Review: Tots Landing Soft Play, Wimbledon

Most mums I know love and loathe soft play in equal measure – it’s generally regarded as a necessary evil to keep the kids entertained on a rainy day. My own experiences have taught me not to expect much. Even the ‘award winning’ venues are often a let down. Actually I’ll re-phrase that, they are usually a let down! Now and then however, a place comes along that takes me by surprise – in a good way. My family often come here, so imagine my delight when I got the opportunity to write a review. Tots Landing is a hidden gem just off Wimbledon Broadway.

Tots LandingThe owner, Rob, takes great pride in keeping the place immaculately clean which already puts him ahead of the game as far as I’m concerned. After taking the place over in January last year, Rob put his previous career in hospitality to good use and has created a wonderful little café loved by parents and kiddies alike. They won Netmums’ Runner-up Best Soft Play in Greater London award last year, and more recently Business of the Year at the Merton Commerce Awards.

Tots LandingAlthough it’s fairly small they’ve packed a lot in and have three play areas, ensuring there is something for everyone that ticks the 1-5 year old box. The main soft play equipment (see above) is housed directly opposite tables and chairs, so parents can enjoy a cuppa, and free WiFi while their cherubs go climbing and bouncing. My girls are two and four, and this lot keeps them entertained for a good hour, especially if it’s nice and quiet like it was first thing Sunday morning when we went. For smaller children there is a separate play area within this part of the cafe, as well as a wendy house (see below) and book corner with baby toys on the opposite side. They also have diddicars and baby walkers to ride around on. The best part is that no matter where you are sitting, your kids are never out of eye sight.

My regular readers will know that I’m a real lover of good coffee and nice food. For me, a sure fire way for any business like this to stand out from the crowd is to get these two things spot on. Rob has thought long and hard about what the people want and does not disappoint. Mostly home made, they have a fab selection of cakes, muffins, and kids snacks. Their meat comes from a local butcher, and they’ve introduced freshly made salads for Tots Landingthe grown ups now the weather is getting nice. Oh and have I mentioned that they are air conditioned? He really has thought of everything! Even down to the toilets – one large disabled loo with baby change, as well as four more separate loos all with fitted child sized toilet seats. My 4yo takes great delight in being given free reign to go all by herself.

Tots Landing can be hired exclusively for birthday parties, taking the pain out of the event for mums and dads. ‘Mr. Roballoons’ will entertain the children when they aren’t running around by modelling balloons and performing magic tricks. They take care of all the food and party bags as well.

Check out their website and Facebook page for updates and more information. If you’re in the area and in the market for a bit of indoor play, I honestly cannot recommend Tots Landing highly enough!

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39 thoughts on “Review: Tots Landing Soft Play, Wimbledon

  1. This place looks awesome. We are fans of soft play (the baby area normally has somewhere the adults can sneak in a sly nap – not that we ever do!) but as you said, a lot of places are letdown. Great to see there are places where the owners take pride in their business and keep it nice. X

  2. It’s been a long time since we did Soft Play as the kids are growing up! The good ones are such wonderful places on wet wintery days. #LetKidsbeKids

  3. We’ve only been to one soft play place – there’s one just across the road from us. The first time we went it smelled of feet and we nearly didn’t go back! We returned when the kiddos were a bit older and they had a great time exploring the actual soft play, rather than having to play with the baby toys that had no batteries in! I’m waiting until they’re old enough to actually explore the soft play on their own, because I can’t get through the equipment very easily. This winter I think it will be a life saver on wet days!

  4. Sounds amazing. I love when I find a good soft play area it makes the world of difference for sure. We have one near us that’s amazing and I am so glad it’s super close. Especially on those rainy days as you say. I agree alot them are hit and miss for sure. Great to get to review your own soft play area!!! Hurray. thank for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme

  5. This sounds like a great soft play centre. You’re so right about them being hit and miss, and I agree with you about the coffee & food! We’ve had a new one near us where the church has built one inside to support the local community, that in itself gets some brownie points!

  6. Ah I love soft play, especially when they’re at the age to enjoy it independently. That said, I also love scrambling around with them too!

  7. It does sound like a positive change from the indoor play areas near us. I’m very glad my kids have grown out of them though! #letkidsbekids

  8. Goodness if only I can go here. My son loves soft play areas and if this is this good we should see it. We are easily please really but thats not an excuse for us not to know how good the good ones are =) #ShareWithMe

  9. Looks great! Its so good to have a place like this where they have made a real effort, I have read so many posts of parents talking about soft play places and how grubby they are!!!

  10. Looks fab! I’m a sucker for free wifi and a great coffee… :). Also impressed it’s kept so clean!! The one near us (though less than two years old) is nasty…
    Bumps & Grind x

  11. Soft play isn’t my idea of fun but the all kids have enjoyed them. It’s great to hear that this one takes cleanliness seriously and that they offer good food. I’m impressed.

  12. That sounds like a great soft play. I am quite jealous it’s too far away for us. One of my big bug bears with soft play is that you’re not allowed to take your own food, but the food they provide is really unhealthy and I wouldn’t want to feed my kids it. This place sounds like they have everything like that covered.
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids

  13. That looks fab hon – I’m always looking for things to do with the kids on a Sunday morning when I’m staying over at my parents (over Kingston way) they’re only about a 20 min train ride from Wimbledon (and JJ loves a train ride!) so maybe we will check this out one day. (would be weird if you were there too and I didn’t know it though 🙂 )

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