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Mental Health

The Trouble with Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a tricky one for me It reminds me of the obvious lack of mother in my own life. It’s now been so long since I saw her face, I can’t even properly remember what it looks like. It poses a mixed bag of emotions every time a so-called special day presents itself. […]

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survivor of abuse
Mental Health

When You Are the Survivor of Abuse #metoo

Sometimes the term survivor of abuse makes me cringe Other times it chokes me up, leaving me wanting to bawl my eyes out, or rock myself in the corner. I dislike it so much because it implies victim status, but I’ve come to see that this label is inescapable. It is what it is, because […]

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Does Your Child Think Rape is Funny?

I read a deeply disturbing article today. About the rape of a 15yo girl being broadcast via Facebook Live. If that wasn’t bad enough, she is now being harassed online, and told she’ll be got at again. Unsurprisingly she is too terrified to go home, and is staying with relatives. The thing I find most […]

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sibling bullying
Autism Parenting

When Sibling Bullying is Destroying Your Family 

This is very much the article I’ve been putting off writing. I’m sure there will be a backlash. An air of ‘you shouldn’t have said that…’ I’m tired though, I’m exasperated, and I need these words out of my head. For my own catharsis if nothing else. Every single day, sibling bullying tears our family to […]

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