Some Things You May or May Not Know About Me

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Being a blogger is a funny old thing, and can sometimes leave me feeling exposed, but ultimately I only share what I’m comfortable with people knowing. Some bloggers share no personal information at all, and focus on sharing their skills, others (ahem, like me) are happy to tell you their life story. With that in mind I thought I’d start a wee meme, feel free to join in either via a blog or social media. 

Some random facts about little old me… #Care2Share

I live with my husband and three children. I’m in touch with, but don’t often see my dad, and am not in contact with any other members of my wider family.

My friends are, and always have been, my family, and I’m fiercely loyal to them. Once I decide you’re a mate there’s absolutely no getting rid of me.


My love affair with the bottle started when I was eleven, and I have at points drunk myself into alcoholic status. I still enjoy a drink, but don’t consume a fraction of what I used to. I’m rather partial to gin and tonic ice lollies at the mo.

I have never ever smoked cigarettes. My hatred of the things started as a young child, when it dawned on me that I only smelt or felt clean directly after a bath and hair wash. 

I thrive in situations that most others find stressful. I believe this is down to having had such a difficult childhood, and not being fazed now by the small stuff in life. I’m also incredibly thick skinned, which I’m learning is a rarity for a writer. It is also difficult to shock or embarrass me.

I’ve always been a writer. I kept a diary as soon as I could use a pen, wrote short stories when I was at school, and travel journals while I was globe trotting. My first blog Ren’s Recipes was created in 2010, and Mummy Tries came three years later.

I wrote my first book Become the Best You whilst on maternity leave with Freddy (2½). I count getting the book into the Top 50 Amazon best sellers charts on the day I self-published as one of my biggest writing achievements so far.

I’m currently working on the second draft of my second book. Kate’s Story is a fiction novel, which has had mind blowingly amazing feedback from beta readers. I’m hoping to have it in good enough shape for publishing by the end of the year. You can read the first chapter here. 

My husband and I home educate our high functioning autistic eldest daughter Polly (7), and have decided to send our middle girl Clara (4), to school in September. 

I have lived in three continents and have had almost as many addresses as my thirty seven years on earth.

I am brutally honest, but a lot more diplomatic than I used to be. I’ll never lie, or dress up the facts, but I’ll deliver them in a much softer way than I would have done in my twenties.

Carl Jung: I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to becomeHubby and I met in a beach bar in Cambodia, and later ran a music shop and vodka bar there. My job was to invent flavoured vodkas using sweets and chocolate. My favourite was butterscotch, which I made by chopping up werther’s originals, adding them to a bottle of Stolichnaya, and letting the sweets melt and flavours infuse in the heat. So good over ice!

I love food, and it occupies many of my waking thoughts. I adore creating new recipes, and my Vitamix gets used at least half a dozen times a day. We eat a real food diet, which means no processed or refined junk. 

I have expensive taste, and a perfect meal would include rib eye steak, yellow tail tuna, scallops and lobster.

I fleetingly owned a healthy food business in 2007/08 called Nothing but Goodness, selling dips and sugar free chutney that I made in my kitchen. It was way ahead of it’s time, and I believe it would be massively successful now. High point was getting my products into the WholeFoods Market in Kensington. Low point was single handedly turning 200kg of onions into five hundred jars of chutney to sell at the BBC Good Food Show, and bringing four hundred jars home!  

The business failure led to bankruptcy, which felt like the end of the world at the time, but I now view as one of my biggest and best life lessons.

Even though I left school when I was fifteen, without a single exam to my name, I worked for almost twenty years in the city of London, mostly at top banks and financial houses. 

I have two tattoos and one piercing, which I consider to be relics of the past. Trying to explain why the ring is in the place it is to my kids has been rather challenging shall we say. 

I always thought I’d have four children, but three is definitely the magic number for our family. 


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