Stop the press!

After almost two weeks of sheer hell in the sleep department (hence my lack of bloggage) both my girls slept all night long and I have to say I feel brand new today. It’s incredible how much of an effect sleep has on the whole family, and how precious and converted it has become in our house. My 4yo only properly slept through the night (7-7) for just over a year and for almost two years now we’ve lived with being woken most nights and often surviving on just a few hours shut eye. Thankfully the little one has always been a great sleeper, sleeping through from just nine weeks and is only really up to nocturnal shenanigans if she’s unwell.

Around the biggest’s second birthday several changes occurred which included potty training, a new bed, bigger room and a very noisy neighbour. According to the books and online forums any one of these factors – or all of them – could have sparked a sleeping problem so it’s really no wonder that it happened with all that going on. Everyone I know with older kids assured me it was just a phase and she would outgrow it quickly, but this hasn’t been the case for us.

I could go on and on about how hard it’s been, but for one day only want to rejoice in the solid 9 hours sleep I had last night. I’ve been smiling all day and even the witching hour is not going to get the better of me this evening. Just thought I’d share that with you all 😉


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