Guest Post by Sophie Le Brozec: How I Got From the London Rat Race to Living in Mauritius

Sophie Le Brozec

Guest Post by Sophie Le Brozec

At the start of 2015 I was living in London. I worked as a full-time childminder by day, and as a blogger and author by night. By the end of that year my husband and I had moved ourselves, and our two young daughters, to a new (dream) life on the tropical island of Mauritius.

We didn’t win the lottery. We didn’t receive a big inheritance. We didn’t suddenly come into a windfall.

What we did was decide what we wanted and figure out how to get it.

First of all a bit of background. I’m British and I did a degree in French and Spanish at university. When I graduated I was 22 and I bought a 3 month return flight to Nice, France to spend the summer working in a bar / partying at night and lying on the beach by day.

Within a couple of weeks I’d decided to stay indefinitely. I finally returned to the UK to live just over 12 years later, this time with a French husband, a half-French half-English daughter, a dog and a cat in tow.

In 2015 I was 39. I’d lived 12 of those years on the French Riviera where sunshine, warmth, beaches and mountains had become standard.

Whilst my French husband and I both loved London we massively missed seeing blue skies on a regular basis. And we both yearned to live somewhere hot and sunny again.

Today I’m going to share with you the three things that got us from London life to island life.

Sophie Le Brozec

1) Finances

We were renting in London so our monthly outgoings were – as I’m sure you can imagine – astronomical. We got to talking about how much further our money would stretch if we lived elsewhere.

So we took a good hard look at our finances.

– How much came in every month because of the work we did in London, and that would disappear if we moved?

– How much came in every month regardless of geography, and so we could count on if we moved?

– How much did living in London cost us?

– What were our outgoings every month irrespective of geography? Things like life assurance for example.

– What was our monthly budget if we lived elsewhere? And what options did that give us?

To give you an idea of how this played out for us:

the rent on our first house in Mauritius was well under half what we paid in London – for a house with a sea view and a swimming pool in the back garden!

our utilities bills are about half the size of the ones we had in London.

Although we had a reduced income (to start off with) our outgoings were at least half their London equivalent. And that was with a very good way of life here – our cheaper Mauritian house was 3 times the size of our London home.

You’d be amazed what you can afford to live on if you move somewhere cheaper, and often this makes the income drop doable.

I lost my childminding income when we left London but had geography independent income from my children’s book sales, my blog and later on online training courses I set up to teach languages.

If this is something you’re keen to explore have a think about money you can make that doesn’t require you to live in any one place. Us mums are very good at that 😉

2) Worst Case Scenario

Making a big move is not the time to play the ostrich game. You need to be very clear and aware of the worst case scenario if you go ahead.

For us we were moving to a country

a) which neither my husband nor I had ever visited

b) that was an island in Africa and we had no idea of how third world (or not) it might be

c) where we had no friends or support network.

We could stay in Mauritius on a tourist visa for a maximum of 6 months, but we needed to request an “Occupation Permit” (basically a visa to work and live here) to be able to stay.

We had absolutely zero guarantee that our request would be granted. We had no friends in high places (or in low places come to that!). They could say no and chuck us out of the country.

So our worst case scenario was fairly hefty:

we sell up everything from our 4 bedroom house in London

our eldest loses her place at an incredible Ofsted Outstanding school that is 1 minute walk from our house

we leave all our friends, family and support network

I lose my childminding clients

we make no friends

the country is too backwards

the schools are no good

we hate it / the kids hate it

we pay all the expenses to move to Mauritius (including shipping the belongings we decide to keep)

we are refused the Occupation Permit and have to return to the UK, with nothing there for us

Sophie Le BrozecWhilst it’s so incredibly important to look at the worst case scenario of what happens if you do this big thing, it is also vital to do the opposite. The worst case scenario if you DON’T do this big thing.

We looked at what would happen if we stayed in London.

Yes, we were happy, we had friends, a great local school etc etc.

BUT we had arrived in London from France too late to get on the housing ladder for where we wanted to live, and our rent was crazy money that was being thrown away every month.

Our future didn’t look great in London – it was hard to save money to get on the housing ladder, but we loved our area and didn’t want to move.

And once we’d started to explore our other options, the idea of going and it all failing was still more appealing than not going for it at all.

That’s what you need to decide – will I regret it more if I do it and it fails or if I don’t do it at all?

3) Woo-woo

The third and final thing might be a bit too “out there” for some of you, but it’s what makes the difference between successes and failures.

You can do all the practical and the logistics, but if your mind isn’t in the right place you’re screwed.

Once we’d decided we wanted Mauritius and we were going for it I went full-on to make it happen. Not only to make it happen, but for it to be the best possible situation.

I visualised our life in Mauritius – not easy when you’ve never visited the place! I watched videos and looked at photos to help with this one. I looked at the options for the girls’ school / nursery and pictured them there.

In my mind’s eye I saw myself working at a desk in summer clothes, eating salad outside before lazing by a pool after lunch.

I would write down what this dream life looked like in a journal – what my house is like, my car, my friends, our life in general. It is very important to write this in the present tense as if it is already the case, or in the past as if it has already happened.

Finally I truly believed, with all my heart, that this move would happen and be the best thing in the whole wide world. I refused to let any doubt creep in. In my mind I was already living that life.

Sophie Le Brozec

Those three things are already a powerful combination to bring about that big change you want

Then there are hundreds of smaller things that can make your dream life reality, all of which I teach in my Life Reboot Camp (, with concrete examples of how YOU can do it.

This online programme is for women (especially mums) like you who feel unfulfilled in life, a lack of contentment, jealousy when you scroll through social media and see other people’s photos and lives.

You are frustrated with where you’re at in life, you may be bitter and feel like life is so much better and easier for everyone else. You may also be looking for balance in your life, feeling a bit mid-life crisis or be at a crossroads.

My dream and goal now is to help women like you to live your own dream life. Whether that is on a tropical island like me or in a city centre skyscraper, whether it’s running your own business or teaching inner-city kids, whether it’s married with children or single and child-free.

Whatever your dream life is I’m going to do my very best to help you achieve it. And because I believe so strongly in Life Reboot Camp I guarantee you a full refund if you find the programme lacking at the end of the 6 weeks.

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About Sophie Le Brozec

Sophie is a lifestyle entrepreneur and personal development mentor, who is passionate about helping women to love the life they live. Sophie is a Brit, married to a Frenchman and mum of 2, living in Mauritius after 12 years in France and 5 years in London. She’s not averse to taking risks and making big, scary decisions, and loves helping others make that leap too.

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