ingredients together and rolling into a ball

– place the ball inside the dish and flatten out with your hands, once flat use a fork to prick the dough all over, then bake for 15 minutes

– after your base is cooked, and while it is cooling, make your caramel by heating the butter and coconut sugar over a med heat, stirring occasionally

– once the ingredients have melted, remove from the heat and whip it hard with a hand whisk to bring it together. After about fifteen seconds you will start to see luscious caramel forming before your eyes. I use salted raw butter, but you could use unsalted and add a pinch of sea salt, or leave it without salt. Goats butter also works well

– as soon as the caramel is ready, pour evenly over the base. If you are short on time you could place the dish into the freezer for ten minutes to cool, otherwise allow to cool down on the kitchen side. It’s vital that you place it on to a completely flat surface otherwise it will set wonky and ruin the aesthetics

– once cool, make your chocolate topping by melting the cacao butter and cacao powder in a heatproof bowl over a saucepan of simmering water. Once melted pour on top of the caramel, or use a piping bag to create funky patterns like Polly did here, then leave it in the fridge until you’re ready to serve

Utterly Decadent Gluten Free Chocolate Torte


My rich and decadent chocolate torte is another one of what I call my show stopping desserts. As with all my recipes, this one is grain free (not just gluten!) but for once it does contain dairy. A combination of double cream and yoghurt give this torte it’s beautiful fudgey consistency.

As I’ve mentioned before, I make my own home-fermented yoghurt from whole goat milk, which my entire family tolerates. It’s a wonderful way of getting natural probiotic goodness into our daily lives. You can use any type of yoghurt in this torte though, so feel free to substitute for your favourite.

You’ll notice this recipe has a lot of dark chocolate in it. I use good quality 70% cocoa solids, as I feel it equates to the perfect amount of sweetness without having to add any extra. This is a real treat of a pud, that won’t leave you riding the blood sugar roller coaster afterwards. You really can have your cake and eat it too!

Ingredients for a 12 slice Chocolate Torte

(crust) 200g ground pecans
50g ground flaxseed
60ml coconut oil + extra for greasing the dish
(filling) 300g 70% cocoa dark chocolate
300ml double cream, I use goats
75g butter or coconut oil


Step one: Use a coffee grinder or powerful blender to turn your pecans and flaxseed into a fine meal and make your crust by combining them with the coconut oil in a bowl. If you don’t have pecans, a mixture of other nuts work well instead.


Step two: Grease your pie dish with a generous glug of coconut oil, then tip the contents of the bowl in the middle. Using the palms of your hands spread the crust out evenly so the bottom and sides of the dish are completely covered. Put in the fridge for half an hour to harden up.


Step three: Break the chocolate up into small pieces and place in a heatproof bowl. Warning: your hands will get very messy!


Step four: In a small saucepan gently heat the cream and butter/coconut oil, and remove from the heat as it begins to simmer. Once heated carefully pour all over the chocolate pieces.


Step five: Slowly stir, watching the mixture get more chocolatey by the second.


Step six (optional): Have a cheeky taste test.


Step seven: Take the crust out of the fridge and pour the chocolate mixture evenly into the middle. Pop back in the fridge for another half an hour before serving, or make in advance.


Your chocolate torte is ready to serve! Enjoy 🙂


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