Paternity Leave (Baby Number Three)

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Here in the UK we are fortunate in that many firms offer two weeks paid paternity leave for fathers’ after a new baby is born. Our boy arrived on a Friday, and my hubby had worked from home so the first day of his leave didn’t start until the Monday. Him going back to work on March 3rd seemed like light years away at the time, but those 18 days have whizzed by and here we are.

Our two weeks together as a family of five have been a mixed bag of emotions. Our eldest has fallen back into bad sleeping habits which has been tougher to contend with than the baby for the most part. Our 2yo has been heavily resisting her nap but still desperately needs it and is so tired. She’s a totally different kid to the one she usually is that sleeps well.

Our time together hasn’t been perfect, there have been cross words and tensions running high. There have been thoughts in my head that haven’t been entertained for years. We have all spent a big chunk of this past fortnight in survival mode. Luckily there have been some magic moments too, here are my favourites.

– the fab lunch we all enjoyed at a beautiful restaurant to celebrate our anniversary

– Hubby taking 4yo to the cinema to see Tinkerbell while I sat in a cafe feeding baby and reading as 2yo napped in her buggy

– Hubby taking 2yo swimming and seeing how excited she was about going

– watching the girls playing nicely at home in between the chaos before they started fighting (again!)

So as of today it is business as usual, except I now have a newbie to feed every couple of hours and care for in addition to everything else that needs doing, and everyone else that needs looking after. Right now on a few hours sleep, I’m wondering how I’m even going to manage to brush my teeth or have a shower today. Wish me luck! On the plus side I get to look at the gorgeous little fella above all day.

18 thoughts on “Paternity Leave (Baby Number Three)

  1. Oh, it’s such a tough time, but I can echo what Sarah said, the third one does just kind of slot in, because really they have to, you can’t do anything else ๐Ÿ™‚ The logistics of the whole thing still defeat me though, there always seems to be two things that need to be done simultaneously. Sending hugs and happy routine vibes to you xx

  2. Hope you manage to get that shower and brush your teeth! I don’t think I managed to wash/get dressed daily until our daughter (who is now 10 months old) was around two months old!

  3. awww my lovely i so remember this time well!! in fact we were too busy arguing to have any magic when it was us lol lol

    Thank you for linking up and sharing with #MagicMoments xx

  4. Thank you my lovely, really need the hugs today ๐Ÿ™‚ I blame the hormones on most things at this stage! And yes hallelujah for blogging xxx

  5. Those first weeks are so so hard because everything is completely different in a place where everything is still needing to be the same. Throw all your hormones into it and its exhausting – you will get used to a new routine in no time and you always have twitter and yuor blog to vent to if you need it – lots of hugs xx

  6. Thank you lovely, I really wanted to write something positive to stop myself from focussing on the negatives… It helped lots ๐Ÿ™‚ My fab neighbours are taking 4yo to school every morning until the Easter holidays which is a huge help, very lucky to have them on the same street xx

  7. Wishing you luck! I well remember that first day on my own with the 4yo, and I was scared! Though I actually can’t remember it with Little Man, so I’m assuming it was OK?! Sounds like you’ve had a few lovely highlights over the past fortnight, and I hope this week goes well xx

  8. Awww hunnie, {hugs}… I can totally relate to this, we became a family of 5 10months ago and everything just seemed sooo chaotic! But thankfully the good times made it all worthwhile and now everything is great! :)… Ahhh who needs showers anyways, I had baby wipe wash downs in between baths ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  9. You’ve reminded me of some of those dark times I experienced in the first couple of weeks with EJ but also the magic moments too and I’m so glad that you choose to focus on the positive. It is a hard and unsettling time for everyone but once you all find your rhythm as a family (and summer kicks in) I’m sure the negative stuff will fade away. Hope you’ve got some good friends nearby to lend a hand. X

  10. Oh bless you, good luck! Thank goodness for Paternity leave to at least help with the transition but shame it has to end so quickly! Hope your older two settle back to their normal habits soon for you! ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

  11. Thanks Sarah, I really hope so. Our second definitely just slotted in, fingers crossed this one does too. And you’re right, daily showers are so over rated!!

  12. Good luck! Those first few days on your own will be tough, but you’ll manage. And who needs a shower every day, anyway!? Most parents with three find the baby just slots in around the older ones as they have no choice – this usually makes them more placid and easier to deal with.

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