Review: Playbrush Smart Sonic aka How I Got My 5yo to Willingly Brush His Teeth #ad

Playbrush smart sonic

**Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post. We were sent a Playbrush Smart Sonic for the purposes of this review, and I have been compensated for my time. Words and photos are my own. Click here for my full disclosure policy.**

Freddy (5) has been an avid teeth brushing avoider, pretty much from the get go. We’ve had a few short lived successes, but largely it’s been a struggle getting him to cooperate. Especially since our recent holiday, which has sent his sensory sensitivities into overdrive. He doesn’t like toothpaste, because it smells and tastes too strong. Regular toothbrushes are too scratchy, super soft bristled ones are usually too small. And hated the bamboo toothbrush I got for him, in a bid to be more eco.

Tricky little customer to manage, as I’m sure you will agree. As a compromise I’ve been brushing his teeth for him, while I count to thirty. Yes dear readers, a quarter of the time recommended by dentists. Enter our saviour – the Playbrush Smart Sonic.

Playbrush Smart Sonic

What is Playbrush?

Aimed at children between the ages of 3-12, Playbrush turns teeth brushing into a game. Through Bluetooth, it connects the toothbrush to a smartphone or tablet via a free app. Games are engaging and fun, and each lasts for two minutes. Which means your kids are brushing their teeth for the fully recommended amount of time. They get to slay monsters, fly in magic vehicles, play football, paint, dance and more.

There are twelve games in total, and four of them are completely free. You can pay a subscription to unlock the other games, and your kids earn points every time they brush, which can be taken as PayPal cash or money off your next subscription. It can also be cancelled at any time. Check out this page for all the info.

Playbrush have two toothbrushes to choose from – a manual one (Smart) and an electric one (Smart Sonic). Smart is a neat little attachment, which you place your own toothbrush inside. Smart Sonic is an extra-soft bristled, lightweight, electric toothbrush. Smart Sonic measures speed, pressure and position, which translates brushing movements through the games in order to evaluate them. It has 17,000 strokes per minute, sensitive and regular modes and is (of course!) waterproof.

Both the Smart and Smart Sonic include in-game audio instructions, statistics, medal systems and worldwide leaderboards. Head over to the games page for the full low down on everything available. Playbrush apps also allow you to track your child’s progress in the games, and you will get regular notifications, to let you know how they’re doing. This is great for giving the children autonomy and not feeling you have to stand over their shoulders watching them.

Playbrush Smart Sonic

Does Playbrush actually work?

In a word: YES!

Getting children to willingly brush their teeth is hard enough. Ensuring they are properly cleaning them is another battle, and for a whole two minutes, is yet another. Playbrush games are designed in such a clever way that the kids don’t even realise they are being constantly encouraged to clean all four sides of their mouth. If they’ve sufficiently brushed one side, but another has been neglected, they will be shown on the screen. At the end of each game they will be told how well they did, and where they charted on the leaderboard.

Bearing in mind my little man’s teeth brushing situation was as dire as it was, I approached this new regime with trepidation. Fully expecting to have a fight on my hands, I’ve been ecstatic that we haven’t had one. In fact if I detailed our exact experience, I’m not sure you’d actually believe me. Freddy has been so entertained whist brushing his teeth that he’s been asking to brush them two or three times. Morning and night.

It’s been quite the turn around. Not only has he been brushing his teeth, he’s been so enthusiastic about it. Perhaps this will change once the novelty of Playbrush wears off, but I’m confident there are enough games to choose from to keep him interested.

Playbrush Smart Sonic

3 great reasons to buy your own Playbrush

During holiday periods, it’s become tradition to give children sweets and chocolate. With Easter just around the corner, rather than potentially contribute towards tooth decay, why not be responsible for encouraging brilliant oral hygiene? Good habits – such as teeth brushing – are best to start as early as possible. A recent YouGov poll showed that only 59% of Brits brush their teeth twice a day. The way I see it is this. Children who brush their teeth twice a day for two minutes will eventually become adults who do so. I found this list of teeth brushing myths from the British Dental Association absolutely fascinating.

playbrush smart sonic

Everyone who orders a Playbrush from now until the 30th April will automatically be entered into a raffle to win a family trip to Legoland. The prize will include a two day entrance pass and one night in a hotel.

The Smart Sonic with a one year games subscription is currently priced at £59.99 (instead of £69.99). I also have an exclusive 20% discount for you. Head over to the Playbrush website and quote MUMMYTRIES at checkout.

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Playbrush Smart Sonic

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