Signs That You Are Done Having Kids

Signs That You Are Done Having KidsAre you having any more?

I’m asked this question a lot. People are naturally curious when it comes to these things, and I guess once you have three kids you could easily be planning on popping out another.

Before having children I always said I wanted either two or four. I felt that kids in odd numbers was a bad idea – someone’s always going to get left out right? Also, three is commonly thought to be the trickiest. I was never going to have three. Nope siree. It would be two or four!

The best things in life are often unplanned in my experience; and our little man came along entirely of his own accord. It felt like the immaculate conception, and by the time he was born, after a tough going pregnancy, my confidence was beginning to fade. Two years and a whole load of stress and sleep deprivation later, I know with absolute certainty that he will be the last.

Do I feel sad about this? No, I honestly don’t.

If you can identify with this list, you’re probably done having kids too!

You hope your husband will surprise you one day, by telling you that he’s had the snip on the sly.

Your ovaries used to weep when you came close to a newborn, nowadays you can meet a friend with a new baby and not even feel the need to have a cuddle.

You’ve given away all your old maternity clothes.

Ditto the baby stuff. All of it. Clothes, toys, useless paraphernalia that you hoarded from your pre-pregnancy #1 days. The whole lot has been given to friends or the charity shop.

You would rather be celibate than take even the slightest risk.

You don’t get dewy eyed at the sight of a pregnant lady, you just feel sorry for her.

You’re excited about your children growing up, and know the current dynamic works well enough. Adding to the mix would just complicate your lives.

You’ve really really enjoyed getting a snippet of a social life back recently, and don’t want to relinquish it again.

The sleepless nights are still too fresh to even consider going back to square one.

You know your littlest would be utterly devastated to not be the baby of the family, and you can’t do that to the poor thing.

It’s hard enough finding willing babysitters as it is 🙂

**this is a tongue in cheek post – it goes without saying that I know how fortunate I am to have three healthy, beautiful, amazing children**

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