an open letter to the mum of a high functioning autistic child
Autism Parenting

It’s Official. She’s on the Spectrum. Now What?

There has been something going on with my eldest daughter Polly since she was a tiny baby. First it was reflux and eczema covering her face – related to reacting to dairy coming through my breast milk. Then came the multitude of food sensitivities which we discovered at two and a half. A few months […]

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weaning baby off the breast at night
Unsugar Coated Motherhood

WANTED: SLEEP! Can You Help?

I’ve really tried to be positive and keep a lid on my bubbling emotions, even make light of the situation, but if I’m being honest my mood of late has been glum. The root of all trouble for my family is a teeny tiny five letter word, and the fact that our 4yo daughter hasn’t […]

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