Does Your Child Think Rape is Funny?

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I read a deeply disturbing article today. About the rape of a 15yo girl being broadcast via Facebook Live. If that wasn’t bad enough, she is now being harassed online, and told she’ll be got at again. Unsurprisingly she is too terrified to go home, and is staying with relatives.

The thing I find most troubling is that the kids watching thought it was funny

That raping another human being amounted to nothing more than teenage kicks. That they would be so brazen about doing this unthinkable thing, that they’d stream it live on the internet. I don’t know about you, but my head feels like it wants to explode right about now.

The worst part is that it’s not the first time I’ve read a story like this. Just last week I read something similar. The girl was gang raped by boys, whilst girls watched. She was then harassed and physically assaulted by the girls some time afterwards. She tried to get past the atrocities that we’re inflicted upon her, but couldn’t. In the end she took her own life because she couldn’t live with the pain.

does your child think rape is funny?

Every day it seems horror stories like this are appearing

Kids being bullied so badly that their only escape is suicide. A nine year old hung himself recently. Nine? Polly will be nine next year, and I can’t even bring myself to imagine what this would be like. 

I myself am no stranger to bullying. I was bullied horribly in several of the eight schools I went to as a kid. I even took an overdose as a cry for help. Bullying has been around forever. It’s an unfortunate fact that some people pick on the weak and vulnerable to make themselves feel better. To make them feel strong and powerful.

Here’s the thing though: only cowards bully. Only cretins of the highest order make others suffer to make themselves feel good. Only the truly weak among us would hurt the vulnerable.

Bullying has changed though. It’s constant now. It’s in school, on the way to school, on the way home from school. It’s on Whatsapp groups and on social media. It’s on seemingly harmless online games that our kids have to play otherwise they’ll feel left out.

And it would seem that when that gets boring and doesn’t quite scratch the itch, these bullies are moving onto violence of hideous proportions.

Rape. The ultimate violation of another human being

Is it the easy access to porn that is to blame? Just like bullying, porn has always been around. I wrote a blog a few years back saying that I feel porn played a role in my own sexual abuse as a child. Now that anyone who owns a phone can get their hands on porn, it certainly raises alarm bells in my head.

So my question is, dear readers, what are your kid’s views on rape? Because there comes a point where us parents cannot sit back and deny all knowledge of what our children are up to. It’s on us to teach them right from wrong. That’s our job.

It’s up us to monitor what our children are doing

Most parent in this day and age live in fear that their child will be bullied, but what about the other side of the coin? Someone’s child is doing the bullying. We can’t just sit back and sleepwalk into this horrendous situation. We need to stop it in its tracks before it goes too far.

I haven’t got the answers, far from it, but I would urge you to watch this video. Lucy Alexander lost her son Felix when he committed suicide after seven years of abuse.

My heart goes out to all these victims and their families. It’s times like this that I truly question what kind of world we’re living in.

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