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Whilst I take a little blog break I thought it would be nice to continue my series sharing the blog love, and have scheduled guest posts for you from some of my favourite bloggers. Hope you enjoy them 🙂

Reprobate Mum


Describe your blog in a tweet

Looking at the bigger picture and how it affects us now and in the future for our children, Reprobate Mum discusses a range of issues issues from a slightly different perspective, be it bullying, sex, behaviour or even government policy.

Tell us three goals you’d like to tick off your bucket list before your next big birthday

1. Get my book published.
2. Decide once and for all on baby number three.
3. Think about digging a basement to get more space!

What’s your ideal 3 course meal

Carpaccio, fresh fish and salad (with chips) and something chocolatey *preferably eaten by the sea somewhere hot!

Who was your first crush?

Oh god, probably Rick Astley, but let’s go for something cooler like Kate Moss or Kurt Cobain 😉

What are your three favourite posts

As there are too many to choose from, I’ll go with most viewed.

Arguing with a Scientist and Other Pointless Pursuits

Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Social Conflict Amid Society’s Conflicting Demands

A Plea to Sort the Drugs Laws Out Before My Son is Old Enough to Take Them

About Reprobate Mum

Reprobate Mum lives in East London with two children, Jonah and Ava, rapidly approaching their tweens, a pug, and a beleaguered other half, Tom, who holds them all together despite the rest of the family’s efforts.

A full time working mother, Reprobate Mum has written for The Sunday Times Magazine; Marie Claire; La Reppublica, and a host of other online publications about everything from relationships to money, parenting to sex and mental health to evolution. She believes she may have cheated the system by sprogging while she was still cheap.

Pop over and say hi

Reprobate Mum Blog


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  1. Love this and can’t wait to feature too, honoured to be asked. Love carpaccio and laughed about Rick Astley, think I crushed on him too, brilliant, will check out Reprobate Mum x

  2. Thanks for the intro! I love those goals, possibly three big projects there 🙂

  3. I love questionnaires :)! I think they are a great idea to learn a bit more about the person. The quirkier, the better :).


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