Please Excuse Me while I Navigate this Minefield known as Autism

Diagnosis welcome, but terrifying
Now we must educate ourselves
Arm our family with the tools we’ll need to survive
At least we know what we’re up against now
An explanation for the meltdowns
Sensory overload, filters jumbled
A reason why she doesn’t sleep
Does not make it easier though
Especially when she’s being cruel to her siblings
But it’s not her fault, it’s not her fault
Stay calm, deep breath
Laughter replaced with tears so very much
Plans cancelled, disappointment all round
I know that normal service will resume shortly
But for the foreseeable future
Please excuse me while I navigate this minefield known as autism


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13 thoughts on “Please Excuse Me while I Navigate this Minefield known as Autism

  1. Beautifully written. I can’t imagine this particular minefield will be easy to navigate, at least now with diagnosis you can start to tread carefully with help and support xx

  2. It is good that you have got a diagnosis now and that it helps to explain some of the behaviours. Not an easy thing to deal with though. I hope you have lots of support to get through the minefield. #ThePrompt

  3. Little steps, Hun, little steps. You’ve come a long way to get this far and you are so strong and determined, I have a feeling that you will be the kind of person who ensures they’re well educated and able to understand all that is happening.

  4. Thanks so much my lovely. I know it’ll get easier and as you say I’m properly in the trenches right now, autism or not. Very huge learning curve, but then that’s parenting isn’t it xxx

  5. Thanks so much lovely Sara. The support we’ve received from friends old and new has been invaluable. I know we’ll get to a happier place soon but for short term life is very tough indeed xx

  6. Diagnosis is just the first step on a long road, but at least you are now walking that road with knowledge (even if some of that knowledge isn’t in your hands yet). As always, you are approaching this with such a positive attitude, but I imagine that inside you have your less positive moments. I hope that you get the external support that you and your daughter need, and remember that you have a huge amount of support around you from all of us. Thank you for sharing with #ThePrompt and I hope that laughter begins to replace the tears soon x

  7. You’re right, lovely. It IS a minefield. But with the right support, it gets easier. Our jobs as parents are to give our kids the tools they need to survive in an overwhelming world. As an older mum, it’s vital that I do this for him because I want him to live, not simply exist.
    Big hugs. x

  8. I really hope you get some help and support with dealing with this Reneé – I know its been a struggle and you have appeared to be coping admirably but it is a massive learning curve isn’t it? Remember you won’t be in the trenches forever Xx #theprompt

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