My Social Media Presence

Social Media Presence

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about my social media presence, and how to expand it. As a blogger and published author it pays to be active on social media. It’s all very well and good writing a book, but it would be nice to actually sell the thing too!

My biggest problem is not having much time on my hands, which means choosing my channels wisely and being as efficient as I can withย the time I do get to socialise.

You won’t find me on Facebook

About six months ago I toyed with the idea of setting up a Facebook page, but closed it after a week because it dawned on me how much hard work it would be to maintain it. Also they don’t show your posts to all your likers, which is plain annoying. If I’m being completely honest, Facebook just doesn’t do it for me anymore. Although I may live to regret my decision, I think I’ll be bucking the trend by not having a page for the foreseeable future.

EDITED 2018: you can now find me here.


I really enjoy Twitter and have done ever since I started Mummy Tries almost two years ago. I like the fact that it’s so fast paced, and I can flit in and out of various conversations. I’ve managed to completely avoid the much discussed bitchiness, and only have good things to say about it.


I’m anย Instagram newbie and am absolutely loving it. I find it refreshing to just scroll through pretty filtered pictures, and see teeny snippets of everyone else’s life without getting suckered in. It’s definitely my favourite at the mo.


Today I took the plunge again and went over to the dark side. I always said I’d stay as far away from Pinterest as I possibly could because so many people have complained that it’s too addictive. Only time will tell I guess.

I created three boards Healthy Paleo Treats, My GAPS Journey and Inspirational Quotes. I have no idea how it all works!


I have to admit I’m a little frightened by this one, but also super excited at the same time. Lots of my healthy living life hacks could be much easier conveyed on video than trying to explain them in a blog post. Watch this space is all I’m saying, because I am positively brimming with ideas. Keep your eyes peeled for my whole egg mayonnaise, and four ingredient mouthwash.

I’m also on Google Plus, but am even more clueless about it than Pinterest!

If you fancy giving me a little follow I’d be most grateful. You can find me by clicking on the links above, or searching ‘mummytries’.

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  1. It can be really tough finding time to keep up xx

  2. So hard keeping up… I need to start properly utilising scheduling tools like Buffer xxx

  3. I love Instagram too. It’s a happy place, as people tend to post only photos of things that are making their day pleasant. Agree with FB, I have a page for my blog but it’s really difficult to get reach thanks to their algorithms. Agree re Twitter, amazing engagement. It’s easy to avoid the bitchiness – just don’t get involved! xxx #ThePrompt

  4. I wish you luck being more social. I’m terrible with twitter I can’t keep up and the day takes over. I do try to pop on in the morning before the madness starts x

  5. Very true! I’ve got a personal fb page but only a mummytries Twitter account… Finding the time to be active and interactive on all platforms is the hard bit!

  6. Ahhh thanks lovely, hope you enjoy the recipes… They’ll never look as good as the bloggers who take amazing photos, but trust me I’m all about the flavour ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Thanks for the follows my lovely. Some of them are really confusing xx

  8. Thanks lovely, I’ve seen your follows, much appreciated. Pinterest is so lovely, but my problem is that I could literally spend hours and hours on there… Such a time suck but there are so many amazing things to oogle xx

  9. Really is quite time consuming. I need to get good at scheduling ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Unfortunately it’s only on iPhone and I’ve got an Android phone. I’m trying to get my head around Buffer at the mo…

  11. You know what I just discovered, Tweetdeck! I dont know if you are using this already but if you are busy you can schedule your post and you will be present even if you are working or doing something. I regret that I only discovered it now. But it made my klout score a wee bit higher. #wotw

  12. It’s really tough keeping up with social media at times isn’t it? I have a facebook page but I hardly ever use it and when I did, no views or comments were coming from there so I don’t think you’re missing out x #WotW

  13. Great summary Renee – I’ve spotted you on Pinterest! That’s my favourite social media channel. I go through phases with Twitter, sometimes I love it and sometimes I feel like I’m talking to no one on there. A lot of my Twitter friends from the early days have left, but it’s great for blog and book promotion. My Facebook page looks a bit sorrowful, BUT I get a reasonable amount of traffic from it! I’ve no idea how. I’m on Google+ and about to leave it I think, the traffic has dwindled to nothing and few people interact on there any more. I’m trying to reawaken my Instagram account as I like that too. Will make sure I’m following you x

  14. I just can’t find the time to be active on all my social media accounts…I get Pinterest but I haven’t a clue with G+. lol
    I think I’ve followed you on all of your accounts now ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  15. I find it tough juggling social media as well. FB is tough and it’s taken me almost a year just to get 399 likes. Ugh. I’m least active on pinterest, but I have followed you and your paleo board.

  16. I was probably more surprised than anyone when I started accounts on FB and Twitter for my blog. Still don’t have personal accounts and don’t know if I ever will, but it’s almost impossible to be a blogger without them. Unless you only want your mom and possibly your husband to read your blog.

  17. It’s hard to keep up to all of them – I don’t get how people can be on Twitter all the time and although I use it, I find I often miss stuff because I’m not on it enough. I like facebook, particularly if you join a group, but you’re right, a business page is hard work unless you pay for promoting your posts. Google plus is worth looking in to as you get communities on there and I always find I interesting posts and information.

  18. I made a facebook page the other week but to be honest I don’t really like it. So it’s getting a bit neglected, I prefer twitter and instagram really. Pinterest is kind of fun too

  19. Reading your post and the comments is reminding me that I really need to get my head round Google+ – I have an account by default, and I keep getting various notifications, but I’ve never actually been over there! I have a personal FB account, and have toyed with the idea of setting up something dedicated for the blog, but I’m not sure I’ll bother now… I’ve had great fun on twitter, but like you my fave at the moment is IG. I’m really not all that hot on social media though – I’m sure I could use it waaaay more effectively! Xx

  20. Ah, there just aren’t enough hours in the day, are there! I like Twitter, but it moves too fast for me. With the time difference, I miss conversations all the time (need to sort out my lists!). Facebook defeats me, I persevere with it because I think it can work, but so far, not so much! I prefer G+ (and the SEO thing is really important) just haven’t had the time recently to devote to it. Pinterest I play with, but it gives me a steady stream of traffic on certain posts, so it is worth thinking about how Pin worthy a post is as you write, get a good image and get it on the right boards (with the right key words). YouTube, just haven’t gone there yet at all!! Instagram is definitely my favourite though, it’s like twitter only much chattier, and you aren’t restricted to 140 characters (I also cross post to Facebook and they are generally my most liked posts)… It is a lot and I’m not nearly as focussed as I’d like to be, but I try and hit the main points… Good luck! Thank you for sharing with #ThePrompt x

  21. I don’t think Facebook is for me – I do have a personal account but don’t think I will start a page for my blog. I really like Instagram and Twitter and have found both to be really useful. I have just started to use Pinterest and am already finding it quite addictive so I need to make sure I only spend the bare minimum on there!

  22. Interesting post hon,
    I too am trying to expand my Social media networks,
    My personal favourite would have to be Twitter,
    I’m not so favourable of facebook it has got to commercialised for my liking.
    I’l pop by later and give you a follow ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  23. I’m with you about FB, I get a very few “likes” over there. I love Instagram, although the truth is, I really suck at social-media. I don’t seem to have the energy nor the patience to be active anywhere (apart from IG). I’m over at Pinterest too, but hardly ever there and only have a few followers and only follow a few. Oh well… Good luck with youtube! ๐Ÿ™‚ #wotw.

  24. I love social media but you’re right there’s a lot out there and it’s important to focus on the ones you love, a PR expert onced advised to focus on 3 big ones. Don’t ever miss Google + though as that’s the only one that helps with SEO and they own You Tube too so it all merges! Can’t wait to see you on YT x

  25. Hi Renee. Like others I like FB too as I get the majority of my hits from that and also linkys! I love Instagram for piccys as I used to use it for scrapbooking before becoming a blogger. I think getting into Pinterest would be a good one but it’s finding the time!! xx #wotw

  26. Will make sure to follow you hon… Good on you for getting out there in the social media world, I’m pretty suckie at it lol. I have Instagram, twitter, Facebook and Pinterest…my favourite has to be Instagram, my least favourite Facebook atm and my least used would have to be Pinterest. xx

  27. I love IG, too, so very pretty! And yes, I spotted you’d started over on Pinterest, I like it there, hope you do, too. Facebook’s a tricky one, but I do like to dip into it now and then. Hope you have fun with your new platforms ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  28. Good luck with pinterest, I love it, but I must admit it can eat up a lot of time because I love searching crafts etc too much. I find social media strategies quite difficult, so I just try and do what I can and what I feel like doing. x

  29. Following you on Pinterest and Youtube now! It took me a while to get my head around Pinterest and I probably don’t use it as well as I could. I love Twitter (have only experienced one instance of bitchiness so far thankfully) and whilst I do use Facebook, it is frustrating that so few of my followers see what I post on there. Good luck with getting active on all the social media fronts ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. I didn’t realise how much of a Pinterest superstar you were my love! 900,000+ followers! I am in awe *goes starry eyed* mwah xx

  31. I’ll get on the laptop later and make sure I’m following on all those platforms. I love Instagram, too! It is so instant, visual and uncomplicated! Twitter still puzzles me but I also have only had a good experience with it. Although Facebook doesn’t show everything you post to everyone, I still like it as its where my friends and family find out about new posts. It’s pretty low maintenance for me as I only post three or four times a week there. Pinterest is by far my favourite. What can I say? It is just amazing!!!

  32. Hey Renee, I’m surprised you’re not a Facebook fan. I get a far bit of traffic from there although admittedly it is mainly friends and family. Twitter is definitely my fave. I like Instagram and Pinterest but I’m not very good at actively using them to publicise my blog! I’ve joined Google + but haven’t a clue with it at the mo…Think I’m failing a bit with Social Media thing but lots to work on…. Am sure that soon there will be something else for us to get out head around! #brilliantblogposts

  33. I love Twitter it is my favorite right now, I would love to get my Facebook going, I really like it but it has been challenging! And Instagram is great, but I need to get better about taking photos! Pinterest is great to look at and I love being able to use it as a search engine, like google. But I have not mastered it for myself yet.

  34. Great post! I always find useful other blogger’s ideas on media presence, I never stop saying this, I am terrible at this! I still have my Facebook page on, but I get more traffic from Twitter too. x

  35. Really interesting post hon, I definitely don’t make the most of social media. I find twitter useful but a bit overwhelming, I need to make some lists I think as I just get a constant stream otherwise! I like my FB page and am getting better at updating it but know I don’t really make the most of it! I’m not on instagram and I know it counts towards the tots100 but not sure, just feels like another thing to have to do to me! I really like pinterest and use it as my sort of personal pinboard with recipe ideas, activity ideas for the kids that kind of thing. I also have a board I post blog posts too and I do get a fair amount of traffic that way so am sure I could do more and make more effort creating pinnable images than I do at the mo! Xx

  36. There is so much social media it is hard to know which to do and which to ignore. I can figure out most, but some are just confusing.

  37. You have my follows hun! It’s great that you’re thinking about expanding your social media presence. Good for you. I hope it goes brilliantly!

  38. I have to admit to being a huge fan of Twitter, but I could happily give up Facebook as I don’t spend a lot of time on there.

  39. Step away from the pin ๐Ÿ˜‰ Am going to track you down and follow you…!

  40. I just don’t understand Instagram! I love Pinterest but I don’t really think I’m using it well to promote my blog. I do have a FB page but I think you’re right if you’re not willing to pay then they don’t promote you much. Mind you I’ve been making the effort to post three times a day and I think my traffic via Facebook is improving. I also love twitter and haven’t encountered any bitchiness so far. I enjoy social media but it can be hard work promoting yourself constantly!

  41. Food for thought. I focused exclusively on Twitter for the first six months and have recently set up a Facebook page but I’m aware of the issues you raise so I’ll review in three months to see if it’s worth the effort! I don’t take loads of pics of Baby B as I’m basically at work and the office isn’t very interesting. I just don’t think I can keep up a regular stream of photos of my life. Did you mention Google plus? I’ve actually found this better for interaction than Facebook. And it allegedly helps seo.
    Look forward to seeing your videos!

  42. I’ve got my wordpress blog set to auto-post directly to twitter and facebook–I check the former occasionally and the latter not at all. The facebook page is useless, but I’m holding my name in case I ever have a need of it down the road. As for the twitter, it generates a little bit of traffic and I suspect would be more helpful if I devoted the time to learn how to optimize its use and then actually did something with it. Now, I’m strictly small time and just amusing myself at present, but as I get closer to finishing the novel I’m doing I’m going to crank up my presence and see what kind of buzz I can build. Right now, the main benefit from blogging I get is a sense of community from the other writers with whom I interact.

  43. Like you, Renee, I love Twitter and have grown to love Instagram. I’m still on Facebook but the way it curates – make that ‘edits out’ – content annoys me intensely. I’ve been on Pinterest for a little while but I have to admit it’s still a bit of a mystery to me. And YouTube terrifies me!

    Those last two will probably always be passing interests because of limited time. I’m not entirely sure why YT scares me so much – I’m an experienced podcaster but the idea of doing a vlog gives me the screaming heebie-jeebies.

  44. I used to be a Facebook addict. It was like the newspaper for me. I am still on it everyday and I did create a page so that my “close friends” have access to reading my blog without having to make a WordPress account, but other then that I really don’t care to read much on it these days. I would much rather spend my “free” time in the blogging world ๐Ÿ™‚

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