Countdown to Christmas and Win Prizes Daily with the Fantastic Services Advent #ad

**Disclaimer: I have written this blog to advertise the Fantastic Services advent calendar as part of my brand ambassadorship. I am not being paid to write this piece, but my services are carried out by Fantastic in exchange for my honest reviews. Please click here for my full disclosure policy.**

If you like winning prizes, you’ll love the Fantastic Services Advent Calendar

Why should the kids have all the fun on the run up to Christmas? Every day between the first and twenty fourth of December, head over to Fantastic Services and click on the numbered door on the calendar, for your chance to win a prize. Best of luck!

Fantastic Services Advent

Oh Christmas tree

Fantastic have taken care of my family’s Christmas tree needs for two years in a row. I wrote an extensive review last year, but to summarise:

– Complete a simple online form, which will take you approx. 90 seconds
– Select which size real Christmas tree you would like (4 to 8 ft)
Fantastic Services advent– Fantastic will deliver your tree to your home (within the M25) on the day and time slot you choose
– Fantastic can decorate your tree, if you wish
– Fantastic can collect your tree during the first week of January for recycling, if you wish
– Click here for all the details

Let Fantastic take care of your Christmas pressies this year 

Anyone who read my piece on having a more eco Christmas knows how much I abhor pointless presents. Useful and/or meaningful gifts all the way here. And they don’t get much more useful than outsourcing your chores to Fantastic. I don’t know a single person who enjoys cleaning their house, or scrubbing their oven. Especially after entertaining over the festivities.

Fantastic are so more than just a team of cleaners though. They offer everything from house removals to furniture collections and assembly, to pest control, waste removal, handyman, gardening and so much more. You’d be hard pressed not to find something they could do in order to give your loved ones a break. I’m sure you would manage to put a smile on the grumpiest of grinches faces by giving them Fantastic gift vouchers on the 25th.

Exclusive discount and contact details 

Enter the code ‘MumTries’ for an exclusive discount, when making your booking with Fantastic. Please see below for their website and social media accounts:


Moving House with Fantastic Services and an Interview with CEO Rune Sovndahl #ad

fantastic servicesFantastic Services have once again been a godsend for my family

You may have noticed that it’s been a little quiet around here, and not without good reason. We are gearing up for our first house move in seven years. Since last moving we’ve had two more children and acquired a whole lot of stuff. Packing up and getting ready for the big day tomorrow has been no small job, but thankfully the awesome team at Fantastic Services have been helping us every step of the way.

As always the customer experience from the very start has been impeccable. We had an assessment to work out exactly what needed to be done and once that was agreed our boxes and packing paraphernalia was delivered. We opted to pack our own belongings, largely because the girls were desperate to help, but Fantastic offer a packing service for those wanting to reduce the hassle of moving even further. In fact they offer just about anything and everything you can imagine when it comes to moving house. Take a look at the moving page on their website for more details.

The next step for us will be tomorrow morning, when Fantastic turn up to move all the boxes, as well as take our furniture apart and reassemble it at the new house. They shall also be carrying out our end of tenancy deep clean, for this dear readers is mine and hubby’s first step onto the property ladder. At 38 and 39 (and living in London) we’d all but given up hope to be honest, but more on that another time.

Head to Instagram, for the chance to win £50 towards a service of your own. Stay tuned to my InstaStories over the next couple of days for updates and live moving action.

Current status: half packed, half freaking out over the rest of the packing. Thank goodness for @fantasticservices who are not only moving us and have supplied our packing materials, but will also be doing our thorough end of tenancy deep clean before we hand the keys back to our landlord. ♥️ I’ve had the pleasure of working with Fantastic! for over two years now, and genuinely can’t recommend them highly enough. They take care of anything and everything you could possibly imagine. Cleaning, clearing, gardening, odd jobs, electrical work, pest control… you name it, they’ve got it covered. ♥️ To say thank you to Fantastic! for all their help this side of our move, I’m hosting a giveaway for a lucky reader to win a £50 voucher to use towards a Fantastic! service. ♥️ To enter: – follow @mummytries and @fantasticservices – like this post and tag all your friends who’d love to win this fab prize – feel free to also have a look here and on Fantastic’s feed (likes always welcome), but it’s not a requirement for this comp ♥️ Terms & conditions: – you must be based within the M25 to be eligible for Fantastic! Anyone can enter, but the service must be carried out within the M25 – no cash alternative – you must be following @mummytries and @fantasticservices at the time of the draw, if you’ve followed and unfollowed you’ll be disqualified – voucher not valid for Christmas trees or services during the month of December – prize will be drawn on Sunday 21st April and the winner will be tagged here snd sent a DM asking for their details ♥️ Best of luck!!! AD

A post shared by Reneé Davis (@mummytries) on Now I have a real treat for you! Grab a cuppa and learn all about how Fantastic Services came to be from my interview with CEO Rune Sovndahl

Is there an inspirational story behind Fantastic Services?

It all started almost 9 years ago when I met my business partner Anton Skarlatov at a party. A wine stain on my cream carpet was our occasion to start talking about a possible business opportunity for both of us. We created the brand Fantastic Services as a solution to a problem. We wanted to deliver high quality services and to establish a trust-worthy domestic and office maintenance company in the UK. This is how it all began.

As a child I had the dream to create a business that would be helpful to the community. I wanted to present a product or service to the world that would be useful, innovative and at the same time make people feel great about using this company. So I started considering how I would operate it, make it stand out, and let it become people’s first choice.

What is most important to you about being a business owner?

I`m not afraid to get my hands dirty and get directly involved in the hard work that turns you into a successful professional. Furthermore, I choose carefully the people I work with in order to achieve a great level of productivity. I never ever consider giving up as an option and try to lead by example.

Do you have any funny anecdotes from the early days?

The list is endless. The process of creating Fantastic Services has been a great deal of fun, together with all the hard work. However, I’d like to share a particularly lovely story from the early days that never gets old.

Once we had a call from a client who wanted us to look after her pet snail. It turned out, the creature was a racing snail and the family was going on a holiday, so there was no one to take care of it while they were supposed to be away. Most companies would reject such highly responsible and quite unusual request, however we were happy to help and had the snail hang out in our office, making sure we took good care of it. People that would visit the office thought we’d lost our minds. This experience was both heartwarming and funny and we often recall it with a smile.

Where do you see the business going in five years’ time?

Fantastic Services already operates in the UK, Australia and the USA. But we’re not stopping there. What I would do is invest in expanding our business further and offer our Fantastic services to even more households across Europe and around the world. I’d like our “360 Degrees Happiness Philosophy” to become well known among a bigger audience, because that’s what it’s all about – delivering the best experience possible to everyone that is part of the Fantastic family (clients, professionals, partners, office staff, management). As for me – I would do my best to become a better leader, an inspirational leader that would empower our Fantastic team, and let them find and share their voice and passion.

fantastic servicesDo you have any words of wisdom for would-be entrepreneurs?

With my experience in various fields, I had built a strong network of specialists and that was crucial for raising a successful company. It is important to connect with people on a deeper level. For example, be honest and share what you are passionate about. Always be ready to offer your professional help within your field. Personally, I`m not afraid to ask for help and advice when in doubt. It’s good to learn from experienced professionals in order to become one.

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**Disclaimer: I am a brand ambassador for Fantastic Services, and this is a collaborative piece. For my full disclosure policy, please click here.** 

Christmas Tree: Are You in the Real or Fake Camp? #ad

Are you going to buy a real Christmas tree this year, or are you in the fake camp?

We usually buy our Christmas tree the first weekend of December. Prior to having kids, and especially living in house shares, this would be a lovely fun filled affair. Usually involving lots of mulled wine along the way, and spending the day half cut decorating the thing only to realise it looked like a dogs dinner the following morning. Nowadays, what with being a non-driving family, the reality of buying a Christmas tree doesn’t exactly match the fantasy in my head or comparison with what it used to be.

One naturally conjures up romantics scenes of the children choosing the perfect tree then coming home all excited to decorate it, which is not exactly what happens in our house. The buying of the tree usually involves arguments between the kids over which one will get bought, then arguments over who will get to put this or that decoration on. Not to mention the drama of getting the damn thing home on public transport. Last year we admitted defeat and bought a fake tree, and the children were not impressed at all. Once you get used to having a real tree, it’s just not the same.

As you can imagine, I was super excited when Fantastic Services (who I am brand ambassador for) offered us the opportunity to review their new Christmas tree delivery service.

Christmas Tree CollageWhat Christmas tree services are Fantastic offering?

The team of two who carried out the delivery were true professionals. They are every time they come to my house, but were extra smiley yesterday, and who could blame them? I can imagine that delivering Christmas trees to their customers will be quite a jolly job over the coming weeks.

They brought the tree into the house, unwrapped it, spread it out for us and took the rubbish away. The tree looks impressive and smells fab but not too over powering. It has shed some needles on the floor, but not so many that I’m dreading the extra vacuuming. It’s very sturdy on its base too, which has been a problem in the past. Check out my Insta Stories for more details.    

Fantastic can decorate the tree for you, if you wish for them to do so. As you can imagine though, I had three excited children on my hands who’d already earmarked that job for themselves. In fairness there was a lot less fighting over decorations this year, I think not going out in the freezing cold to buy the tree first helped no end with that.

The other great service that Fantastic offer is collection. They shall be collecting the tree from us on the first week of January and taking it away to be recycled. If your local authority is anything like ours, dying Christmas trees will be piled high in the corner of the bin store until some time in late January when they are finally taken away. There will always also be some bright sparks who chuck them into the waste bins, which of course are already packed to the rafters with wrapping paper and Christmas rubbish. This part of the service is a godsend for us.

How much does having a Christmas tree delivered by Fantastic cost?

christmas tree salt dough decorationsFantastic deliver within the M25, and prices start at £69, which I think is very reasonable. Considering that we’ve spent roughly the same buying trees from our local high street, and have still had to factor in missioning home with it.

Ordering your tree couldn’t be easier, simply go to the Fantastic website, select order a tree, input your requirements and choose your delivery slot. All in all it takes less than two minutes. 

The children spent the afternoon making salt dough decorations, and have been beavering away since 6-something this morning making them pretty with the fabric pens. Dare I say it, for once the reality matched the fantasy. 

For those rolling their eyes, yes I am aware that it’s November (just!) but I’m glad that we’ll get to have our tree for an extra week this year. Thanks Fantastic, for another wonderful service.

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**Disclaimer: we were given our Christmas tree FOC in exchange for this blog post. For my full disclosure policy, please click here.**       


Fantastic Services Handyman: Oh The Things He Can Do! #ad

Have you ever used a handyman to come and help out with niggily jobs around the house? I hadn’t until last month, but would not even hesitate next time!  

It’s been a really rough couple of months for us, and during times of crisis I tend to hide away. This inevitably means that the jobs that need doing start piling up, and before I know it I feel like I’m going to be buried under the never ending to-do list. 

Knowing when to outsource

Like many, knowing when to ask for help used to be a problem for me, but these days I’m a bit better at recognising the need to outsource. Why do everything myself when there are others who are more than capable of taking these tasks off my hands for a reasonable price?  

When Fantastic Services asked me to become a brand ambassador it was a no brainer. I’ve worked with them a few times now, and have always been super impressed with the quality of their work. They asked me to chose a service to review, and after quickly surveying my house, decided on a handyman.


The job list

Our fridge wasn’t closing properly, and was only staying shut with a 20kg kettle bell in front of it

Our freezer door was hanging off its hinges     

The seal around the bath was going black in places 

The wood had come away from the sink in the kitchen and was going rotten 

The seal had fallen off our main skylight, and was letting in an awful draught

The simplicity of hiring a Fantastic Services handyman 

Requesting a handyman couldn’t be easier – you can organise one through the GoFantastic app or via the Fantastic website. They have a great live chat function and their customer service team are second to none, always readily available to answer any questions you might have. 

Click here to see for yourself, and use my exclusive code ‘mumtries’ for a £10 discount.

My experience of a Fantastic Handyman

Most of my list was straight forward, the skylight being my main concern, as it’s so high up. The seal fell off last Autumn, and we went the entire Winter with a massive draught coming in through it. At one point a few months ago I looked into buying a telescopic ladder for my husband to reattach the seal himself. The ladder would have cost more than the entire Fantastic bill, so I’m really pleased we didn’t go down that road.

I can’t rave about my experience enough. My handyman was with me for 90 minutes, and completed every job on the list. Not only did he tick the jobs off, he was a true professional the entire time he was inside my house.

He didn’t leave behind a mess either, which is always a concern. Overall I couldn’t be happier with the standard of work, and can’t wait for my next visit from Fantastic!     


Other Handyman services on offer  

You can rely on Fantastic Services to help you out in your hour of need. For any professional assistance you might have, or when you’d like something repaired, improved, installed, or uninstalled. Whether it’s putting together flat pack furniture or repairing a leaky tap, they’ll not let you down.

Fantastic will send a fully equipped, skilled handyman to your home or workplace to handle your needs quickly and efficiently.

Here are some of the odd jobs they cover, but this list is not conclusive: 

Loft ladders installation
Picture and mirror hanging
TV mounting
Fitting locks and new handles
Fitting rails, tracks, curtains, and blinds on your windows
Mounting cabinets and shelves
Plumbing handyman services
Kitchen repairs
Bathroom repairs
Furniture assembly
Electrical work
Appliance installation


*Disclaimer: As a brand ambassador for Fantastic, I was given my handyman service free in exchange for this honest review. Click here for my full disclosure policy. Had I paid for this job it would have cost £127.

**Photo credit for the main image at the top of this post: Fantastic Services. 

Stress Free Cleaning with Fantastic Services #ad

fantastic-blog-title-30oct16For those of us who aren’t able to afford a regular cleaning service, there is little more luxurious than someone coming into our home and giving it a deep clean. I don’t know about you, but I get excited about the little things in life. Being spared the cleaning makes me ridiculously happy.

I cook from scratch, which means that my oven is used every single day, often multiple times. With such heavy use it becomes very grimy, and as you can see in the photos below, it was pretty gross this time last week. 

before-and-after-collageLuckily Fantastic Services paid me a visit, and the entire oven is now sparkly and new looking. I kid you not, I could eat my dinner straight off any part of it.

It’s all about the outsourcing

If you read articles detailing how super busy, successful people manage to do it, I guarantee they will tell you that they outsource anything and everything to make their lives easier.

Fantastic began in 2009, and started out as a two man band focusing solely on cleaning. They’ve grown considerably since then, and now offer a whole host of services:

  • cleaning
  • handyman
  • gardening
  • removals
  • rubbish removal
  • builders
  • pet care
  • pest control

cleaning-the-oven-door-collageA fantastic experience

My experience with Fantastic was first class. The cleaners were punctual, professional, thorough and didn’t leave behind a trace of mess. The job took just over an hour and a half in total.

If you’re based in or around London, the new Go Fantastic app makes it silly easy to book a Fantastic service. It took me less than three minutes to organise my oven clean on my phone last Saturday evening, and the cleaners were knocking on my door at 10am on Monday morning. You really can’t argue with that.

Service fees start at just £13, why not give Fantastic a go next time you need a job done? You can claim an exclusive £10 discount off your first booking, until December 2017, by using the coupon code mumtries at checkout.    


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Competition rules
– winner will be chosen randomly in the early weeks of January, to inject a bit of post-Christmas cheer into the winner’s life
– voucher for a £50 discount on any Fantastic service
– minimum charges may apply
– no cash alternative to the service will be offered
– subject to availability and area coverage

About Fantastic Services 

“Starting out as a small carpet cleaning company based in London, at Fantastic Services we believe that we’ve grown to our present size through sticking to our core philosophy of the highest quality of service delivered with both convenience and professionalism in mind. We’ve expanded our list of domestic services to cover everything a home owner, renter, or agent could ever need to keep their properties clean and organized and we deliver cleaning and support of an exceptional, independently-recognised standard to a wide array of commercial enterprises too. Last year we cleaned over 75 324 homes in London alone, a number of which we’re very proud. We’ve come a long way from the two members of staff we started with, but we still deliver the same friendly, professional service to all of our clients.

Providing more than 10 000 services each month
More than 110 000 happy customers
160+ Fantastic Services cars on the streets of London
1 000+ Fantastic Services experts at your service!”

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**Disclaimer: I was given a free oven clean, in exchange for writing this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Click here for my full disclosure policy.**

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