Preparing for The GAPS Diet

GAPS stage one

2014-04-28 11.02.06

After stumbling upon a diet that could mean a divorce from my food intolerances rather than just a temporary separation, I made the decision this week that GAPS is for me. If you would like the background, you can read my previous posts here and here.

This week I took all starchy food out of my diet, and will progress to the 6 step GAPS INTRO this weekend in order to heal and seal my gut lining. Once completed (in a few weeks time) I’ll move onto the Full GAPS Diet based entirely on natural food. To enhance the healing process I shall also be taking a cocktail of supplements in the form of probiotics, a multi vitamin and fish derived omegas.

The probiotics in particular play a vital role in GAPS, as they kill off the bad bacteria (gut flora) and promote the return of the good. I’ve gone for a strong 7-strand probiotic as the more the better, but it’s really important to start off slowly. Taking too much at once can kill the bad guys off too fast, and leave you with all sorts of horrible side effects.

I’ve been taking a third of a capsule every morning, and will build up to a full capsule over the next few weeks. It may be entirely psychological, but I feel better already! For a mum of three existing on around 5 hours of broken sleep per night, I cannot remember when I last had so much energy.

From what I can gather preparation is the key to success for GAPS. From pre-intro, throughout the intro and then moving onto the full diet I’ll need to constantly be several meals ahead of myself to not fail miserably!

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36 thoughts on “Preparing for The GAPS Diet

  1. Well done for preparing your body, and good luck with the whole new diet. Looking forward to reading more about it. Mel #WotW

  2. I hadn’t heard of this before and will be looking further into it trying to avoid additional medication given my various food intolerances and other health issues. Good luck with your journey, I hope it works πŸ™‚ #wotw #pocolo

  3. Good luck and well done for taking the plunge. There’s a lot to be said too for being organised when it comes to meals. Look forward to reading more about how it goes! x

  4. I guess preparation is a good place to start!..Goodluck hunnie πŸ™‚ #PoCoLo

  5. I’ve found all these posts both interesting and helpful, esp considering my Sofia’s history. Indeed, I am slightly concerned that her silent reflux issue is returning, after a break from Omeprizole and probiotics. ;-( Then again, she is feisty AND 2! x

  6. Good luck. I hope it works. My hubby just found out he has a string of food allergies which are causing his eczema so we’re right at the start of this journey.

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