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**Disclaimer: this review for personalised kids book “The Tree, The Key & Me” is a collaborative piece between myself and publisher Librio. If you wish to read my full disclosure policy, you can do so by clicking here.**

My kids absolutely adore their personalised books. There is something quite magical about getting to be the hero of the story, especially when your imagination is as big as theirs. I was sent two copies of The Tree, The Key & Me by Librio for Freddy (4) and Clara (6), and it did not disappoint.

The story revolves around a little girl or boy who finds a key, which opens a secret door in a tree. This leads him/her into the forest and lots of lovely woodland creatures. There’s been a disaster, and our hero has to solve the mystery to put things right again. The book is well written and beautifully illustrated.

personalised kids bookHow is The Tree, The Key & Me different from other personalised kids books? 

The main thing which immediately stands out, is the level of personalisation. Most other books only allow you to personalise with gender and name, with Librio you can choose seven characteristics.

As well as name and gender, you can select skin tone; hair and eye colour; hairstyle and (if applicable) you can even choose the colour of their glasses. Obviously you won’t get a mirror image of the child, but it’s a pretty good cartoon version.

I love that the story itself isn’t wishy washy and full of silly gender stereotyping. It’s truly unisex and appeals to both boys and girls. There isn’t a princess or king in sight. It’s an engaging story, and my kids want to read it over and over again.

Librio are a company with inspiring ethics

Being a self-certified eco warrior, I am absolutely in awe of the ethical standards Librio adhere to as a company. All books are printed on high quality 100% FSC certified recycled paper, by award-winning sustainable printers Pureprint Group. As far as I’m concerned, this speaks volumes. There are plenty of publishers on the market printing their books as cheaply as possible. Which, of course, costs the environment dearly.

As well as going to such lengths to print sustainably, Librio plant one tree via Trees for the Future for every book printed. This amazing charity are working hard to end hunger and poverty for farmers by revitalising degraded lands. They plant specific types of fast-growing trees, hardwoods and food crops in a systematic manner. Over a four year period, families see their lives positively changed, forever. What’s not to like about a cause such as this?

If this isn’t enough, for every book sold, Librio also donate £1 to literacy charities in the country where the book is bought. But they very much do not “just give money” (their words). Librio are dedicated to building a company which gives something back to society and help those in need. Again, what’s not to like?

Why I think you should you buy The Tree, The Key & Me  

Cards on the table: the personalised kids book market can seem a bit saturated and overwhelming. It’s chock full of popular TV characters and those wishy washy stereotypes I was talking about earlier. Just as the plastic toys from last years’ favourite show get forgotten about, these kind of books get boring, really quickly. If you are going to the trouble of buying a personalised kids book, why not get one that’s truly different?

Librio’s lovely website makes the ordering process super straight forward. You can preview what the entire book will look like, which is a nice touch. The order takes just a few minutes to prepare, and is turned around within one week.

personalised kids bookThe book is currently available in 18 languages, including UK and US English; French; German; Italian; Spanish; Welsh and many Swiss dialects. They’ve clearly put a lot of thought into inclusivity.

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Don’t just take our word for it though! Check out Librio, and decide for yourself…  





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Librio have already created over 5,000 copies of The Tree, The Key & Me for children in over forty countries. They are offering a 15% discount when you order two or more books, by using the code YAY15. 


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