strawberry ice cream
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Strawberry ice cream a la Vitamix

I love eating seasonally and you won’t get better strawberries than the ones out RIGHT NOW! My family eats gluten, dairy and refined sugar free, which can be a challenge when it comes to summery treats. Fortunately my kitchen saviour makes whipping up ice cream too easy.

For this recipe you’ll need to remove the stalks from your strawberries and give them a good wash If they’re big I cut each one into four pieces, then place in the freezer in a Tupperware box or bag. They only need an hour or so before they’re frozen solid and you can begin making your ice cream.

Ingredients (for two kids portions):
Large handful of frozen strawberries
50-100ml milk of choice*


– put the frozen strawberries into your blender

– add 50ml of milk and start blending** on a low speed

– gradually increase the speed to bring the ingredients together, adding more milk if you need to

– when it looks like the photo above it’s ready

– serve immediately 🙂

*I’ve been making my own coconut milk lately, stay tuned for the super easy recipe

**I’m sure you could use any blender or food processor, but would probably need extra milk

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  1. You need one Sophie, they are amazing!!

  2. Oh wow, that looks so simple, easy and delicious! I’m very envious of your Vitamix, I so want one….

  3. Coconut = amaze balls!

  4. Addicted to all things coconut so love that addition, looks amazing! Thanks for linking up to #tastytuesdays

  5. Thanks Alison. Really no need for a maker if the fruit is frozen 🙂

  6. I love all things coconut, so yummy!!

  7. I’ve not heard of them, look forward to reading your review 🙂

  8. Thanks hon, it’s fab!

  9. So easy hon, and it’s often a nice easy distraction for when things get a little fraught on a hot day xx

  10. Oh, this sounds so easy, instant ice cream, how fab! And, I do like the sound of using coconut milk x

  11. Looks and sounds absolutely delicious!!! Thanks for sharing. #tastytuesdays

  12. Frozen strawberries are a must buy every week, I wonder if I can get same texture with my blender.

    Have you seen a Yonanas machine? Makes ‘ice cream’ using real fruits no milk needed. I’m going to post a review soon.

  13. This looks so enticing! I am in for coconut milk recipe! In my country (Philippines) we dont have milk at all and but we have lots of coconut! So we add coconut & coconut milk (and juice too) on everything! I would want to see your recipe! #TatsyTuesdays

  14. Looks lovely, I think it should work well in an ice cream maker as well

  15. They’re awesome Sarah 🙂 Thanks for popping by…

  16. YIKES thanks so much for pointing that out, can’t believe I missed it! That’ll teach me for posting straight from tablet and not doing enough of a sanity check beforehand!! I’ve updated the post now 🙂

    I was the same, and lusted after mine for almost a year before actually buying it over two years ago. It gets used every single day, and has elevated my kitchen abilities. I honestly cannot recommend it highly enough! I’m currently following the save a pound a day method, just to accumulate a little cash before Xmas this year. If you did the same you would have saved enough by next September… worth a thought xx

  17. Love the idea of instant ice cream, going to investigate those mixers!

  18. Looks lovely! I think you need to specify frozen fruit though cos if you followed the instructions you would have smoothie! My sister and I were talking about the Vitamix last night…neither of us could quite justify that cost!!

  19. Thanks Julie, let me know if it works won’t you 🙂

  20. I lusted over mine for almost a whole year before buying in May 2012. Since then I have used it every single day, often multiple times. It is AMAZING!

  21. Sounds delicious. I have a packet of frozen summer berries in my freezer so I think I’ll experiment with those.

  22. Oh OK. Just looked up Vitamix blenders – blimey they’re expensive 🙂

  23. Between the frozen fruit, just a small amount of milk and a powerful blender or food processor you’ll have instant ice cream 🙂 a milkshake would need three or four times the milk than what is necessary here…

  24. It looks yummy and I like the idea of coconut milk (intrigued to see the recipe) but what makes it ice cream and not just milkshake?

  25. Nope, not if the fruit is frozen 🙂 works well with any fruit too xx

  26. That looks yummy… and only 2 ingredients!! Do you not need to freeze it? x Mel

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